Fire Emblem: Divine Genealogy (FE4XNA)

So, who’s in the mood for barbecue?


Depends on what’s being served.

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We’ve got a heaping helping of roasted sitting ducks on the menu, with a side of fried human hearts.


Ooh, you’ve piqued my interest Mr. Archibald.

Sounds delicious! Count me in!

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Just to clarify how the gameplay progression works:

  1. You start out on Turn 1 with the full Prologue map.
  2. After Gandolf/Gandalph/Ganondolph (spelling?) runs off with Eden/Adean/Edean (spelling?), the scope of the map “shrinks” to exclude the part that covers the second castle.
  3. First goal is to Seize Jungby, after you accomplish that you get a reboot for your party to deploy them from your new castle. This allows units like Arden not to lose so much viability because they “can’t keep up” in a game focused on larger maps.
  4. After finishing your preparations, you start the “second phase” which has the goal Seize Evans.

I am looking at different ways of implementing this. For the Prologue, I wanted to keep it fairly simple for both new players and veterans of the FE4 experience. But in later chapters, I’m going to look at implementing different types of goals in different phases. So there will be segments of the game that have to be cleared with a Rout objective, or perhaps an Escape objective, Survive, Defend an Area, etc.

The ultimate goal of this project is to keep the thing that makes FE4 unique, aka the “big maps,” while addressing issues with that format that eliminate “dead time” and allow for greater diversity in the gameplay.

Also, no more deploying literal blocks/squares of enemy units. That shit is dumb.

And also also credit to @Glacoe for the custom mugs! They are fantastic. I think the style preserves that “FE4 feeling” while simultaneously giving it a more “modern” look without the silly 90’s anime hair, so I’m stoked to have such a talented artist on board.


Finally. An FE4 I can actually enjoy.

I hope.

God I hate FE4. I really hope this reinterpretation makes it more palatable for those of us who hated its… timewastier aspects.

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Wow! It looks like Arch’s reimagining of FE4 will come out before HL3. FE4A must have been dead for 10 years; I’m so glad its spirit lives on.

New UI when

yay another project using an engine that hasn’t been released yet because nepotism (cronyism, actually, I guess) :man_shrugging:


i love it

Well love it to Arch
Hope soon comes more

broke: waiting for this to release


FEXNA has as good a chance of releasing as Arch does with finishing a hack


That would be a complete nightmare, there are too many features missing for a public release.

I mean I can’t speak for why Arch got added to the beta (wasn’t it offered back when he lost all his stuff for EN?), but SoA got added because it’s a large project with a bunch of features (many of which don’t exist in XNA yet) so we’re here making shit to show off what XNA can do and also pointing things out that need to be added (AI that goes after breakable walls didn’t even get added in until we asked for it).


I understand, it’s just that the community is getting pretty damn impatient, and this has been in development for a r e a l l y l o n g t i m e

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Make a hack then, the tools are very good now


How about we not highjack Arch’s post and go off on a tangent?

Glac’s mugs are looking dope.


In a similar fashion, I feel like an FE4 remake will require adding new features that don’t currently exist in FEXNA either. So hopefully this project will benefit the community as a whole in that regard, when FEXNA finally becomes available for public consumption.

It’s an interesting thing, to me. On one hand, I understand Yeti wanting to keep it under wraps until the engine is more fleshed out and that releasing it would cause a deluge of questions and would require the development of documentation and tutorials that do not currently exist. On the other hand, I feel like perhaps the engine’s development would benefit from an open beta such that additional resources from volunteers could be put towards adding features and building upon the engine as it currently exists. However, there isn’t currently even a formal “plugin” type of system to enable the sharing of engine modifications beyond simply copying the code from Visual Studio. Without that sort of centralized system it could become a fairly messy process if the engine were released out into the wild.

I understand everyone’s impatience, and I understand concerns about elitism in terms of who has access to the closed beta and who doesn’t. Yeti and I go back a number of years. I received access to do a port of EN after my laptop was stolen a year or two back. In much the same way that SoA was a prime testing target for the FE8 -> XNA conversion tool, EN was used for this purpose in testing the FE7 -> XNA conversion tool. I decided against restarting EN using FEXNA as a base, but I felt like FEXNA gave me the opportunity to make the project that I always wanted FE4A to be. Back in the day, hacking was nowhere near as advanced and eventually I felt that using FEGBA as a base wouldn’t allow me to do a remake true justice.

Ultimately, it’s Yeti’s project and it’s his decision how to handle public access.


I don’t have any problems with Yeti having his own program - he is the creator, after all. I have problems with people coming along and posting about projects being made with a tool that isn’t publicly available, in a community that has been built off of sharing resources and one that has always been about accessibility.

If you’re going to continue with this project, then great, but do consider how it looks to the rest of us; especially since you’re the founder of this community, Arch. I just got a badge for “Nice Reply” so I can’t be the only one that feels this way.