Fire Emblem Barry's Bandits[Complete]

Who am I?
Hello there I am DotDotDot, I’m a poor college student that has been trying to make my own fan game(Originally a Pokemon one) since middle school. I’ve worked on this to big chunks. I first started working on this during my Senior year of high school before burnout hit me hard and I stopped. The second chunk was recently were while watching Mangs LP a hack gave me a second wind to finally finish my hack and here we are! I hope you enjoy and do run into too many bugs or glitches I forgot about from the first chunk.

What is this?
This is a short 8 chapter(counted prologue and Final) Hack of Fire Emblem 8 I made to gain experience with FEBuilderGBA and with hacking in general. Originally I was gonna make my dream hack I’ve always wanted to make and I even made a full chapter and some portraits(some of which I repurposed for this hack) but, I decided not to continue because I didn’t want to get burnout making a long hack by myself (Which in the end didn’t help because I started this hack about a year ago and then stop for like 5 months or so because I still got burnout, whops). I decided to go with an idea I had for a while of playing as the bandits of a fire emblem game were the bandits somehow manage to win!

The Pitch!
Have you ever wanted to be a bandit? Going around pillaging villages for all their goods, killing helpless villagers that are just trying to save their family, using almost exclusively axes! Well, now you can in Fire Emblem Barry’s Bandits!

HP Bars
Skills System
Contemporary Support/Talk style(also action afterward)
Fully Written Supports for all characters!
Altered Menus to look more Bandit like
A single new class line!
Maybe More that I forgot


[Download Fire Emblem Barry’s Bandits ]
Download Barry’s Bandits

Bugs/Spelling Errors/Notes/etc
Bugs - To MY knowledge, there is currently NO game breaking bugs or glitches.
Spelling - So I’m dyslexic(not an excuse but it doesn’t help) and I have no friends that can really help me out with the spelling. I do have Grammarly but a lot of my game was written while hacking (because past me is very stupid) and I am not willing to copy all the text onto a doc and Grammarly check it (because currently, me is lazy). I’ve done like 3 full playthroughs and each time I have spotted more spelling mistakes so there are likely to be.
Tldr - There might be a lot of spelling errors please notify me of these so I can fix them in a later patch
Notes - I have no friends that know anything of fire emblem and even less that care about video games enough to download VBA to play a hack so as a result, I am the only person to have playtested this game(I’ve done about 3 full playthroughs along with playing through some maps many many many times) but I’m also not the best FE player so the game might be a little easy (or somehow hard?) or there might be some balancing issues.
Tldr - If you have any balancing problems or suggestion please feel free to let me know

FE 10 Fighter - MageKnight404
Female Assasin - Moocavo and Riku
Nuramon - Ephraim Great Lord
FEBuilderGBA and many patches Including!
Circleseverywhere - Convert Titles to Text, Contemporary Support/Talk Style, Map Danger Zone, HP Bars, Skills
Kirb - Class Expansion
Tequila - Stats when anims off, show heal amount, Stat screen colors
Aera - 5 People supports
7743 - Various Helpful patches

Special Thanks to:
Mangs (Of keeping me inspired with this FE Hack LPs)
The people at FE Universe FE_Builder_GBA forum for putting up with my stupid questions
And anyone else I forgot to credit!


This reminds me of an idea I had for a hack at one point, using the same premise (you’re the generic early-game bandits), but in a pretty different way. Seems cool!

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This looks awesome, I like the premise.

Good that you posted this here, it’ll probably get much more attention than just putting it on SF.

Yeah I was meaning to post it on hear the same time I put it on SF but I forgot and then I got lazy

I’m downloading now Dot. You’ll have a review from me once I finish. I don’t know much about hacking, but I’ll try my best to comment on the grammar and overall game play to the best of my abilities.

how can i recruit Bianca? XD

You can not recruit Bianca. There will be many named units with faces that you must kill as they are part of the main hero’s army and thus good guys that would never join the side of bandits.
(P.S - The only units you have to recruit are ones that have dialogue before the battle in chapters 3 and 5)


That’s one of the things I enjoyed, killing units who would normally have some kind of sweet backstory.

ohh that’s make a lot of sense! thanks for telling

That’s one of the things I enjoyed, killing units who wouold normally have some kind of sweet backstory…


anyways yeah the hack looks pretty good!

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Thanks for this hack.

Story was ok for the short hack it was plus being the bad guys was actually pretty fun.

Gameplay was fun enough and difficulty was pretty hard.

Fav char : Gary !