Unnamed FE8 Romhack(Looking for feedback on concepts)


As the title states I’m currently working on a FE8 Romhack, but I need some general feedback on some of the changes that I’ve made. So I made a .ups with a readme that lists the changes in general.

Note: Some weapons haven’t been added or changed.
The main point of this ups is for feedback for changes. No actual maps have been changed, or animations added.

List of changes applied summarized:
-Multiple changes to classes and weapons.
-Additional classes and weapons.
-S rank weapons are now A rank.
-S rank provides larger bonus to compensate, and a unit can have multiple S-Ranks.
-Skill now effects Attack Speed. Formula is Con + Skill / 4.
-Ballistas are gone.
-Changes to Weapon Triangle effectiveness and affinities.

List of planned ideas:
-All villages will give items, but the roof color will determine the rarity of the item, with red having rarer items than green.
-A base camp for supports.


Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hello there, and kudos to you for starting the hack-making journey!

As far as getting feedback, many people won’t be willing to try a hack completely blind, or click on a link with no context.

Would you be able to add some screenshots and maybe a quick description of the hack to the opening post? I think it would go a long ways toward getting people interested in trying out your project.

Best of luck!

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I figured that there was some information missing. Gimme a little bit.

EDIT: Done. I can’t really add screenshots at the moment, so I hope this makes up for it!