[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Sacred War [complete]


This is a ROM hack that took me over 2 years to complete
but didn’t want to announce because it wasn’t defined when it was going to finish
and because I didn’t want to have people wait in vain or indefinitely.

This is a Remake of the original Sacred Stones game
in an effort to make the game more fun to play with new features, a new freshness
as well as new challenges and obstacles to conquer.

Edit (17/03/2019):
Took 2 months but someone finally conquered the last dungeon.

  1. CorEagle (17/03/2019)

Screenshot1Screenshot2Screenshot3Screenshot4Screenshot5 Screenshot7Screenshot8Screenshot9Screenshot10Screenshot11Screenshot12Screenshot15Screenshot16Screenshot17Screenshot18Screenshot19Screenshot20Screenshot21Screenshot22Screenshot23Screenshot24Screenshot25Screenshot26Screenshot27Screenshot28Screenshot29Screenshot30Screenshot31Screenshot33 Screenshot32Screenshot35Screenshot36Screenshot40

General Patch Notes


  • Critcal DMG: x2

  • EffectBonus: x3 if weapon is effective against enemy

  • Regalia BNS: x3 if weapon is effective against enemy

  • Dragonstone: x3 if weapon is effective against enemy

  • Bows have effectiveness against Watchers and Gazers

  • Magic Sword: “Full attack stat (STR or MAG)” + [(Weapon might + Weapon triangle bonus) x Effective bonus]

  • MageWEP DEF: “Resistance” is calculated for damage reduction in both melee and range attacks

  • MageWEP Crt: “Critical Rate” is active for melee and ranged attacks

  • Staves Heal: [MAG/2 + Staff Might] (+15 if the healer is a Valkyrie)


  • Press “A” to move fast from the beginning

  • Press “Select” to view “Danger Area”

  • New Monster Names

  • New Screen and Menu Backgrounds

  • New Combat Frames

  • New Inventory Icons

  • New Class Animations

  • New Map Sprites

  • New Spell Animations

  • New BGM (ported)

  • Characters base stats and LV adjusted so they can be immediately usable after joining
    Exception: Trainee, Recruit, Pupil

  • Re-balancing of base stats, growths, affinity types and potency.

  • EXP gain amount and pacing from kills re-adjusted

  • EXP gain from staves re-adjusted

  • Static Weapon LVs based on classes

  • Dragon Tear boosts growth rates by +10%

  • Rebirth Seals de-level units above LV10

  • Some new Classes for humans and monsters

  • Different promotional paths and trees for Trainee, Recruit, Pupil, Troubador classes

  • 3rd promotional paths for Trainee, Recruit, Pupil are open from the beginning

  • Druids can only use Dark magic

  • Summoners can also use Anima magic

  • Dragon Lords can use Axes too

  • Buffed item durability to reduce the need to carry dublicates of the same item

  • Increased amount of Items and weapons with various effects

  • New item descriptions

  • Monster Weapon stats can now be viewed

  • Accessory system

  • Vulnerary heal amount: 20(+10)

  • Oracle buffs last 2 turns (except Magic Barrier buff)

  • Poison DMG fixed at 5HP/Turn

  • Poison/Sleep/Silence/Berserk/Stone Effect Duration set to 5Turns

  • Gold Economy Balance

  • Item prices re-adjusted

  • Shop list updates

  • Upgrade to skirmishes as a source of income with reduced EXP gains

  • New or remixed maps

  • Some skirmish maps will have a a bit different layout than the first time you did them during story campaign

  • Emphasis on terrain usage

  • Mid-game and beyond have some maps feature big terrain changes that can affect the course of fight

  • Try to interact with every door, tree and breakable wall
  • Terrain Regen (All 20%[+10%]HP regen)

  • Terrain DEF = RES (All terrain give equal DEF/RES as show on the text)

  • Throne DEF/RES (DEF+2[-1], RES+2[-3])

  • Rain doesn’t reduce movement cost

  • Effort on Post-Game features, progression and player and party building

  • Fixed Pierce Bug

  • Fixed Enemy-Control Bug

===Progression and Difficulty===

  • Arenas are removed

  • Story maps give way better EXP than skirmishes

  • Skirmishes give way better Gold than Story maps

  • Skirmishes have a chance to spawn a “Mimic” monster which has increased drops and EXP*
    Early and Mid Game skirmishes = 33% chance to appear
    End Game skirmishes = 66% chance to appear

  • The Mimic enemy is stronger than the other enemies in the area. Retreat is always an option in skirmishes.

  • Tower of Valni opens at the same time as in the original

  • Valni Floor1 has weak and passive enemies. Serves as a spot for combat commands (Hammerne, Supports) as well as Skirmish respawn.

  • Valni Floors2~7 are adjusted as the Post-Game1 content with the according difficulty.
    Of course you have the option to do the Valni Tower early, should you want to grind there and make the campaign very easy

  • The Ruins are currently “closed off” for a later update.

  • Highly recommended to do the Tower of Valni after clearing the game in order to get the post-game characters and their buffed inventory

Specific Patch Notes



A big thanks to the community of FEuniverse.us for their help and asset contribution.

Special thanks to:

  • 7743
  • VennoBennu
  • circleseverywhere
  • Tequila
  • Crazycolors
  • Brendan
  • swordmaster
  • Camdar
  • Blazer
  • Creator of FEYggdra Hack (Kenpuhu and Aruku)
  • Gabriel Knight
  • Lisandra_Brave
  • Moocavo
  • Riku
  • The Blind Archer
  • The Creator of the Generic Assassin Class portrait
Desert Area Secret Tresure


Secret Shop Locations

Same as the original. No change.

Chapter14 - Eirika - Jehanna Halls

Chapter 19 - Rausten

Tower of Valni - Floor 5

Some good to know TIPS
  • While there’s a healthy amount of promotional items, if some of them aren’t enough
    you can buy extra ones from the secret shop in CH14 for both routes.
  • You can buy promotional items again later in the CH17 (Narube River) MAP shop
    without the need of Member Cards.
  • You are free to use them whenever you want (either on a Lv10 or Lv20 pre-promote).
    Story campaign won’t punish you for using them early and the promo boosts reflect that.
  • The “only” necessity is the need for 20 units for end/post game
    as EXP and Gold are infinite.

=== UPDATE (1/2/2019) ===
====> V1.10 is out !!! <====

"Inside the ancient ruins south of Rausten
a dimensional rift has appeared
emanating malefic energy akin to that of the Demon King.
The remaining armies of Frelia and Rausten have already secured the area
preventing anyone and anything from entering or exiting the ruins.

The Renais Twins and their allies
prepare themselves
in order to commence an investigation
that will take them beyond time and space
into an extremely dangerous and hostile environment".

This update includes a new 10 floor dungeon
along with many fixes
and gameplay improvements to the vanilla game based on feedback.

Without delay here is what’s updated/changed:

New Expansion Updates
  • Updated the Version indicator on the title screen
    If you see “1.10” on the title screen, you will know that the patching was a success.

  • A new 10 Floor dungeon is open

  • Bug related:
    Includes the Ch11A fix (duh)
    Fixed faulty effectiveness of “Wind” tome (now properly affect Fliers)
    Fixed Journeyman(2) faulty DEF cap (8 -> 18)
    Fixed Fighter faulty stat caps
    Fixed Pirate faulty stat caps
    Fixed Monk faulty stat caps
    Fixed Priest faulty stat caps

  • Shop list related:
    Bethroen MAP Armoury replaced Killer Sword/ Spear/ Axe with Cleavers/ Knight Killers/ Halberds
    Port Kiris MAP Armoury replaced Killer Sword/ Spear/ Axe with Cleavers/ Knight Killers/ Halberds
    Narube River MAP Armoury replaced Cleavers/ Knight Killers/ Halberds with Killer Sword/ Spear/ Axe
    Jehanna Halls MAP Shop now sells Light Brand and Soul Brand
    Rausten’s MAP Secret Shop now sells Dragonstones (Previously only available in Valni5 secret shop)

  • Map related:
    Valni Floor 4 map layout improved to be less of a drag to traverse
    Ch5X small Map fix (fixed 2 wall tiles with wrong orientation)
    Ch18 shortcut Map fix (you can get down from the hill immediately without having to go back)
    ! The Ch18 map update will reset the map’s Tile Change. !
    ! As such, some player and enemy unit positions during the smkirmish are repositioned for this new change !

  • Difficulty:
    Generic enemies for story campaign slightly buffed

  • Text fixes:
    Faulty text at “Difficulty Select” screen fixed
    Knight’s class description fixed
    Anima spell names changed: “Arcfire”, “Arcthunder”, “Arcwind”, “Rexfrost”
    Dark spell name corrected: “Hel”
    Item description bug for Devil Axe fixed
    Faulty item description for Angel Robe fixed
    Faulty Objective Description for Prologue fixed
    Faulty Objective Description Ch10B, Ch13A, Ch19 fixed (they will show the proper turn limit)
    Faulty village conversations corrected to fit the reward
    New descriptions and names for new items

  • Class related:
    Paladin - Crusade: Also affects zombies, skeletons, legions, mamkutes(M) and zombie dragons too
    Great Knight - Sentinel: Bonus DMG (MTx2) vs Archers, Snipers and Skeleton/Legion Archers
    Mage Knights - Vanguard: Now get 3 DMG reduction from all sources when equipped with a Light Brand/ Soul Brand
    Oracles - now have the movement cost of mages
    Druids - now +5HIT with all dark tomes
    Summoner - Summon: Phantoms buffed +5 STR/SKL/SPD/LCK and +3 DEF/RES in their base stats

  • Weapon Effects:
    Barrier/ Shield Sword bonus damage reduction increase to +5(+2)
    Light Brand now also reverses the weapon triangle
    Soul Brand now also gets a x3 DMG mod VS other mages and magic monsters (as a weapon effect)

  • Weapon Stats:
    Steel Sword/ Lance/ Axe/ Bow +5HIT
    Steel Lance -1Weight
    Steel Axe -2Weight
    Cleaver/ Knight Killer/ Halberd are now usable by pre-promotes (same cost and battle stats)
    Cleaver -1Weight
    Knight Killer +1Weight
    Killer Bow +1Weight
    Great Bow -1Weight
    Brave Sword/ Lance/ Axe/ Bow +1MT +5CRT
    Noble Rapier +5CRT
    Barrier Sword +2MT
    Shield Sword +2MT
    Astra Sword +5HIT
    Light Brand -1Weight
    Soul Brand -2Weight
    Blessed Lance +1MT
    Storm Spear +5CRT
    Francisca +1MT
    Devil’s Axe +10HIT
    Devil’s Axe -3Weight
    Icarus Bow +5CRT
    Rexfrost +5CRT
    Exctinction nerf -5HIT
    Hel nerf -5HIT
    Siegmund -1Weight

  • Promotional items give a small passive stat boost when carried
    so it feels less punishing not using them early and not just be convoy items:
    Hero Crest +1STR/MAG
    Knight Crest +1DEF
    Orion’s Bolt +1SKL
    Elysian Crest +1SPD
    Guiding Ring +1RES
    Fell Contract +1LCK

  • The following bosses are buffed:
    Aias +2STR
    Carlyle +2STR
    Selena +1MAG
    Caellah +2STR
    Valter +2STR
    Orson +2STR

  • The following bosses give more EXP when defeated (Their LV remains the same)
    Ch13B Serena
    Ch14A Carlyle
    Ch15 Caellah
    Ch15 Valter
    Ch16 Orson
    Ch17 Lyon
    Ch19/20 Riev
    Ch20 Morva
    ChF1 Lyon
    All the monster bosses in Valni Floor 8
    All the bosses in the Rift

  • New stat booster: Dragon Blood
    Grants +5HP, +2STR, +2SKL, +2SPD, +2LCK, +2DEF, +2RES, +1MOVE when used

  • New Tiers for the Accessory system
    (For details on effects look the “Weapon Balance” text in the new patch notes section):

Tier1 Accessories (vanilla)
Star Seal
Hoplon Guard
Filli Shield

Tier2 Accessories (found only in the Rift Dungeon)
Nihil Ward
Star Barrier
Sol Seal
Luna Seal

Tier3 Accessories (found only in the Rift Dungeon)
Dark Stone
Holy Stone

  • Update to the other patch notes in the patch folder to the current V1.10
    and also corrected typos
What's the deal with that new Rift Dungeon?
  • The Rift Dungeon is for hardcore players that want to “go even beyond”
    and want to challenge themselves while also getting stronger
  • The Rift Difficulty is designed for 20 well trained units.
  • Difficulty on the early floors is scaled for those who have cleared the Valni Tower at least once.
    Then it gets harder and harder the deeper you go.
  • While possible to clear the Rift dungeon on the first try
    it’s quite hard to do so and requires planning.
    Don’t be ashamed to leave and re-try again with better preparations
  • There are shops in the Rift with unique stock to sell
    starting from Floor4 and the last ones being on Floor8.
    The first 3 floors and last 2 floors have no shops so plan carefully.
    Screenshot37 Screenshot38
  • The Curse of the Rift:
    After entering the Rift (MAP2 and onwards) you will notice that the enemies have unique blessings that grant them various effects
    Guide your army properly in order to overcome the enemy advantage.
  • Always make a savestate at the battle preparations on each floor.
    It takes over 11hours to beat the Rift.
New Screenshots

Screenshot56 Screenshot45 Screenshot46 Screenshot47 Screenshot49 Screenshot50 Screenshot57Screenshot58

====> V1.11 is out !!! <====

This patch adds the skill descriptions in the “Guide” menu

The skills are separated into groups to reduce scrolling time:
Skills[R] refers to R(anged) classes
Skills[K] refers to K(night) classes
Skills[M] refers to M(age) classes
Skills[F] refers to F(ootsldier) classes

The v1.11 also updates the “Weapon Effectiveness” and “Critical” tabs
in the “Combat” menu.
Screenshot73 Screenshot74

The patch indicator on title screen is also updated
This way you will know the patching process was a success.

Screenshots of Skill descriptions

Screenshot61 Screenshot62 Screenshot63 Screenshot64
Screenshot65 Screenshot66 Screenshot67 Screenshot68
Screenshot69 Screenshot70 Screenshot71 Screenshot72

====> V1.14 is out !!! <====

Contains graphical improvements
some background tech improvements
and various bug and glitch fixes
as well as an indirect buff on summoned Phantoms.

Otherwise, the core gameplay and balance remains the same.

What the v1.14 patch brings
  • New Title Background which is more fitting
    as well as the updated version indicator

  • Fixes an obscure but gamebreaking huge bug.
    No one reported it (since it was quite obscure to trigger with various conditions in order)
    but in any case the v1.14 patch fixes it.

  • Since the v1.00, Ephraim’s Opening graphics had a visual glitch
    This is fixed in v1.14 and will now properly and clearly display.

  • Have you ever looked at the various army banners? No?
    I don’t blame you. They sucked.
    V1.14 improves them and increases their variety

  • A new EXP Gauge that fits with the Battle Frames and that’s more clear to look at
    Screenshot76 Screenshot77

  • Fixed a typo in Summoner and Necromancer skill descriptions

  • Summoned Phantoms had a small chance for a bug to occur.
    This is fixed on v1.14
    Also since no one reported it so far, it seems no one used Summoners
    and don’t know about the power of Phantoms.
    So along with the typo fix above
    you will also find a more detailed description on Summoning Phantoms.
    Screenshot81 Screenshot82

  • Improved the pool of weapons from which Phantoms draw their weapons when summoned:
    Original: Iron Axe, Killer Axe, Tomahawk, Devil Axe (Couldn’t use)
    Current: Steel Axe, Killer Axe, Tomahawk, Brave Axe

  • Improved the Phantom’s class description to match their characteristics:

  • Fixed the pixel bug in DMG and CRT boxes:
    Screenshot80 before and after
    DMG and CRT will display clearly.

  • The EXP gained when Stealing and Summoning
    is increased to 20(+10).

  • Generic Assassin enemies will now have their own class portrait:

  • The OST “Ties of Friendship” will play on the world map 1 chapter earlier
    on Chapter 16 (while Eirika/Ephraim march back to their home capital)

  • Some other tech stuff that aren’t visible anyway
    and will still keep the game working in the same way.

  • Minor fixes on the patch notes link on some notes.

====> V1.15 is out !!! <====

Nothing Major.
Patch1.15 brings back the support between L’Arachel and Dozla
with their vanilla support rate (25 +3/Turn)
while also keeping the new one in the game.
Also the version indicator on the title screen is updated to v1.15
Screenshot85 Screenshot86

Releasing this before the rest of the updates
so that if you find a bug with the current support system you can report it

Patch is on the link below (Use UPS patching)

Main game v1.15 (Apply to a clean FE8(U) ROM):

For everyone that has the 1.14 version and somehow can’t use the above updated patch:

[WIP][Please add your own hacks!] The Fire Emblem Hack Directory

Consider played should be fun to enjoy…congrats on completion.


Hope you have a great time.


Wow this is out of left field. Those backgrounds look incredible!



Does this change events/story/dialog?


Story and dialogue is the same as well as supports.

…but there are 3 extra dialogues hidden in there.


I started playing this 5 minutes ago and I’m already impressed. This is CLEAN.

Update: The aesthetics are clean but the maps and balance need work.


Do you take suggestions / contributions?


Yes, hence why I delayed the last update (the Ruins one)
so I can implement the suggestions on the next patch.


What’s your preferred method of communication?


Just post it here.


Congratulations on your opening!


Grats on completion, looks promising if you’re going to be doing further patches. :wink:


Wow! Much as I enjoy following along a hack’s progress, seeing such full content come out of nowhere is great. Time to spend my weekend playing away :smiley:


Thx to everyone for their words and time spent.

Hope the hack will be deemed fulfilling.

  • Added a TIP section on the original post for those that are concerned about theory crafting
    and party building.


Those backgrounds look pretty great (along with everything else :+1:) . Are those free to use?


Yes, I’ll release a folder with every Animation, BG and sprite
along with instructions on how to implement some of them.

Edit: Damn, forgot to mention where the secret shops are.
BRB, will add section on the original post.


Ewan with 26 Luck as a level 17 mage! Bahaha, that’s hilarious.

I always say I’ll try these hacks, only to end up not doing so, but this seems really interesting so maybe I actually will this time.


Very surprising! This looks dope honestly, I will definitely be giving this a shot.

Those battle backgrounds are :heart_eyes:


This is what happens when you feed him a Dragon Tear since he was a Lv1 Pupil

But generally I made sure during story campaign the player to constantly have the advantage.