[FE5] Super Thracia English menu translation

Super Thracia (EN menus)

Now you won’t get lost in menus anymore! you’ll get lost in invisible FoW mazes instead


Maybe you’ve heard about Super Thracia, a somewhat infamous Japanese romhack of Thracia 776 by a certain LIN◆LIN/XxX/gw . It’s a strange crossover adventure, with a snowballing difficulty, revolving around Morphs, hordes of vengeful Arden spirits, “are we the bad guys?” and a nazi germany think-tank that employs children. It’s weird, yo. Fans of Thracia have always seemed fascinated by what the hell is up with this mod, so hey, let me help with that.

This translates all the menus, descriptions, names, classes, etc of the game, as well as all the chapter titles. There’s talks of making a full-blown translation, but this will have to do for now.

The UI is ported directly from my Lil’ Manster project, and includes a number of QoL improvements, like a modern menu command order, FCM display on the profile, Crt display in battle, and Zane’s sweet FE5 QOL additions !

This also includes three minor Super Thracia fixes:

  • The first intro battle now shows Osian’s name instead of Dagdar.
  • Custom map palettes no longer revert to vanilla colors when the screen darkens.
  • The Devil’s Horn bonus to magic is now properly written in the “Stat bonus” slot, rather than the “Effectiveness” slot, where it did nothing.

Download here

Mirror (Romhacking dot net page) (Currently links to the older version of the patch)

Patching instructions

Our Discord server for updates, help, FE5 hacking, and FE5 talk

Known Issues
  • The Sound Room category and track names had to be sacrificed to make room for the (much) longer item descriptions.
  • While the portraits and scripting of dialogue remain untouched, the contents of the dialogue will show a mix of Japanese and Latin characters. This is because we had to replace some Japanese characters, so chapter titles and objectives could be legible. If this bothers you and you wish to read the Japanese text, then I would suggest playing vanilla Super Thracia instead.
  • The Crimson Note tome softlocks the game if battle animations are Off. This was in regular ST and might be fixed in the future.
  • Battle backgrounds will sometimes break for the duration of a single frame. This happens at random and, to our knowledge, doesn’t affect anything. This was in regular ST and we do not know how to fix it.

Thanks and Acknowledgments

Original Super Thracia patch by LIN◆LIN/XxX/gw
Based on Zane Avernathy’s FE5 menu translation and compiled with his tools.
All credit for the original game goes to Intelligent Systems and the wonderful development team they had.

Project Leads:
Miacis (Translation, Text insertion, Graphic Design)
Ultimage (Programming, Datamining)


Linguistic Support:
Aggro Incarnate

Feedback, Mental Support and Jeigans all-around:

Special Thanks:
Flasuban for the Lil’ Manster’s new menu font.
Zane Avernathy & HidoranBlaze for their incredible help in working out the tools.
Zane Avernathy, specifically for his QOL additions.
542◆ruo0tlxqPQ, who authored the Crit display in battle patch.
ChimeraHardline for the small “SELECT” icon


There’s something both really cool and something really awful about this, but I can’t figure out what.

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very epic

How hard is Super Thracia vs normal Thracia? (Never play either version)

It’s less of a Hard Mode, and more a suffering way of life.

Up until ch5, it’s basically “Thracia but bigger stats and a bit harder.” (Super Thracia’s 4x might actually be easier than vanilla’s). Then ch5 hits and it just keeps ramping up the difficulty until the game is spawning 50 wyvern reinforcements on your side of the map every turn. Sometimes, the difficulty relents a bit, and the game switches it up by just being annoying (unreadable map, invisible maze, etc).

It’s designed for savestate play, and the game wasn’t playtested, so cheats and glitch abuse tend to be the way to go. It’s still interesting with the things it does, and how cleverly dickish it can be at times.
It’s like a beached whale: tragic, but too fascinating not to admire.


Hey everyone, we’re releasing a newversion of the patch! It includes most of the newer Lil’ Manster additions, namely a new menu font, and Zane’s wonderful QOL additions.

We’ve also fixed a few of Super Thracia’s very… unique issues:

  • Maps with a custom color palette no longer revert to vanilla colors when the screen darkens.

  • (Optional) Chapter 24x, despite being perfectly functional, was inaccessible. There’s a patch that lets you go check it out now. All you have to do is recruit Ishtar, as she starts with the Kaia staff in her inventory.

  • (Optional) Chapter 8 and 11x were fucking with your vision by using respectively a pure white and a pure black palette. There’s a patch that now adresses it and makes them less of a visual strain.

That’s about it for now. Download link is in the OP. =]