Fire Emblem 6: Google Translated (v1.0 Released!)

Hello everyone! I’m Stigurna. This hack tells the tale of Fuck!, son of Eliwood. This young boy is thrust into a world-scale war with the leader of Burns, Xephyr. Alongside him are his trusted advisor, Merlin, and Lilin Baby, his childhood friend who may or may not be having some… questionable affairs.

The hack does not have most supports translated. (Some supports may get stuck in odd ways. If this happens, try skipping the dialogue with Start so you don’t softlock.) Hope you enjoy the sillyness!

v1.0 release!
Hello everyone! The hack is ready to be played!

The patch has not had a full playthrough, so please let me know if you have issues! (Feel free to let me know if you have enjoyed it too!)

Now that that’s done, I’m gonna get back to teaching my lovely Golden Deer students. Have a nice day, everyone!


I’m not sure what this hack does. Care to explain it?

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Well, I put the script or any other text from the game into Google Translate, translate it around a few times, and put the text back into the game for ridiculous outcomes.

The objective is to translate as much as possible from the game and turn it into an absolute mess of text.
For laughs, of course.

When it is finished, it will be posted online if anyone wants to play it.
I’m sorry if I was unclear in my initial post.

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Any languages that are used more than others?

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Burmese, Nyanja, some eastern and some arabic languages seem to f*ck up the script the most, so usually those are used. I try to pick randomly though.

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Fe6 and Fe8 use actual imagedata for the chaptertitles while Fe7 uses the font with strings(Can also apply for Fe8 is a certain patch is adapted). Under FEBuilder “Advanced Editors”,then “Chapter Titles” and then insert to get the stuff you need it edit.(Yeah,Idk either why insert actually exports and the exportbutton inserts Images). If you need to add other letters to the Image than are in it,then you can copy and paste between two instances of usenti usually.

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I was kinda of trolling in my post. :smiley: Thanks for the clarification though. I thought it was just Japanese > English, so knowing there are other languages in the mix raises my interest.

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Yooo, I’ve always been playing with the idea of google translating FE6, although I’ve always been veering off from working on it. Glad to see you wanting to translate it, since I actually wanted to get into google translating FE6 again. Here’s a great tip to shave time off from constantly selecting languages.

There’s this really cool site, Text Obfuscator, that automatically google translate whatever you put in. After you translate a bunch of times, however, google starts spitting errors out, probably due to constantly using it in a short time. However, I found a solution to it: Tor! After you get locked out, simply press “change identity”, and presto! You can translate stuff again! I really hope this tip will make your life a bit easier.

I wish you luck with translating FE6, and be able to finish it, and have a bunch of good shit within it. It was a pain for me with constantly formatting stuff to normal, but it’ll be worth it, for you, me, and the rest of the community. Considering you got FE6 down, I may be thinking of google translating FE7 instead, and that’ll have a lot of shit to translate, but will likewise have a lot of funny shit to compromise.


Sweet! Thanks for the advice.
And yes, it’s totally been worth it. I love how the script has been turning out.
I might stream the translation this Saturday, since I have progressed enough that I can play for a good amount hours before I reach the point where it’s just the normal script.


can I use this script for a hack of mine? It kind of fits with the theme. I’ll make sure to credit you.

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The in game script or the thing I wrote in the post? Either way sure, go on ahead! Lemme know if you need anything else from me :slight_smile:

thank you. And, the in game script is what im using.