[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Golden Kingdom

Long time lurker here, I’ve been working on and off on this project for a while now. Now it’s almost reaching some semblance of being testable, I figured it’d be introduction post as well.
This release of the hack has 6 playable chapters: Prologue, Ch1, Ch2, Ch2x CH3 and CH4 (although two of these chapters have no combat and are just story). I’ve been trying to do some things to make it feel a bit different from normal FE games, such as trying to disincentivize lowmanning and having more dynamic maps (no idea if it’s actually worked).
I would appreciate any kind of feedback at all, be it on the writing, design or even how on earth coding events works, because my monkeys with a typewriter approach probably isn’t the best.

7743 for making FE Builder, without which I wouldn’t have had a clue how to do any of this.
circleseverywhere for various patches that make GBA fe a lot more enjoyable (skills, HP bars)
Everyone who submits to the resource blitz’s so that I can shamelessly steal stuff (specific credits are in the README).
The Blind Archer for the female merc animation
Alusq for the armoured merc animation
MageKnight404 for the Tellius fighter animation
Black Mage for the female fighter animation
Deranger for the hunter animation
SME for porting FE3 music into Midis

Also, my portrait for Carmine borrowed heavily from Wayland from Order of the Crimson Arm. If this is a problem just let me know, and sorry in advance.

Longer and more defensive focused maps and harder enemies.
Skill system (though skill usage is kept quite simple for the most part).
Base chapters with optional conversations and rewards.

In the README I have included a list of the minor bugs I know of currently.

Updated ups patch and README: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bjza1rdnn1dyzr3/GK.zip?dl=0


If you have a bug that you can not solve, please send report7z.

Since report7z also includes the save file of the emulator,
I can easily reproduce the bug by writing a report 7z after you advance the game until just before the bug.

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i see female merc i like <3

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I have to try it :thumbsup:

Thanks, I’ve sent a report over the NGMasion discord.

Hope yall have enjoyed it, I’d appreciate feedback if you’ve got any thoughts.

I fixed this bug.

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Thanks, I’ll update the demo with the new ups.

how many chapters? cause i like to play more story line :slight_smile:

More Power!!!

Only 5 at the moment, and 2 are purely story (no combat), but I’m working on more.

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like The Last Promise so lit i replayed now cause the story line so good. :slight_smile:

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Thanks glad you enjoyed it.
Updated with one new chapter and general all round polishing (hopefully) ready for FEE3

Excited to demo this for FEE3 - ping me if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to cover in a demo or anything to highlight specifically. Going to record this weekend.

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I ran into an issue on ch 1-2. When I try to move my characters a window pops up saying “Place the cursor on Vanessa and press the A button” but nothing works. No Vanessa and nobody can do anything.

Don’t play in Easy mode.

Is this dead??

The creator hasn’t posted since his last post in this thread (two years ago), so I would assume so.

I’m going to close the thread for now. @Jubyjuja, let me or another mod know if you want it re-opened.