FE6 Weapon Reversal

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade Weapon Reversal

FE6 Weapon Reversal is a reskin of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade based on the concept used in FE8 Weapon Reversal by Kobazco. All units and enemies have their classes changed to ones that have weapon triangle advantage over their original weapon(s).

All bosses and player units have unique palettes.

Additional changes from the base game:

Assassin has been added as a promotion for Thief with a Hero Crest. It retains thief utility while gaining a critical boost.

  • Monk has been added. It has the same promotion bonuses as Priest/Cleric. It gets +1 Light rank and C Staves on promotion.

  • Sniper has a critical bonus.

  • The Pike (Rapier) now deals effective damage against Nomads, Nomad Troopers, Troubadours, and Valkyries.

  • Additional flier effective weapons have been added to make up for the lack of archers.

  • Eckesachs is effective against Wyvern Riders, Wyvern Lords, and Manaketes.

I recommend playing on Hard Mode.

Let me know if you encounter any bugs and/or have any balance suggestions.

Patch it over an unmodified Japanese FE6 rom.

Here is a link with character classes, growth rates, and promotion bonuses for convenience.

This is a document with credit for the animations, map sprites, and class cards that I’ve used for this hack.


FE6 Weapon Reversal

FE6 Weapon Reversal Without Weapon Changes


The palettes seem good, are the growths still the same as in vanilla FE6? Haven’t run into any bugs yet so good job!

Wyvern Rider Chad, huh.
This gon b gud.

I have fixed an error with Dayan and Roy’s starting position in Chapter 21 and the patches have been updated.

Edit: I have also fixed an issue regarding Eckesachs’ effectiveness.

I have an issue where the enemies are not loading in the first map? The game just hangs after loading the map, no enemies appear, but the music keeps playing.

Ooferoni, ran into an issue with a patch. It’s been fixed and the download links are updated.

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Thank you! That worked. :slight_smile: