[FE8] Terror Of The Forest


Hello, you lovely anime-chess players ! My name’s Zeldacrafter64, as you’ve probably already figured out, and I’m here to share my project with you ! I know, right ? What a surprise ! It goes by the weird name of “Terror Of The Forest”, and I hope you’ll play and enjoy it ! But let’s not waste any more time, and jump right into it !

(Although I apologize for my occasional grammar errors, I’m not a native english speaker. Please correct me if you find any, so that I can hopefully improve !)

Download the latest patch here !

(Please remember that right now, this is the first public demo, and until then we’ve only been three people working on it (And in the latest months, only I did work on it because of my poor direction skills. I’d like constructive criticism, like everybody else, but just remember that this isn’t a work made by a full-blown team of long-lasting FE professionals !)

Edit : Several be bugs have been taken care of. There are probably a few of them remaining here and there, but at least hopefully the last chapter’s ending can be seen.

I - The Hack's Story (Warning, big text ahead)

A long time ago, war broke between humans and monsters (Wait, isn’t it that game’s into ?). After years of struggle, humans emerged victorious, and sealed the monsters away with the help of powerful artifacts.
Now, a thousand years later, humans have completely forgotten about this war and these artifacts. In a world in relative peace, everyone lives happy. Despite the King and Queen’s death in an unfortunate accident, everyone is confident that their daughter, the princess Felicity, will be a fit heir and continue their dream of creating a kingdom of peace. Are they right ? Will the princess manage to live up to their expectations ?

You’ll probably never know, since this is mostly irrelevant to the story of this hack. In this joyful world, not everyone lived happily. Some were desperate, some were poor, some had their dreams crushed, some lost everything… And among them is Sylvester. A 30-years old-ish guy who resorted to banditry in order to survive. He and his loyal companion Zweite (Shout-out to every German-speaking person out there who realized just how bad I am to find names for ANYTHING) begin their quest for money by trying to rob an old lady of her money. Unfortunately, they get caught and sent in prison, and from there, everything they’ll do will snowball until they SOMEHOW save the world from a terrifying threat. On their way, they will meet with many different people, each of them being as much of a loser as they are, including the leader of a mercenary guild who just went through a mutiny, a young, angsty (but pretty, I need some waifus) teenage girl with a very different physique from others, and a whole bunch of other flashy, weird losers.

II - About this Hack (Warning, ALSO big text ahead)

Three years ago, I started writing a story, about men, about monsters, about fun and about horror. Two years ago, I had an epiphany and realized that my Wii U’s e-shop could allow me to play those game I only ever knew through Super Smash Bros, but really wanted to play : Fire Emblem. After someone pointed out that my characters did share similarities with FE’s characters, I wondered if I could make my story into a game. One-year-and-a-half ago, I discovered Fire Emblem Hacks. If I remember correctly, the first two I’ve heard of were Elibean Nights and Ostian Princess. Amazed by all that could be done on this engine, I downloaded FEBuilder and started making my story into a game.

Except it wouldn’t fit. First off, I decided there wouldn’t be any horses or dragons in my story, just out of spite for their important roles in an usual fantasy setting. How could I make a FE game without them ? Additionally, I didn’t imagine any of my characters according to FE classes, so a lot of them didn’t fit, including the main character ! And to top all that, my story was too long to fit in a 20-30 chapters-long game ! However, I did try anyway, and managed to make two “playable” chapters. During these chapters’ creation, I had to create a new character. An early-game bandit boss. Originally just a Migal recolor, I named him Sylvester. Once I decided to cancel this project, I grew so attached to this guy that I made him an integral part of my story. That’s when I had an idea. If I couldn’t directly make my story into a Fire Emblem, then why not make ANOTHER story ?

That’s how this project was born. The one-shot early-game boss became the main character, and from that point on, everything went easier, eventually becoming the hack you have in front of your eyes.

III - Features

-10 playable chapters out of 24, from the Prologue to Chapter 8. I’m not that good at designing things gameplay-wise, but I hope you’ll enjoy some of them !
-27 playable characters out of 51. Each one coming with a different personality ! It’s unlikely you’ll like every one of them, but I’m sure you’ll find a favorite in no time !
-Only infantry ! On both sides ! Horses, Pegasi and Wyverns don’t even exist ! Because some people just want to see the world burn !
-More weapons for some classes, including Assassins and Generals with Bows and Heroes with Lances !
-The most basic bunch of patches you could ever imagine !
-Maybe it’s not worth mentioning, but I’ve also tried some interesting takes on typical FE archetypes. It’s not much, I know, but I try my best to make my hack look different, okay ?

IV - Screenshots

Sylvester%20(2) Vicieux Kuru Hilda%20(2) Yami Shell Jess Achille

V - Credits

(Unfortunately, my dumb *ss mistook the file in which I’ve written the credits for another file and sent it straight into the nothingness, so I tried to find back everything I used and credit them to their respective creator. I apologize for any mistake I’ve possibly made.)

Music :
Ant-Man Theme : KTMILLER
Dining Room : Charles Stiles
Ib_-_Memory : Vaati The Wind Mage
Ib_Memory : Hakumi
Hyrule Castle : Megacowz
Molgera : Christian.litser
Let’s Dance Boys : Cthylhu Sciences Music Division Section 2
Pepper Steaks : MrChris01020
ANT MAN : Roddek
Megalovania : CinderFire
Hyrule Castle : Phosphor
The Schemer = Dekkadeci
Shantae Medley = thebandteacher
Bran-Son = BrainyLucario
Lament Of Innocence = Bumbghork Piano
Don’t Speak Her Name = Forblaze
Mipha’s Theme = DS Music

Taken from the Music Blitz :
Driftveil City - Meilu
Fatalize = Meilu (I think ? Not sure. I’ve tested so many versions of it)
Power-Hungry Fool = Nyawenyye
Guile’s Theme = Sme
Mute City = Sme
Linebeck = Sme

From the Music Repository :
Sheena’s Theme (ToS)
Zelos’ Theme (ToS)
Rest Of The Heart (ToS)

Portrait :
Myself !
(Although I did use Shin19’s FE6 mugs with blinking frames for some of them, so he deserves some credits)

Animations :
Legault Assassin + Bow = Andy, SD9K
Jaffar Assassin+ Weapons = DerTheVaporeon, Glenwing, Andy, SD9K, Jj09 (The repo doesn’t say who did what, actually I only used the vanilla animation and the bow)
Female Hero Lance = Pushwall
Male Hero Lance = Pushwall
Amelia Halberdier = Spud, TBA, Black Mage, Temp, Wan
Male Halberdier = TBA
Female Soldier (Ponytail) = Dr0zz
Female Berserker = eCut, Skitty
Female Warrior = Temp
General + Weapons = TBA, DerTheVaporeon, GabrielKnight, JPN
Armored Brigand = TBA
Tethys + Sword = Circleseverywhere
Cleric Repalette = Eldritch Abomination
Priest Repalette = Eldritch Abomination
Bishop Repalette = Eldritch Abomination (Male and female)
(I could not find whoever made the Female Pirate animation I used, sadly)

Patches :
16 Tracks, 12 sounds : Agro, Brendor
256 Color Title Background Installer : Leonarth
Convert Chapter Titles to Text : circleseverywhere
Actions After Support : 7743
Actions After Talk : 7743
HP Bars with Warnings : circleseverywhere
Lose item : Kaito, 7743
Alusq : Native Instrument Map 2

Thanks to :
BrightFlame (For occasional testing and giving his opinon)
Applejuice (For greatly helping me with maps, and almost everything else)

Do you want to be a part of this train wreck I call a project ? Do you have Discord ? Then that’s great, 'cause here’s the project’s discord server : https://discord.gg/vCYEp5E

Thanks for your attention ! I hope you’ll have fun playing this hack, even with all its flaws !

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Looks really good uwu
Hope you finish it, gl!


Thanks ! It really means a lot !
If you ever decide to give it a try, please tell me what you thought about it !


@Scraiza This should be the true title of your hack, but it seems someone else has swooped in and taken it.


New hacks is always welcome here.


@Scraiza This should be the true title of your hack, but it seems someone else has swooped in and taken it.

Oh, well… Great minds think alike, don’t they ?

New hacks is always welcome here.

Thanks ! I was afraid there would be some kind of hack overdose these days, given how many people are given the opportunity to make their stories come true. Glad to hear that !


Welcome to FEU. Showing up with a patch for your project is always a good sign. Would you be interested in submitting it to FEE3, the yearly community showcase? All projects are welcome.


Okay, (first) new update ! I have released a version fixing the most important and annoying bugs. Although, with my computer dying on me last week, I’ve lost a lot of progress, I hope y’all will appreciate the newest version !

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