The Siege of Lemond (SRPG Studio, by Aren)

The following game was made by Aren on the /r/SRPGStudio Discord server. I have received permission to post it here in his stead.

Additional information about the project can be found here:

This is a one-chapter SRPG Studio game made with the primary intent of showing off characters with a wide variety of abilities that (to our knowledge) GBA hackers have not been able to replicate, mainly in the form of Skills.

A few highlights include:

  • Terrain manipulation
  • Spells cast from HP
  • Dismounting
  • Skills for increasing bow range (though the extra range doesn’t seem to display properly)
  • Item creation
  • Abilities with cooldown

Feel free to give it a try and leave feedback!


Thank you to Von for creating this thread when the project first released. With the game’s appearance at FEE3 today, I am releasing the latest version, which featured in the showcase.

v1.1 Changelog:
-Adjusted stats for Roo, Natalia, Josephine and some enemies
-Added confirmation messages to command skills like Explosion and Summon Trees and targeting skills can be backed out of
-Minor visual bug fix with one of the houses
-Gravity can no longer pursuit and has the speed penalty removed
-Victory conditions clarified
-Reminder to save feature added
-Issue where Day’s extra Bow range when selecting her didn’t display fixed
(The final one was not fixed in time for the FEE3 video)

Download link:

FEE3 Video:


Can I play it on android

Unfortunately, no. You need a Windows machine to play SRPG Studio games on.

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