The Flame of Tomorrow (Artists needed!) (V.0.01 Out!)


Whoa! Been a while. Here to revive a dead thread. A lot of stuff has been edited and revised. I’ve looked over what I had and made several changes to the project.

  • No more demons
    I’ve decided that not only can the plot not have demons and be pretty much the same (actually a bit better), but it also expands the gameplay a lot. As we all remember from SS, chapters with nothing but monster enemies can be a bit plain due to their lack of variety, so I just decided to can them. Dragons are cooler anyways.
  • No third tiers
    This is mostly due to a lack of consistency, and I might change my mind again later if a lot of new animations get made. But I didn’t feel like making special exceptions just for muh third tiers, plus I can use the animations for bosses and the like.
  • Nothing else!
    The rest of the things I wanted to do are the exact same as before, so expect varied objectives and incentives to move forward in maps.

Long ago the continent of Panthia was a peaceful one. This all changed when suddenly, a cataclysmic event known as “The Rift” tore the capital state, Ancia, asunder. Mysterious demonic power leaks from the rift, which is poisoning the Ancian people and their land. Their neighboring state, Derrain, refuses to lend aid in fear of the life-destroying aura. Our twin heroes, Sanders and Ackard, are not nobles, nor mercenaries - they are scholars seeking to uncover the mystery behind The Rift.

Great! I appreciate any help people are willing to offer. In particular I need art assets the most - maps, animations, and portraits. If you’re looking to report a bug or offer criticism, please consider joining the discord, or just comment below!


Latest release: V.0.0.1:
Two chapters are fully playable! Story integration later.



this seems very ambitious. come back when you have some actual progress before asking for sprite help, please.


Yet another concepts thread promising something something amazing but then asking for people to do all the work for you anyway… Ideas are a dime a dozen.
Prove you’ve actually got the resolution to push through with your project at all and then come back, with some screenshots or something. Nobody cares if you use placeholders to get it done, so long as you do.


So what skills do you have? People won’t jump out of nowhere to do work for you unless you can prove you’ve got enough skills to actually make something.


Fair enough. I didn’t want to show anything until it was less rough (much less rough). As the first two chapters are in the final stages, I have uploaded screenshots from them.


Looks very promising would be interested in assisting


Sounds great, would you be able to dm me with what you’re able to assist with?


Since I am desperate to fill out my spriting resume more, I can help out with the portraits once you have your project laid out.


Nice, you added some more to this. Looks like an interesting premise, honestly. I’d like to see where this goes in the future.


Thanks! I have big plans for the project, so I hope you look forward to my progress.


I’m surprised that it’s taken me this long to make an FEU account, right.
I, Eevster72 am willing to help you with my very very limited skills, if that means much to you.


Ill lend my pen to thine aid, mostly because Eev promised 10 venuzuelean Bolivars.


Sounds great! I look forward to your cooperation.


I’m up if you eed assembly shenanigans


Inb4 project actually gets done and isnt stuck in the dev hell or timezones time warner
that be cool to see


Thanks kirb! I’ll let you know if I need more help. (Thanks for all the previous help too)


Big updates.




I only beat the first chapter, I tried to get past the first turn of the second one several times but I could not find a way of advancing at all without one of my units being killed.

In the first chapter reinforcements start out of nowhere, can spawn in unexpected places and I think enemies are just too strong for the party you have. There is no way to know where you are going to be safe if you haven’t beaten the chapter before.
If you try to push forward and kill all enemies you end up getting surrounded and your units die very easily, there is also a lot of units that have range, including one that has more range than any of your units.
So many units having range leads to not being able to kill them, since they can chip you and you need to heal but you can’t fight back and kill them as fast as they come. The only way I found to deal with this is to hide in a corner and kill them slowly, which wasn’t much fun.

In conclusion, I think these things needs some balance the most: enemy density, enemy ranges, reinforcements and starting position of both sides (I feel like they are too close and that can lead to chapters being played the same way by everyone).


Thanks for the reply Leo.
I plan on having dialogue to inform you of the reinforcements before they happen.
I didn’t notice any of these problems of being overwhelmed in my own or other people’s playtesting, and have had no issues with the enemy units being too powerful or dense, but I’ll look into it.