FE6- All Mounts

So here’s a little hack I made for fun: it’s Binding Blade, but every non-mounted class has been changed to be mounted (except for Manaketes, which have simply received increased move).

All characters keep the weapons they used in vanilla for their new classes.

If you like mounts, then you’ll probably enjoy this hack, lol

download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jxGURI3FsMy7HYgMll8vopYIPIqtZI2e/view?usp=sharing



Chapter 21 just got a whole lot easier.

B :joy: R :joy: U :joy: H :joy: is this :joy: genealogy??? :joy:


Congrats, you just made everyone viable.
Also, do Armors evolve to Great Knights?

remind me to do an ironman of this at some point
and hope i don’t lose marcus before chapter 7

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Armors (which are now lance knights) become “iron knights”. The full list of class changes is in the readme.

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Chapter 14 about to be a big oof

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Coming soon, the sequel no one asked for:


Do they also get unique animations, or do they all share the same Cavalier/Paladin animations?

I tried to mix up the animations as much as was possible (no changed promoted unit uses Paladin animations, for example), but some sharing was necessary.

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Slight update here: big thanks to ltranc for this. The fe6 all mounts hack, which previously used the default palette for most units, has been updated to include new unique palettes for nearly every enemy and boss!