The Fire Emblem Fangame Directory [Please add your own hacks!]

This is a directory that links to threads for Fire Emblem Hacks(WITH DOWNLOADABLE PATCHES) so that you can click on any hack you want, and start playing it right now.

This directory will work like so:

  • Hacks will be sorted by 1.Base Rom 2.Completion State(Finished, In progress, Inactive, or cancelled) 3.Type of hack(Reskin, or custom chapters) 4.Number of chapters.
  • Hopefully, soon every hack will have screenshots spoilers, so that you can have a quick look at the screens to see if it looks like you’d want to play it.

FE1 (7)
Name Creator Ch. # Link
Time For Tom: Thomas and Jake’s Excellent Adventure Polinym 18 [Thread]
Get the pants! Darrman 1 [Patch]
An FE1 Chapter Darrman 1 [Thread]
GamerLord’s FE1 Chapter GamerLord402 1 [Thread]
Ballistafest PurpleMage - [Thread]
FE1 Rebalance and Improvement LordLouie - [Thread]
Famicom Merciless LordLouie - [Thread]

FE2 (1)
Name Creator Ch. # Link
Mila’s Retribution Project ronlyn Up to chapter 3 [Thread]

FE3 (2)

Completed Custom Projects

Name Creator Ch. # Link
FE3 Hard(JPN) - - -
紋章のビラク(JPN) (Biraku Emblem) Translation by Darrman - [Thread]

FE4 (21)

Custom Projects (13)

Name Creator Ch. # Link
FE4 Online Lamia 1 [Thread]
BSTSの系譜(JPN) (Genealogy of Berwick) - - -
幻想水滸伝の系譜(JPN) (Genealogy of Suikoden) - - -
ナーガの系譜(JPN) (Genealogy of Narga) - - -
ダインの系譜(JPN) (Genealogy of Dain) - - -
トードの系譜(JPN) (Genealogy of Tordo) Translation by Darrman - [RHDN] [Thread]
キュアン様の系譜(JPN) (Genealogy of Lord Cuan) - - -
ファラの系譜(JPN) (Genealogy of Fala) - - -
聖戦の系譜Crazy(JPN) (FE4 Crazy) - - -
アイラさんの系譜(JPN) (Genealogy of Ayra-san) - - -
聖戦の系譜R2(JPN) (FE4 R2) - - -
グランベルVSイザーク(JPN) (FE4 Granbell VS Isaac) - - -
Geneaology of the Holy Perambulation Lord Louie - Thread

Reskins (8)

Name Creator Ch. # Link
Binary (JPN) Translation by Darrman Full [RHDN] [Thread]
Overpowered Naglfar94 Full [RHDN]
FE4 Inflation - Full? (Rebalance) [Serenes] (derelict)
FE4 Binary Portrait Restoration hanhnn - [Thread]
FE4 Lunatic Sagi Full (Rebalance) [Thread]
Shin Patch (FE4) Shin 10 (Rebalance) [Thread]
Divine Crusade DiogoJorge Full (Rebalance) [Thread]
FE4: Generation Swap DefaultFormat Full [Thread]

FE5 (12)
Name Creator Ch. # Link
Emblem Chronicle VII Zane 2 [Thread]
超トラキア(JPN) - - [RHDN]
Super Thracia English translation by Miacis - [Thread]
Super Thracia: Easier ezda90 Full [Thread] (derelict)
Reverse Recruitment BlueHairedBaby - [Thread]
Weapon Reversal Ultimage Full [Thread]
Negative Growths Ultimage Full [Thread]
Lil’ Manster Translation Miacis Full [Thread]
Thracia 776 Unit Ordering Patch Robert of Normandy Full (Improvement) [Thread]
New Theory of Thracia 776 (JPN) (Formerly known as Blume Patch) ai Full (English translation completed) [Thread]
Thracia 776 Reverse Boss Recruitment Hack Blade of Light - [Thread]
Hard Mode Modification Mute Mousou Full [Thread]

FE6 (37)

FEU tag: fe6_base

Complete Custom Projects (2)

Name Creator Ch. # Link
Shining Armour Blazer 2 [RHDN]
Champion’s Revolt Darrman 4 [Thread]

In Progress Custom Projects (3)

Name Creator Ch. # Link
Maiden of Darkness Onmi - [Thread]
改造封印トラキア(JPN) (Remodeling Sealed Thracia) - - -
封印の剣カスタム(JPN) (FE6 Custom) - - -

Complete Reskins (32)

Name Creator Ch. # Link
FE6 Squished AMH9000 Full [Thread]
Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade Extreme 7_Legault_7 Full [Thread]
Promoted Mode AMH9000 Full [Thread]
Weapon Reversal ltranc Full [Thread]
Vindication Balance Patch DiogoJorge Full (Rebalance) [Thread]
Numbers Patch Gringe Full [Thread]
Sword of Seals ReDux DLuna Full (Rebalance) [Thread]
Easier hack tacticianjenro - [Thread] (derelict)
Broken Emblem darknight97 Full [Therad]
All Mounts knabepicer Full [Thread]
Unfair and Bad ABoy Full [Thread]
Google Translated Stigurna - [Thread]
Unit Swap Derfle Full [Thread]
Recoloured Zelix, continued by Smug_Mug Full [Thread] [New Thread]
FE6-CharSwap-FE7 Mach Full [Thread]
Project Ember Brunhilda - [Thread]
FE6 Worst Qualities AMH9000 Full [Thread]
Jotari’s Super Fun FE6 Balance Patch Jotari - [Serenes]
Not Thracia pnt - [Serenes]
Assassins Legault - [Serenes]
Incandescence Almirage - [Thread]
Rebalance eviusvonseiros - [Thread]
Refurbished Slowpokemasta - [Thread]
The Binding Bartre ltranc - [Thread]
Fire Emblem 6.7 SN_Ivan - [Thread]
Royal Army EmaColito CH 27 Complete [Thread]
Everyone gets hard bonuses ltranc - [Thread]
Oops! All Sophias Adthor - [Thread]
FE6 Negative Growths TR143 Full Game [Thread]
FE6 Yoder Route MageBoy - [Thread]
Binding Blade Revamp: Project Sienna Deviation Full [Thread]
Fire Emblem Eckesachs but you play as the bad guys complete story SaintRubenio Full [Thread]

FE7 (88)

FEU tag: fe7_base

Completed Custom Projects (32)

Name Creator Ch. # Link
The Last Promise Blazer 30/10 [Thread]
TLP Weapon Reversal ltranc - [Thread]
Corrupt Theocracy Blademaster 31 [Thread]
The Road to Ruin Primefusion 23 [Thread]
FE7if (JPN) - - -
天地の剣(JPN) (Sword of Heaven and Earth) Menu Translation by Kirb - [Thread]
FE7 Inflation(JPN) - - -
Requiem Sacred Blaze 26 [RHDN]
Fallen King MonopolyRubix 8 [RHDN]
Boss War Ephraim225 3 [Thread]
Fire Emblem [Latino] 2.0 ~ You Can (Not) Ban Kokué 28 [Thread]
Duo Reclo Conquo CM9/SageMatthis - [Patch]
Fire Emblem Poop Tambo - [Thread]
Carcino’s Civil War Pwntagonist 8 [Thread]
Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light TytheBub 27 [Thread]
Christmas Crossover Carol Ephraim225 1 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Different Dimensions Ostian Princess 2.0 Darrman - [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Barhara Revisited Darrman 1 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Death or Glory NYZgamer3 15 [Thread] (derelict)
Maiden Quest Cedar 10 [Thread]
Yuri’s Sidestory Mage Knight 404 2 [Thread]
Blazer’s One Day Hack Blazer 1 [Thread] (derelict)
Sacred Contention Blazer 1 [Thread] (derelict)
Prisoner of Darkness Blazer 1 [Thread] (derelict)
Fire Emblem Versus Kirb 1 [Thread]
Vs. Mode Magix - [Thread]
Unburdened Liberty Pwntagonist 1 [Thread]
Ragefest 5 DLC MrNight 3 [Thread]
Cornwell’s Ascension ErkTheMage Hector Mode [Site]
Fire Emblem: Feud of the Fangs laqieer 1 [Site]
One-Week Hack Alusq - [Thread]
Divine Twins War pengie9290 31 (actually 35) [Thread]

Completed Reskins (18)

Name Creator Ch. # Link
FE7 Chaos Mode Klokinator Full Game [Thread]]
Different Dimensions Ostian Princess Mig64 10 [RHDN]
Dorcas Emblem 2 Vilk Full Game [Thread]
Fire Memeblem 0 SD9k Full Game [Thread]
FE7 Negative Growths TR143 - [Thread]
Devourer of Time FlyingAce Eliwood [Thread]
Lord Weapons Patch Rebalance Jotari - [Thread]
Lute Mode Bloodfox1998 - [Thread]
Pick my Sabotage Shuusuke 11 [Thread]
Remastered Arkth Lyn Mode [Thread]
Enhancement Patch LPFan - [Thread]
Electric Boogaloo LagSpike - [Thread]
Three Heroes A_Reliable_Chair - [Thread]
Thracia Caps ShanghaiGuy - [Thread]
Bartre Emblem KrashBoomBang - [Thread]
Path of a Hero EmaColito 46(Complete)+ 14 DLC(Working in Progress) [Thread]
Lyn Emblem redeyesblackdrag0n Lyn mode Complete, Eliwood/Hector and hard modes are still in progress [Thread]
Sponge Balance Patch SpongyWizard Full Game [Thread]

In Progress Custom Projects (8)

Name Creator Ch. # Link
Fallen Kingdom SageMatthis 11 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm TactHack 30 [Thread]
The Queen’s Lament CopyBotJ 6 [Thread]
Bloodlines Ghast 12 [Thread]
Inheritors of the Crusade SquareRootOfPi 10 [Thread]
Fire Emblem Heroes Remake MisakaMikoto 339 [Thread]
Fire Emblem Heroes Remake Gaiden MisakaMikoto 10 [Thread]
Dark Soul Horrific17 21 [Thread]

Inactive/Cancelled (30)

Name Creator Ch. # Link Notes
Elibean Nights Arch - [Thread] -
Foreboding Dusk Crims0nSentinel - [Thread] -
Gheb Saga FurryYunSeong - (Link Removed) 404s
Fire Emblem Forever Krad 15 [Thread] Takedown by “Entertainment Software Association”
Fire Emblem: Izarck’s Quest YangKai 7 [Thread] -
The Blade’s Legacy/Spreading Flames Moliblazer 7 [Thread]
Grand Archipelago Avril Lavigne 6 [Thread] -
Exalted Legacy Arch 5 [Thread] 404s
Book of Nekros ??? 4 [Thread] Thread gone
Chronicles of Lussaria MarkyJoe1990 3 [Thread] 404s
Curse of the Emblem Felover3 3 [Thread] -
Fire Emblem: Origins Strict_Gryphon90 3 [Thread] -
Typhon’s Wake Squeegee 3 [Thread] Error 400
Chapter Test Pizza Johns 1? [LINK REMOVED, MAKE PATCH LATER] Prepatched ROM
Dream of Five AstraLunaSol 25 [Thread] -
Zombie Apocalypse Cedar 13? [Thread] -
Decay of the Fangs Mariobro3828 11 [Thread] Error 404
Atirian Conquest Straid Olaphis 10-11? [Thread] -
League of Champions Dancer_A 6 [Thread] Link invalid
Nintenlord Saga Nintenlord 6 [Thread] Download site gone
Fire Mumblem MarkyJoe1990 5 [Thread] – No download
Devourer of Worlds V3: Flyingace24 5 [Thread] Site frozen
Shatterlight LunaSaint 5 [Thread] Error 404
Project dondon dondon151 4 [Thread] Error 404
FE1 GBA Kirb 2 [Thread] No download
Heroes of Valencia and Archanea escotanner 2 [Thread] -
Athos Mode Nintenlord 1 [Thread] Error 404
Dark Emblem Yang Kai - [Thread] -
FE7 Allegiance Reversal+ Shuusuke Ch16xH [Thread] -
Crossover Hack Mikey Séregon 16 (Spanish) [Thread] (Moved to FE8)

FE8 (279)

FEU tag: fe8_base

Full Games (98)

Please google any Japanese hacks without links present. Google Translated titles are next to their names for reference.

Name Creator Ch. # Link
Host of the Dark TheGhostCreator 26 [Thread]
Eligor’s Spear Zarg 47 [Thread]
Void’s Blitzarre Adventure Fire Emblem Universe (circleseverywhere) 31 [Thread]
Void’s Blitzarre Adventure: Blitz Tendency Colorz 30 [Thread]
Resonance Procrastinators Extraodinaire (Kirb) 24 [Thread]
The Burdened Crown Grated Shtick 24 [Thread]
Pyrathi Warlords Jotari 23 per route,31 total [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Reawakening P33RL355 23 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Code of the Black Knights Mycahel 30 [Thread]
One-Turn-Clear Ephraim225 23 [Thread]
The Dragon Herald BigMood 22 [Thread]
Will of Good and Evil ChinaFE 21 (Chinese) [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Sacred Echoes hypergammaspaces 46 [Thread]
Heaven’s Bloom Len 19 [RHDN]
Fire Emblem: The Heroes We Deserve A_Reliable_Chair 15 [Thread]
Barry’s Bandits DotDotDot 8 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: The Arch of Coups Darrman 5 [Thread]
FE1+2 风恋夕林 - [Thread]
BS Fire Emblem: Archanea Saga Sme 4 [Thread]
Rart Emblem: Halloween Xenith 1 [Thread]
Resident Emblem 8 Shuusuke 1 [Thread]
Escape the Mangs Dungeon Ft. Mangs Emblem + PME teams 1 [Thread]
Knoll’s Super Spooky Halloween Adventure Sme 1 [Thread]
Hector Saves Christmas Sme 1 [Thread]
Hector Saves Christmas Again Sme 1 [Thread]
Winning Against Gharnef Sme 1 [Thread]
Gay Baby Emblem Sme 1 [Thread]
Self-Randomising Rom Circleseverywhere - [Thread]
FEU Gacha Leonarth - [Thread]
Antagonist Emblem Kobazco - [Thread]
Marc’s Precious: Revenge MarkyJoe1990 - [Thread]
The Sacred War Seal - [Thread]
Girls(JPN) Translation by Tequila - [Thread]
時の垣間(JPN) (A Glimpse of Time) - - -
緑(JPN) (Midori, Green) - - [Mirror]
Midori Translation Tequila - [Thread]
怪盗(JPN) 7743 64 [Thread] (Kaitou)
ユグドラ(JPN) (Yggdra Patch) Isaac, Translation by Pikmin1211 [Thread]
二人の王女 (2 Princesses) レイファ, Translation by Pollen 30 [Eng Thread]
The Sacred Chairs Mangs PME Team - [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Justice and Pride MrGreen3339 37 [Thread]
Puzzle Emblem Toffee - [Thread]
Heroes of PBAP MVPMaster 20 [Thread]
The Final Swear 2 Devisian_Nights - [Thread]
The Final Swear 4 Zoisite - [Thread]]
Voice Acting Tech Demo Fatih - [Thread]
Saga of the Shivering Shores Xenith - [Thread]
Battle Simulator Magix - [Thread]
FE but it’s my Biology Homework Gultykappa 3 [Thread]
Narcian and the Mirror Chamber The_Chosen_One_Max - [Serenes]
Scarlet Rising Xenith - [Thread]
The Dark Hour helix0981 - [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Vision Quest Pandan 43 [Thread]
Bandit Emblem RandomWizard 6 [Thread]
The Four Kings KrashBoomBang 29 (7) [Thread]
Free for All Shuusuke - [Thread]
Inheritance Gorgonath - [Thread]
B3L-H411-A JacobTJP 1 [Thread]
FE The Grand Uprising Memestaralbert 21 [Thread]
Slot Machine Vesly 1 [Thread]
Rubik’s Cube Leonarth - [Thread]
The Sun God’s Wrath Blademaster 27 [Thread]
Journeys Relic 18 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Reborn Dimensions, Olethian Princess RandomWizard 13 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: The Fall of Thabes Jotari 12 [Thread]
Necrosis Among the Living Aegius 27 [Thread]
Battle Against Vallui Darrman 1 [Thread]
Bases and Bandits ArcherBias 5 [Thread]
Deity Device Permafrost 39(10) [Thread]
Call of the Armor Team Distant Roads 20 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Emulation Theory svya1029 - [Thread]
War on Two Fronts captainfisting 25 [Thread]
Storge knabepicer 6 [Thread]
Isekai Emblem BigMood 23 [Thread]
Myrm Emblem Renoud 25 [Thread]
Flames of Redemption Shiza 25 [Thread]
Fe 8 Chess redeyesblackdrag0n - [Thread]
Touhou Emblem: The One That Isn’t Just An Fe8 Reskin Rye on Speed 26 [Thread]
Doubled or Nothing ArcherBias 10 [Thread]
Blessed Heart Shark3143 24 [Thread]
Hope’s Trail Len 10 [Thread]
Bells of Byelen Team Adversity 24 [Thread]
Code of the Burger King Retina 26 [Thread]
Grug’s Primitive Disadventure Team Stoned Stoners 16 [Thread]
Pokémblem Vesly 100 [Thread]
Shackled Power Sphealnuke 33 [Thread]
A Tactician’s Scheme Shiza 6 [Thread]
7 Siblings WarPath 29 [Thread]
Shrouded Wyvern ScubaLuigi 25 [Thread]
Drums of War Parrhesia 22 [Thread]
Treasure Hunters WilhemTehLynx 24 (4) [Thread]
Flux’s Conquest FluxScorpion 21 [Thread]
OC Emblem PurpleMage 25 (8) [Thread]
Hero of the Isles Gunnar 1 [Thread]
A Vestrian Tale Roze 10 [Thread]
Malice’s & Dice’s Odd Jobs Gunnar 7 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade ‘Remake’ [FE6 in FE8] ZeN2002 - [Thread]
FE1 Shadow Dragon GBA Remaster Ok_Dude 25 [Thread]

Completed Reskins (50)

Name Creator Ch. # Link
Psychic Emblem (weapons & classes overhaul) Thunder_Mage - [Thread]
Rart Emblem Zero: The Rarted Stones Xenith Full Game [Thread] - ERROR 404
Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones: Reverse Recruitment Self Randomizer The_Big_Dededester & circleseverywhere - [Thread]
Cancer Emblem 2: Min-Max Emblem Klokinator Full Game [Thread] (All player/enemy units have crazy skills)
Cancer Emblem 1: Dazzle-Lunge Emblem Fatih & Klokinator Full Game [Thread]
Cancer Emblem 0: Joke Hack Fatih - [Thread]
Communist Emblem 2 Sme Full Game [Thread]
Sacred Trilogy blood Full Game [Thread]
聖魔適当に改造(JPN) (FE8 Custom)
FE8 JP Hard Mode Mach Full Game Thread
Sacred Eirika WaywardTroper - [Thread]
FE8 Boss Recruitment (Ephraim Route) GratedShtick - [Thread]
FE8 Negative Growths TR143 - [Thread]
FE8 Chaos Randomizer Klokinator [Thread]
FE8 リーンの風(JPN) (Lyn’s Wind) - - -
FE8 QoL Edition MCProductions - [Thread]
Weapon Reversal Kobazco - [Thread]
Lute Emblem - The Sacred Lutes Bloodfox1998 - [Thread]
FE8 Master Version BrightVega - [Thread]
The Sacred Overhaul scorcher9009 - [Thread] - ERROR 404
Reverse Recruitment Katie - [Thread]
GhebFE FurryYunSeong - (Link Removed)
SirSerenes FE8 Reskin SirSerenes - [Thread]
Tales of the Emblem - - [Thread]
All Weapons are Devil Weapons Adamminn - [Thread]
Wild Mode darknight97 - [Thread]
The Sacred Ripping zetaku - [Thread]
FE8ESHGBTGISTTM FlamingZelda - [Thread]
Remix helix0981 - [Thread]
Empire’s Reach Revisited RandomWizard 1 [Thread]
Armour Emblem helix0981 - [Thread
Not Fire Emblem Ephraim225 - [Thread]
Nameless Hack SageHapuiaJDJ - [Thread]
Perfect Emblem DaVinci-Galileo-Newton2.0 - [Thread]
Poorly Designed DuffOnTheRun - [Thread]
Maniac Mode Lolina - [Thread]
Fort Mangs Emblem Mangs community members - [Thread]
Crossover of the Emblems SickVoid - [Thread]
Midnight Eclipse (Joke hack) Vesly - [Thread]
Changes Lite Stylus - [Thread]
Project Dark ToGY - [Thread]
Sacred Stones Death Difficulty Slimjim8345 - [Thread]
FE8 Redux Azreal25 - [Thread]
FE8 Fanmade Directors Cut KaidenMelon Full Game? [Thread]
FE8 The Fallen Princess Ema Colito 24(Complete) [Thread]
Touhou Emblem 8: The Sacred Shrines redeyesblackdrag0n [Thread]
Oops, All Archers! HeroicVileplume Full Game [Thread]
FE8BEWHABEWAASAHIHI redeyesblackdrag0n [Thread]
The Sacred Scrubs HeroicVileplume Full Game [Thread]
Fire Emblem Blazing Stones Ok_Dude Full Game [Thread]

In Progress (85)

Name Creator Ch. # Link
Awful Emblem AE Dev Team (FPzero) 7 [Thread]
Fire Emblem : Andromeda Eretein 8 [Thread]
Fire Emblem Origins Helious/Boye 6 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Tales of the Golden Knight - 7 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: The Lullaby of Lust MonadoChronicles 6 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Legends of Avenir 1st_lieutenant_noguchi & Snakey1 48 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Blackwing Struggle Ysor 4 [Thread]
Terror of the Forest Zeldacrafter64 10 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Scourge of Proxima Headband Gang 6 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Illuminated Sokaballa 13 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: The Lonely Mirror caladrius 31 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Souls of the Forest Scraiza 19 [Thread]
Fire Emblem Hiraeth: The Empyrean Prophecy Zoisite - [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Dawn of the Red Sun flasuban - [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Sealed in Light AridAran -
Crossover Mikey_Seregon 6 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Lance of Ice ShiruntanPrince 3 [Thread]
ErikFE e5e 7 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: The Golden Kingdom Jubyjuja 6 [Thread]
Faith and Blood Bloopy 7 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Crystal of Bonds Schall_the_Deacon 5 [Thread]
FE8 Battle Royaleもどき (JPN) - - -
FE8 リベリオン (JPN) (Rebellion) - - -
黄昏の魔剣(JPN) (Magic Sword of Twilight) - - -
The Nameless Heroes(JPN/ENG) Kentaku 27 [Thread]
FE8 Chaos Mode DDDHunter Eirika Route Ch. 10 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Infernal Blade Armory 26 [Thread]
Alternate Stones Mariode Eirika Route Complete [Thread]
Project Octane Mach Thru Ch14 [Thread]
Totally Vanilla Mekkah Until Route Split [Thread]
Fire Emblem Sengoku Shuusuke 6 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Aletheia knabepicer 9 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Last Heavenly Throne Runa 5 [Thread]
Skliros Saga serif 1 [Thread]
Resonance: The Hotfix serif - [Thread]
Spark of Life NitroAssassin524 8 [Thread]
Apocalypse Memestaralbert 5 [Thread]
Fallen Flame Zmr 5 [Thread]
Tales from Afar helix0981 - [Thread]
Flames of Freedom Gultykappa 7 [Thread]
Dawn of Destiny SamirPlayz - [Thread]
Time Scarred: Riker’s Crew LeonNote 8 [Thread]
Sacred Texts AznTrueblade - [Serenes]
Fire Emblem Time Scarred Time Lines LeonNote - [Thread]
M. E. R. C. S. Bwan 6 [Thread]
Divine Keys JayjayAce 3 [Thread]
Revitalised Overlorddystroy 2 [Thread]
Sacred Path LagSpike 2 [Thread]
SHYUTERz’s Patch SHYUTERz - [Thread]
Final Fantasy 10 Remake Vesly 5 [Thread]
JP Hack Pikmin1211 11 [Thread]
Revolution Beansy 5 [Thread]
Justice & Pride Gaiden: Clash in Estria - - [Thread]
Land of Heroes PlagueDoc 5 [Thread]
Barhara Trilogy Darrman 1 [Thread]
Ferrica: Project Kenko Topyke -
Behold the Mega-Flare ArcaneEli - [Thread]
Fight for Freedom eviusvonseiros - -
Prophecy of Flames XPGamesNL - [Thread]
Wrath of the Crusade PhantomSentine - [Thread]
War of Retribution Slimjim8345 5 [Serenes]
Fire Emblem: Tales of The Conquerors svya1029 11 [Thread]
Endless Nights Clendo, GuyLowen 4 [Thread]
Dreams of Twilight Knight_Moris 5 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Book of Eden Rickochet 12 [Thread]
The Book of Eden Rickochet 13 [Thread]
The White Feather PentV / Percevalko 13 [Thread]
Cerulean Coast Rivian 7 [Thread]
Horizons GodsPetTurtle 7 [Thread]
Nations of Conquest Selk 9 [Thread]
Dragon of Apocalypse redeyesblackdrag0n 20x [Thread]
Spark of Life Jlugi 8 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Scions of Kings OreoStyx - [Thread]
Demon’s Curse Sluffy 5 [Thread]
Attempt 3 UrsusKnight 15 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Three Legacies UltraxBlade 14 (E route), 21 (A route) [Thread]
Parallel Emblem BladerDj, Retrogamer 15 [Thread]
TMGC (Two Milkmen Go Comedy) Retina 21 [Thread]
War of Lovers Darrman 6 [Thread]
FE 8- Tales of London darknight 97 11 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Arcane Chronicles Jebgaz 7 [Thread]
FE:RL (Hetja’s Quest) d_h Roguelite [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Spectrum SirNicee 8 [Thread]
[FE8] Port FE7 to FE8 [NEW VERSION] HauntRS_0337 - [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Visions of Liberation NKORiko 8 [Thread]

Inactive/Cancelled (31)

Name Creator Ch. # Link Notes
Dance of Glory TritraSerpifeu 6 [Thread]
REDFE Mystic 14 [Thread]
Midnight Sun Alfred Kamon 9 [Thread] Project Shifted to Indie Game
Tirado Emblem Natsumi 1 [Thread] -
Runa Does A Thing Runa 7 [Thread] -
Fire Emblem Resonance: Resurgence Natsumi 24 [Thread] -
Jugdral Saga Yang Kai 5 [Thread] -
Staff of Ages Staff of Ages team (InvdrZim13) 21 [Thread] Development Moved to FEXNA
Justice and Pride: Book 2 MrGreen3339 - [Thread] -
Russian Translation DiamondAppendix 2 [Thread] -
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow Dragon Dominus_Vobiscum 6 [Thread] -
Under Grey Skies Amberstorm 7 [Thread] -
Fire Emblem: Tiding Bonds Theri - [Thread] -
Fire Emblem: Darkest Blade SilverFoxG - [Thread] -
Fire Emblem Destiny Crazycolorz5 - [Thread] -
Fire Emblem: Mask of Dunham - 11 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Dust to Dust circleseverywhere - [Thread] -
The Flame of Tomorrow Pikmin1211 - [Thread] -
Water Crest: Morps’s Quest For Pants Kirb - [Thread] -
Fire Emblem: The Stone Chains MatonMx - [Thread] -
Binks Emblem Swordsalmon 10 [Thread] Uploader gone, [Patch]
Devourer of Worlds V1 - up to ~route split [Thread] Site frozen - V2 was on same link
A Sacred Dawn DX MageKnight404 - [Thread] Error 404 - [Original]
KOT Patch Kngt_Of_Titania 5 [Thread] Error 404
GFE1R Kirb - [Thread] -
Stones of a Divine Dragon ArcaneEli 13 [Thread] -
Extinguished Blade BlazeKing 1 [Serenes] -
Untitled Bwan - [Thread] ERROR 404
Tale of Ternon Kirb 9 [Thread]
Blood of the Covenant Knight_Moris 5 [Thread]
女王の剣(JPN) (Queen’s Sword) Translation by Nasaelo 28 [Thread] The developer is now working on their own Fire Emblem-esque indie game

FE9 (3)
Name Creator Ch. # Link
JP Version English Patch shadowofchaos - [Thread]
0% Growths (FE9) PinaCollateral Full [Thread]
High Resolution Texture Pack ThatTextureGuy - [Thread]

FE10 (4)
Name Creator Ch. # Link
Redux Dluna(Dunal?) up to part 2 endgame? [Thread]
Randomizer LordMewtwo Finished [Thread]
Randomizer Missingq - [Thread]
Reverse Recruitment ViciousSal - [Thread]

FE11 (10)
Name Creator Ch. # Link
Full Content Patch (All of Cirosan’s patches + Optional Sync Patch) - - [RHDN]
Updated Gaiden Requirements Removal Patch Cirosan - [RHDN]
Prologue in Hard Modes Cirosan - [RHDN]
Online Shop Exclusive Items Integrated into Normal Gameplay Cirosan - [RHDN]
Always Recruit Norne Cirosan - [RHDN]
Sum Patch (Sync Patch + Gaiden Requirements Removal Patch) Cuizonix - [Thread]
Sync Patch Arch - [Thread] - ERROR 404
Gaiden Requirements Removal Patch RobertTheSable - [RHDN]
Randomiser Jespoke - [Thread]
FE1DS ScubaLuigi - [Thread]

FE12 (2)
Name Creator Ch. # Link
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Check the Serenes hack directory and add its hacks DONE
From there, trudge through the ten years of romhacks and concepts there
Add those screenshots Kirb wanted by each hack? Probably too much clutter for one post.

Note to any editors: A table editor got installed at some point. This has been reported to cause duplication, and it is recommended to manually edit the post instead of using the table editor to avoid these bugs.


I like the nesting idea, but that’s a lot of clicking just to get to empty areas, my man. Just put them all inside of one spoiler.

Edit: Fixed that.

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I actually update my rom hack at a fairly quick rate, so I think I’ll wait until I’m at least done with Erika’s route before submitting it. Before then, just look on serenesforest for it.

Is the number of chapters chapters completed or chapters planned?

Chapters completed in the latest public patch.

fe6 shows nothing yet… didn’t dluna make a balancing patch and isnt omni working on a full overhaul of fe6?

edit: necropost i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m so sorry

No Elibean Nights in the directory RIP.

Pretty sure it was intentional (no hard feelings)

Pretty sure it’s highly work in progress, and no-one bothered to finish up the list.
Arch added it himself, anyway.

EDIT: I’ve made myself useful and added links to hacks available on for east of access.

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Went ahead and added Awful Emblem to the FE8 In Progress list since we did our demo release recently.

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In the case of Japanese Hack, the project page does not exist.
It is posted to common uploader.

The URL is changed every time you post, so you can not make a fixed link.
There are also cases where the author deletes it.
I added the name of Japanese remodeling that I know to the list, so please google with the name.


OrCA is technically 30 chapters as of the last patch I released.
It also is all but done but life.

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I’m not dead yet, thanks for not forgetting mine lol

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From the thread:

Beating Prologue takes you to a very early version of 5x.
In 5x, you cannot seize the throne. Instead, the seize point is actually a tile adjacent to Marisa. Seize with Groznyi.
If Groznyi dies, 5x becomes unwinnable (his death doesn't trigger a gameover unlike Ephraim)
If you beat 5x, you continue on to a vanilla version of Ch6, to which the rest of the vanilla FE8 lies ahead. Caellach, Fir, and Farina join your army here, even though they're not supposed to.
Using the guide feature in any chapter other than the prologue triggers a game crash.```

Seems like only one custom chapter was released(which is the number that matters, not the number of chapters you made).

I’ve been tossing around the idea to mirror every patch in the directory to some kind of uploader(most likely dropbox)- so that people can download patches even if the threads/patches go down. However, I fear this may be disrespectful to the original creators, just uploading their patches to an external uploader they didn’t agree to(mostly for the inactive/cancelled hacks and japanese ones).

What’s everyone’s opinion on this? Is it a good idea?

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

I update my hack frequently and I don’t post to dropbox. If this happened, the patch for redfe would either need to be manually updated or it would be out of date.

I vote yes. There should be a backup for every hack, in case that the original thread is down or the link is dead.

It’s essentially the same idea as the graphical repo if you keep it up to date. And I think everyone can agree that there was ample need for that given how often assets 404’d. I say yes and the hacks that update too frequently can simply be noted as recommending a download from the owner’s link for the most recent version, maybe even add a .txt with the link so people who download anyway can check easily. It also resolves the Japanese hack link problem.

Feel free to shoot me down here, but here’s my take:

With Discourse, you see how many times a link gets clicked. So content creators can kind of gauge how many people have played their hack. If there’s more than 1 link it makes it harder to gauge. Especially if the 2nd link leads to a hack patch repository.

If anything, I’d say compile a list of hacks created by retired hackers (kind of what you were getting at near the end); and make a repository of those, adding on as people retire. If it garners enough reputation, people might even let you know when they’re retiring and give you permission to add their hack to the repo.