The Fire Emblem Fangame Directory [Please add your own hacks!]

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I’m in favour of the proposition. I’ve uploaded things to RHDN for preservation’s sake before, so anything that makes things easier to find is a good thing in my book. As proof of concept, here’s a rough backup of things on FEShrine that still have working download links. There’s a lot of broken Dropbox links there…

Of course, a properly maintained backup would be cleaner and managed on something a bit fancier than Dropbox; I’m thinking messing around on Github might work. Of course, having the original threads and downloads linked would be a good idea.


An issue with this that I could foresee is you mirroring a patch, then the hack gets updated, you don’t update your mirror, and people go to the mirror and now have an outdated version and the author gets bug reports for things they have already fixed; in my experience most attempts at a unified location for stuff like this that’s done by a third party either ends up with issues not crediting the original creators and/or not updating frequently enough to not cause the above issues.
The one solution of this kind that I’ve seen work is instead of a mirror repository or a list of various places on the internet they’re located, a platform for creators to put their hacks on, where they can upload the patches directly to. This way you get one unified location for everything, that both credits the author for their own work (through their account on the platform) and is as up to date as the author makes it.
Fire Emblem Universe could act as that platform if it was possible to upload patches to the site directly (which it currently isn’t, can only do that with images). Instead, you get links to external file hosting sites that could go down at any time, and there’s no way to really prevent that unless we control the platform where they’re uploaded to.

tl;dr seize the means of hack production

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Basically, it is just a mirror of the patch, right? Then create a cloud box for the forum, where a special team can work together and reupload the patch. Their mission is just check if the project is updated and then update the mirror patch on the cloud.

There are two fairly big issues with that. A “special team” is unnecessary, the entirety of it could be maintained by one person or one thousand people and the same issues would arise. No matter how many people you have, something will inevitably slip through the cracks and be missed. Furthermore, I’m certain everyone you assign the task to will eventually grow bored with it/be unable to do it and the project will die with outdated patches abound. If the burden is placed on the creator for the upkeep instead of a third party, any problems that would arise would be solely the creator’s fault and not spread to any other projects.
Creating a task force specifically to collect patches and keep them updated is incredibly impractical and more open to issues than making a platform and letting the creators of what you want to collect do the work for you.

For the sake of preservation, I have created a backup of all hacks currently available in the directory. I have downloaded everything listed and included it in this folder. Two projects no longer have functional downloads; I have marked those with Error 404 tags in the directory proper. If for whatever reason you want a hack removed from this archive please contact me. I won’t keep this backup up to date, since it’s a backup. Think of it as a snapshot of hacking history taken today. Read the readme I included for further information.


you may want to move resonance to inactive / cancelled

original resonance is finished
whatever they did with it afterwards is cancelled

How would I add my in-progress hack to this?

It doesn’t matter if it’s WIP or complete. Just add it by clicking on the small button in the top-right corner of the first post.

Okay. Thanks!

I cannot find whatever 時の回廊 is (google’s turning up Chrono Trigger music) does anyone know what this is exactly?

The name translates to “corridor of time”
I poked around for a bit and found an uploader link that has the hack I believe to be Corridor of Time. It seems to be a GBA crossover hack.

I have tried patching it with every ups file that have that Japanese names but cant play it.

Try changing the patched rom and the folder it’s in to an english name. VBA kinda freaks out otherwise.

Thanks, although if that really is Corridor of Time it seems like just a reskin, none of the first five maps are changed at all even though some characters and events were.

Yeah, it’s not that in-depth of a hack.

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Oh sorry.
I entered the name incorrectly.


I will correct the name.


I think that’s it.
It was made by a 名軍師(mei-gunshi).
It is a MOD work made quite a long time ago.

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