[FE8] [Completed!] Fire Emblem: Sealed Hope (20+ Chapters)

Download Link: FESH Dropbox

It’s recommended to use VBA (or the Delta emulator), as other emulators (MGBA) seems to carry the most bugs in the game.

Fire Emblem Sealed Hope is a FE8 Rom Hack that was worked on as a hobby, and has been in development for years. It takes ideas from various Fire Emblem titles while balancing itself in it’s own way. Difficulty comparison-wise, Normal is similar to FE7 difficulty, while Hard is similar to FE6.

Fire Emblem Sealed Hope FEE3 2022 Preview:


Llyr is the tactician of the Cipher Mercenaries, a small group of mercenaries that has accumulated fame over the years. After a successful job, he meets with his best friend, King Mao of Jrablibe who in search of his missing father, Aurlen. He believes his father’s disappearance is related to a object known as the Fire Emblem, and requests Llyr restore it to find further clues to his father.
Unknowingly to Llyr, his mission would only become a stepping stone into finding out the true meaning behind the world, and his life.

  • 20+ Chapters
  • 30+ Characters
  • Durability system equivalent to Fates & Echoes (Infinite Durability but higher Gold cost)
  • Hint system similar to Hannah/Nils Fortune reading in FE7.
  • Support range has been increased, and thresholds for supports have been decreased to make it faster to obtain supports.
  • Supports are limited by Rank rather than number of Supports. You can have multiple B Supports, but only one A Support.
  • Building A Supports (or unique supports) grants Bond Essence that grant +1 to all stats. Certain A Supports grant skills based around relationships.
  • Units have a Personal skill, a Movement skill, and a Promoted skill. (Ex: Lv5 Mercs get Shove, Lv5 Heroes get Swordfaire.)
  • Holdable items that grant Stat bonuses.
  • Secret Items/Events that grant rewards (Difficulty is considered without these specific rewards)
  • All recruitable character’s are either recruitable with Game Over condition units (Story important characters), or can be recruited by three other units.
  • Small Post-game with various stories.
  • Quality of Life patches applied such as visual growths, animation numbers, and more.
  • Music not in original FE8 (taken from the Fire Emblem Repository)
  • Steve.
Patch/Update Notes
Version 1.1:


  • Fixed many grammatical errors
    Some have purposely not been fixed (such as “Somethin”) as their intention is to show that the character is pronouncing the word as such. This does not mean every spelling error is purposefully meant to be incorrect, as spelling errors can still exist.

  • Updated dialogue in an attempt to make certain scenes clearer.


  • Yarin has had his Mgc increased from 14 → 17.

  • Serena has had her Mgc, Skill, & Spd increased from 16 → 19.

  • Serena has been given one Leadership Star.

  • Steve’s magnificence has been increased from 100 → 101.1.


  • Increased certain support growth points gained.


  • Killer weapons has had their prices reduced from 5000 → 3500.

  • The Longbow has had it’s price reduced from 4000 → 3000.

  • Brave weapons has had their prices increased from 3000 → 5000.

  • Heal has had it’s price increased from 200 → 280.

  • Mend has had it’s price increased from 300 → 420.

  • Recover & Physic has had their prices increased from 400 → 600.

  • Fortify has had it’s price increased from 1000 → 1700.

  • Vulneraries has had it’s price increased from 50 → 100.

  • Tara Shield has had it’s price increased from 2000 → 3250.

  • Esub Guard has had it’s price increased from 2500 → 3250.

  • Updated the Tara Shield to have it’s passive +3 Def boost.

  • Updated the Esub Guard to have it’s passive +3 Res boost.

  • Updated the Member Card to have it’s passive +3 Lck boost.

  • Longbow has had it’s Hit increased from 65 → 75, & it’s Weight reduced from 10 → 8.

  • Fenrir has had it’s Hit increased from 75 → 80, & it’s Weight reduced from 8 → 5.

  • The Sea’s Calling has had it’s Hit increased from 80 → 85.

Map Changes:

  • Certain map tiles have been updated.

  • Replaced the Nosferatu tome for Fenrir in the Chapter 10 Armory.

  • Added a (droppable) Chain Bow into Gala’s inventory in Chapter 10.

  • Changed the Chapter 12 Chain Bow to a Silver Axe.

  • Moved the Chapter 13 Secret Shop to a new position.

  • Added a Nosferatu tome & a (droppable) Fire tome into Serena’s inventory in Chapter 13.

  • Replaced the Nosferatu tome for Flux in the Chapter 13 Armory.

  • Replaced the Nosferatu tome for Flux in the Chapter 17 Armory.


  • Added a patch that supposedly fixed Visit from any tile.
Errors & Bugs

If there is a bug you would like to report, please mention the following so I can try to resolve it:

  • Emulator (VBA, MGBA, Delta, 3DS Injection, other)
  • Device (PC, Laptop, iPhone, Switch, 3DS, PSVita, other)
  • Chapter number

The devices & emulators tested on an used was VBA for PC & Laptop, as well as the Delta emulator for iPhone. As such, it is recommended to use these for the most stable experience.


  • Multiple grammatical issues (cause I’m bad at grammar lol).


  • Chapter 4: Secret tile causes multiple game breaking bugs.

  • Chapter 4: Gala may appear as a playable Boy Civilian on the top left corner. She will crash the game when selected, and will disappear after the map ends. She will not appear in Chapter 11. She will reappear in Our Ending where selecting her will crash the game.

  • Chapter 19: End Event goes to Main Menu rather than ending the chapter.


Llyr has 3 Choices
Passive Ring Stat Boosts
Stat Screen
Durabilty & Price
Bond Essence
Secret Shop
Steve Supports
Hidden Spots
Promoted Skills


The Fire Emblem Sealed Hope Folder has everything alongside the UPS patch.
Here are direct links to other resources you can read on:

Credits List
Secret Item Locations
Unit Guide
Hard Mode Advice

Tier List Maker:

Do you want to rate the characters out of five?
You can rate the units on the Tier List Maker!

  • The idea of Sealed Hope is that it has simple ideas, with more depth then considered. As an example: Tier 1 stats are capped at 20, which means early promotion can be considered. You can essentially play how you want. Do you want to plow through the game? Do you want to challenge yourself through limitations? Do you want to gain power through certain conditions? You can decide what you wish!

  • You can gain Bond Essence which are +1 to all stats, essentially making any unit capable, with some purposefully being worse with the idea that Bonds increase their strengths (also the weapon icon…lets say its a Potato.)

  • I’m not expecting the hack to be a “secret holy grail”, but a similar yet different take on how to approach a Fire Emblem game. Not too different, not too similar, whatever you want to interpretant that as.

  • Due to corruption (yay), some of my credits list was lost. Please, inform me if I forgot to credit a resource that I used so I may properly update the PDF.

  • I have a Youtube Channel where I upload stuff, maybe some Sealed Hope stuff will be on there in the future, maybe, somewhat, perhaps.


Congrats on the near release! I can only imagine what it must feel like to be at this point after all those years of work.

I love when someone goes: " i been working in this for years, now here you go, enjoy". Thanks bro, i send you a hug wherever you are.


Sealed Hope is now completed!
Edit has been made to add download link to the UPS patch.


Hey, I’m noticing a pretty rampant issue of the game lagging heavily with animations on. I dunno if it’s an emulator thing (I tested it in both VBA and VBA-M and the same thing happened in both) but the slowdown is very noticeable.

I’m not sure if this is a emulator issue, because I’ve tested on VBA and VBA-M on a laptop and PC, the Delta emulator on Phones, and 3DS GBA emulator yet haven’t encountered lag before.

I have a question- given how important Supports are, I think this needs to be said:
How many Supports can a unit have? Because if it caps out at 5 like in Vanilla, then it kinda feels like a letdown given how, going by the Support log screenshot, there’s a lot of options to go with…

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To add onto this. Are supports and endings all written and completed or is it just building levels without conversations?

  • Every unit has 7 Support Partners (Except Noelle who has 6).

  • You can only A Support one Support Partner, but can have multiple B Supports. You aren’t limited to five, but rather the rank of the supports you have.

  • The range to building levels has been increased, while the threshold to reaching C,B & A has been decreased to make it easier to get.

  • A Supports reward the player with Bond Essence, If the relationship ends up being love or is a deep connection such as family, then you will be rewarded a Skill.

  • All Support Conversations are written and are available to read in the Support Conversation menu. If you’re not using the Unit Guide, you can use this as a “cheat-sheet” to hear the music to determine what unit may get a skill.


Awesome completed game and fully written supports! All I need to dive in thanks! Excited to play your work.

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Fates and Echoes gameplay regarding the infinite weapon durability. Looks like this rom hack along with The Binding Blade Dual Lords and Not so faithful Shadow Dragon Remaster are in competition in this one. Currently playing Marth’s DS Fire Emblem games and waiting for the upcoming Paper Mario TTYD remake is coming by this week. Still regardless cant wait to enjoy this go rom hack. Gonna give it a go.

Ahh, I see. Might wanna state that somewhere in the features; the part about how you can have multiple B-Supports but only one A-Support.

Also, every support is written already? Wow, now that’s somrthing you don’t see often… a hack with all its support convos implemented from day one.

Oh and also: Do you get the Bond Essence and a Skill then in certain cases or is just one or the other?


Noted, will edit that in!

If a support grants a skill, you’re granted both a Bond Essence and the Skill for both units.

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Ah okay. That might be important to clarify as well.

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Congrats on your full release hack, looks nice! I saw your post on youtube community tab. I’ll play your hack and write a personal review about it.


I’m using MGBA emulator, and on chapter 4, the game bugs out when I get the secret item. Everyone gets infinite move, the enemies can attack like they have siege weapons, but still get counter attacked, and the game freezes if that happens with animations on


Congratulations on this unexpected release. The beginning is not very promising to be honest (initial dialogue a bit trite and childish) but I have faith that the quality of the narrative will pick up later on.
The voices (I think in Japanese) of the characters, when selected, are a pleasant and amusing novelty, which I didn’t think possible on gba: a wonderful find. I tested it with GBARUNNER2 (hicode build) on DSi, and the combat animations have no slowdown, as instead someone stated above. In the end, I expect great things from your work, pal.

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Congrats to the release! This voice feature is really neat, never seen this in another hack. It reminds me of Warcraft 2, it was always a pleasure to listen to the comment of the units. Unfortunately I cannot understand the Japanese language. But still this is cool!

Yes the same thing happened to me and it become just really annoying to continue.

Alas, I noticed that several times you wrote “your” instead of “you’re.” How come? Once is carelessness, a dozen times along three chapters is ignorance, I’m afraid.
Your=possessive adjective, “you’re”=subject+verbal predicate. Said by the bandits may reflect their ignorance and coarseness, but repeated often by protagonists is implausible and annoying. And then often the lack of commas and punctuation.

Changing the subject, in the first chapter, destroyed two cracked walls, stairs appear underneath: hmm… very strange, so fake walls concealing stairs underneath? Also implausible and illogical.
Well, maybe I was a little harsh, but better an ugly truth than a good lie, I guess.