Fire Emblem: The Stone Chains

Patch(FE8 USA rom):

This is my hacking project over a year old, the rom already has too many changes but they are only at a technical level and some changes in mechanics, and a lot, but seriously a lot of planning process, not currently I have so much time to dedicate but I have things planned until the end. Ideas, suggestions and opinions are accepted.

I take the post to ask something, I do not know what I did to the ROM that crashes when someone fails an attack if the animations are disabled, does anyone know how to fix it or what could it be?

PD: The hackrom is in spanish, but I’m just going to put the first dialogues.

Actual progress

Part 1 - 10/18 chapters
Rin 6/6 (needs dialogues)
Rhoxius 4/6 (need dialogues and rebalance)
Hinako 0/6

Some captures…


Some questions about the Axe Knight in the bottom right screenshot.

  1. What alignment are they?
  2. Is that an FE4 map sprite I see? Nice choice.

With alignment you mean that? He is one of the three protagonists, his initial class is cavalier (axes) and promotes to great knight, and yes, is a FE4 Knigth, i added some fe4 map sprites, including Baron, Duke Knigth, Lance knigth, Axe Knigth, Greath Knigth, etc

I forgot the patch but I already added it

I wouldn’t call it a nice choice, given that SNESFE and GBAFE use totally different art styles. It sticks out in a rather bland manner and isn’t shaded in any sort of way like the other sprites are.

Use these instead, they will look way better.


no don’t use that because it’s bwd yeti’s
use one of the million free source ones


I just grabbed what I had in my >import to fexna folder lol