[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Sacred War [complete]


This is a ROM hack that took me over 2 years to complete
but didn’t want to announce because it wasn’t defined when it was going to finish
and because I didn’t want to have people wait indefinitely.

This is a Remake of the original Sacred Stones game
in an effort to make the game more fun to play with new features, a new freshness
as well as new challenges and obstacles to conquer.

Took 2 months but someone finally conquered the last dungeon.

  1. CorEagle (17/03/2019)
  2. Tallis (2/05/2019)
  3. Nsyion (22/05/2019)
  4. Kujoe_dirte (7/07/2019)
  5. Freeseti (7/07/2019)
Screenshots (Old v1.00)

Screenshot1Screenshot3Screenshot4Screenshot5 Screenshot7Screenshot9Screenshot10Screenshot11Screenshot12Screenshot15Screenshot16Screenshot17Screenshot18Screenshot19Screenshot20Screenshot21Screenshot22Screenshot23Screenshot24Screenshot25Screenshot26Screenshot28Screenshot29Screenshot30Screenshot31Screenshot33 Screenshot32Screenshot35Screenshot36Screenshot40

Specific Patch Notes



A big thanks to the community of FEuniverse.us for their help and asset contribution.

Special thanks to:

  • 7743
  • VennoBennu
  • circleseverywhere
  • Tequila
  • Crazycolors
  • Brendan
  • swordmaster
  • Camdar
  • Blazer
  • Creator of FEYggdra Hack (Kenpuhu and Aruku)
  • Gabriel Knight
  • Lisandra_Brave
  • Moocavo
  • Riku
  • The Blind Archer
  • Angel
  • Teraspark
  • Arkth
  • The Creator of the Generic Assassin Class portrait
Desert Area Secret Tresure


Secret Shop Locations

Tower of Valni - Floor 1

Same as the original. No change.

Chapter14 - Eirika - Jehanna Halls

Chapter 19 - Rausten

Tower of Valni - Floor 5

Rift - Floor 5

Some good to know TIPS
  • While there’s a healthy amount of promotional items, if some of them aren’t enough
    you can buy extra ones from the secret shop in CH14 for both routes.
  • You can buy promotional items again later in the CH16 (Renais Castle) MAP shop
    without the need of Member Cards.
  • You are free to use them whenever you want (either on a Lv10 or Lv20 pre-promote).
    Story campaign won’t punish you for using them early and the promo boosts reflect that.
  • The “only” necessity is the need for 20 units for end/post game
    as EXP and Gold are infinite.

=== UPDATE (13/07/2019) ===
=====> V1.35 is out !!! <=====

Final QoL fixes, final placeholder data
and something much requested for Oracles.

  • Show HP recovery amount:
  • Recolored Tiles and Movement Arrow with more contrast:
    Screenshot157 Screenshot158 Screenshot159
  • Tier6 Preparation Shop unlocked in Malkean Cost:
    Contains all special and unique items of the Rift allowing you to purchase them
    without having to climb at least 4~5 floors each time.
    The catch: They cost 50% more for that “service” than buying them in the Rift.
  • Command Menu is more colorful depending on the command type:
  • Valni1 victory conditions changed:
    If you noticed on the above screenshot
    you can now clear the 1st floor (Hub) by just “seizing” the gates.
    This allows for faster access to PostGame1 without wasting time to kill all the trash enemies.
    The older “Kill all” condition also still exists so you can choose which of the 2 you want to satisfy.
  • Malkean Easter Egg boss CON and MOVE re-configured.
  • Improved Icon for Warp Staff.
  • Naglfar has a new and unique description.
  • Naglfar can now inflict Poison.
  • You can now view character growth rates in stat screen:
  • New “Talk” indicator in stat screen
  • Oracles get a new staff: Second Wind
    Refreshes units to act again but with balance limitations:
    Only in Post-game
    Costs a fortune
    You can not Refresh an ally with a buff or ailment
  • Black Temple MAP Secret Shop stock updated with the new “Second Wind” staff.
  • A lot of background changes, tweaks and updates.

V1.35.1 also fixes a potential issue with anima “Rexfrost”.

Patch is on the link below (Use UPS patching)

Latest Version: v1.35.1 (Apply to a clean FE8[U] ROM):
Compatible only with
VisualBoyAdvance v1.8.0 and above or No$GBA v2. 8 and above

[WIP][Please add your own hacks!] The Fire Emblem Hack Directory
[FE8] [Complete] The Sacred Trilogy Reskin and Rebalance

Consider played should be fun to enjoy…congrats on completion.

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Hope you have a great time.

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Wow this is out of left field. Those backgrounds look incredible!

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Does this change events/story/dialog?

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Story and dialogue is the same as well as supports.

…but there are 3 extra dialogues hidden in there.

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I started playing this 5 minutes ago and I’m already impressed. This is CLEAN.

Update: The aesthetics are clean but the maps and balance need work.

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Do you take suggestions / contributions?


Yes, hence why I delayed the last update (the Ruins one)
so I can implement the suggestions on the next patch.

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What’s your preferred method of communication?


Just post it here.

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Congratulations on your opening!


Grats on completion, looks promising if you’re going to be doing further patches. :wink:

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Wow! Much as I enjoy following along a hack’s progress, seeing such full content come out of nowhere is great. Time to spend my weekend playing away :smiley:

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Thx to everyone for their words and time spent.

Hope the hack will be deemed fulfilling.

  • Added a TIP section on the original post for those that are concerned about theory crafting
    and party building.

Those backgrounds look pretty great (along with everything else :+1:) . Are those free to use?


Yes, I’ll release a folder with every Animation, BG and sprite
along with instructions on how to implement some of them.

Edit: Damn, forgot to mention where the secret shops are.
BRB, will add section on the original post.


Ewan with 26 Luck as a level 17 mage! Bahaha, that’s hilarious.

I always say I’ll try these hacks, only to end up not doing so, but this seems really interesting so maybe I actually will this time.


Very surprising! This looks dope honestly, I will definitely be giving this a shot.

Those battle backgrounds are :heart_eyes:

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This is what happens when you feed him a Dragon Tear since he was a Lv1 Pupil

But generally I made sure during story campaign the player to constantly have the advantage.

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