[FE6] Recolored

Greetings, I’ve been working on this project for the past couple of weeks. It started when I wanted to replay FE6 on Hard Mode but was tired of the searing eye pain from the FE6/FE7 High Contrast.
It kinda grew from simply adding the darker outline on portraits to adding new/updated Battle Animations, to repalleting characters, then to recoloring tilesets themselves.

Well, I’ve gotten to the point of releasing a UPS for other people to try and see how they like it and help bug squash. The scope of the project is to recolor to be closer to Artwork / FE Heroes, while maintaining less bright colors, and unify nitpicks between FE6/FE7. (Like Marcus’s Orange and Purple Armor). I don’t plan to add new classes outside of purely visual. Think a upgraded Brigand for Berserker for Gonz so he can still scream-crit or Narcian being a Wyvern Knight instead of Lord.

I did make minor balance changes when I first started the project I haven’t reverted. (All Items values up to FE8 Standards, Armored Knights move 5 spaces, Wade & Lot’s Growths) anything outside of this scope belongs to the Masterpiece MoD will be.

I’m currently playing through it slowly on Hard Mode so as I get to what needs to be fixed I will.

Portrait Preview

Download v3
Apply to a CLEAN JAPANESE Rom Only!

Translation Patch Base: FE6 Localization 1.0

Current Changes:

Almost every Tileset has been recolored & unsaturated / yellowed.
This took about half of the total time getting it right. There is still some bugs, like Castle Tiles in Chapter 7, Scaenan Plain's Castle is unpalletted, and the Bridge in Chapter 13 looks off.
Recolored Portraits
Marcus now has his FE7 Orange Armor, and his hair is more purpleish grey, than stark white.
Lance and Allen have different colors for their hair and armor to stand out.
Sue's Portrait was vastly updated to be more akin to her Heroes incarnation.
Bor's Armor was changed from that Gawdy (imo) More Yellow-Than-Gold to look more Bronze
Saul & Elen robes are now more virgin-white than slightly stained off-white
Chad's Hair Color is more pronounced and more Chad-Like without the unmoving Wedge
Karel and Fir's Hair was Darkened to match their more raven hair color from FEH
Deke's Hair now stands out from his Armor. More Natural Flesh tone pronounces his scars more.
Lot & Garret are more tanned. Lot was changed to add more of a difference from Wade.
Astore & Igrene are much more tanned as well. Something Something Desert.
Barte's Shirt Color is now back to Blue from FE7, but tempted to go back to Teal.
Lugh's Robes are now a lot closer to FEH's Color design than Neon Yellow-Than-Gold
Lilina's Hair was darkened to match Hector's more.
Shanna's Hair was Darkened, but I feel too darkened. May Change.
Zeiss's Armor was Colored to Match typical Enemy Wyvern Riders/Lords Color
Milady is just a red mess, Not happy enough with it, want to Change.
Noah and Treck's Armor are now more Uniformed in Color, with hair darkened.
Jerrot's Armor is more Silver than White now.
Echidna's Armor is now a darker teal to match artwork.
Narcian colors are more bolder than orginial
Zephiel's Armor is now darker to match FEH
Idun's hair is now much whiter, and her Heterochromia is now much more pronounced.
Merlinus has 2 portaits, one with Yellower Skin, I need to fix to his more natural flesh tone.
Eliwood's Hair is now darker than Roy's due to Age.
Guinivere is now really blonde.
Hector is now rocking his dark navy armor with red cloak. Hair darkened for age.

Sophia, Gale, Wendy, Minor Enemies, and NPCs are not recolored yet.
Most Playable Character's are recolored properly, if they're not mentioned, they most likely didn't have much tweaks done and just lower contrast color.
Animation Changes
90% of Enemies replatted to use a less vibrant red and more uniformed colors.
Special Pallets for Bosses are not done, but I want to include later.

Mercenary by Alusq and Maiser6
Echidna by Redbean
Armorered Hero by Nuramon
FE-10 Solider by flasuban
FE13 Barbarian/Brigand by Leo_Link
Pirate Repallet by Skitty
Derzerker by DerTheVaporeon, Aruka, Kenpuhu
Improved Armorless Fighter by Waleed, flasbuban
Male & Female Archer by DerTheVaporeon
Male & Female Sacaen Repallet for Nomads & Rangers by Pikmin1211, Maiser6, eCut
Armored Knight by Team Salvage
Cavalier by Team Salvage
Paladin by Team Salvage
Pegasus Knight Repallet by OreoStyx
Florina for Falcoknight by Greentea, RobertFPY. (Might change it, might break down and fully repallete)
Updated Wyvern Knight Pallet by Mikey Seregon, Alfred Kamon, PrincessKilvas, Spud, Blue Druid
Armored Wyvern & Armored Lord by Nuramon
Roy by Blaze
Female Mage repallet by Myself
Female Sage by Redbean
Male & Female Cleric/Priest Improved Repallete by flasuban, Eldritch Abomination
Male & Female Bishop by Eldritch Abomination
Other Changes
Weapons revalued to FE8 Values. (Thought it would be fun to do, but might undo)
	(This has actually made Hardmode Harder as the glut of Fighters at the start of the game are beyond deadly and more accurate)
Majority Weapon Icons are my own, but I'm not happy with.

Binding Blade, Durandal, Armads, Mulagir by SacredStones

Armored Knights move 5 Spaces. Was done in the name of fun, but can easily revert.

Wade & Lot's Growth & Bases Changed. Wade is just Garcia from FE8, and Lot is akin to Dorcas from FE7. - Might revert to stay pure.

Rapier & Anti Horse Weapons now work on Nomads, Troopers, Troubadors, and Valkeries. (Was a bug fix imo)
Other Notes
Brunnaya's Battle Anim is probably messed up as it's using Redbean's Archsage Lilina
Roy reverts to Old Animations for Binding Blade
I really want to change Wolt's and Bor's Neon Hair. But nothing will make Bor's look better...
Hugh & Lugh's Battle Pallet hasn't been updated yet.
I want to use Redbean's Fir Myrmidon Sprite but it hasn't been scripted yet, but I might do it later.
I'm not happy with my Weapon Icons, and I want to redo tomes. Might work on that more.
Current FEBuilder cannot patch Character Backgrounds easily (that I know of yet), but I have a screen I would like to use.
Map Screenshots

Closing Remarks:

If anyone wants to use the portraits I will be linking them in another thread, or feel free to take them in FEBuilder after patching a Rom.

If anyone wants to contribute feel free!

Tell me all your nitpicks and feedback!


So far it all seems good, the only immediate thing that caught my eye was Douglas beard wasn’t as darker/contrasty compared to everyone else. Like my eye immediately went to it . But besides that it looks great.

now this, I like


I’ve got a couple questions:
Why not use the Brunnya archsage anim?
What translation does this version use?
Are you using the blinking patch?
Are tanned characters actually tanned in their battle anims?

Also, if you’re planning on having the weapons posses the fe8 values, you should also change the weapon triangle values to those of fe8.

  1. Haven’t gotten to it yet. I wanted to make an effort to change all enemies in one go, so updating Minibosses as well. I was hoping to get Narcian a Wyvern Knight model to make him more pronounced but alas none use a sword at the current moment.

  2. Using https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/41095-fe6-localization-patch-v10-seriously-we-did-something/

  3. I wasn’t aware of a blinking patch, but it could easily be looked into. It wouldn’t be too hard to update current portraits.

  4. So far, Lot is. I want to do another pass on character pallets. Such as Lugh, Hugh. I wanted to recheck available thief animations and potential repallets. But the idea is to have Igrene and Astore tanned as well.

  5. I have overlooked the Weapon Triangle myself but that could be arranged. Kinda leaving it up to the community if we want FE6 or FE8 Values. I find FE8 values does make the early game a lot harder with glut of Axe users, and less restarts because your axe users miss less. But it also takes away from the authenticity of FE6. I suppose it does make mages easier as well as Tomes weigh alot more in FE7+

I agree! It keeps bothering me every time I scroll past it. I be looking into fixing it later today.

Does the translation patch have the romanized fe6 names or the CYL fe6 names? I can’t really tell.

This is the coolest shit i’ve seen in a long time

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Updated to v2, felt inspired after releasing it.
Download v2 Here
(No Idea if you can re-UPS a rom, but should be able to continue playing if you name the rom as your previous version)

Change List
Fixed Enemy Brigand Pallet

Changed Thief's Anim to Repalleted Matthew by Pikmin1211, Maiser6, Skitty, GabrielKnight
Matthew is typically taller than Chad. So Chad in battle is wearing some major heels or grew some inches.
Enemy theives will now look older in Battle, and strikes a fine Balance for Astore.

Astore's Portrait received a rework. Cloak darkened to be more brown. Added Purple Underclothes to match seen Artwork.
Chad Portrait reworked as well. Cloak has been made more vibrant orange with powdered blue underclothes to match Cipher Artwork.

Both Battle Anim reflect both pallets better, including a tanned Astore.

Douglas's Portrait revamped. Beard & Hair Darkened. It honestly needs to be reshaded completely, but I don't have enough talent for it right now.
Gold (flesh colored) trim added to armor to add more flavor and match cipher art. Armor also darkened to deeper purple.

Garret's Armor Trim has been redone to make it standout from skin tone.
Animation Pallet updated to change pants color, and skin tone to tanned.

Wolt's Portrait Updated. Hair color is no longer eye searing neon green. Now matches Rebecca's Hair Color.
Pauldron also darkened from a vivid white.
Both Archer & Sniper Anim Updated

Geese coat was changed to a deeper Navy. His Gold and White Trim on his coat looks pretty back. Will need to be reworked.
Both Pirate and Berserker Updated.

Mages now use a hoodless option. The Dunce Cone was a little over the top.
Animation by GabrielKnight

Male Sages now use "FE6-Style with Boots" by tristan_hollow, Greentea
Felt it nice to have a difference from FE8's and Default FE6-Style

Hugh and Lugh now have proper pallets for both Mage and Sage.

Gonzalas Battle Pallet was updated to fix graphical issues.

Scripted Redbean's Fir Myrmidon Animation. (Linked in Graphic Repository)
Pallet updated to be more Uniformed.

Upgrade Fish Eyed Male FE6 SM to FE8.
Female Swordmaster Animation changed to Karla by Greentea, RobertFPY. Seemed fitting for Fir

Updated Female Sniper to "Neimi Alt" by Seal.
Dorothy & Igrene Pallets updated.

After Hours of Updating Geese. DerTheVepeon releases a New Pirate Animation.
Updated Pirate's Enemy and Geeses Pallet.

As for names. I believe they’re romanized.
Tate instead of Thea
Wendy instead of Gwendolyn
Deke instead of Dieke
Jerrot instead of Zealot
Astore instead of Astolfo
Shin instead of Sin
Elphin instead of Elffin

henning nord orlo rude slater wagner

made some palletes for


I feel like Wolt has Cecilia’s colors.
Also, damn, I hoped it were the CYL version.

flaer guerr kel monke oates raith roberts teck
did some more palletes for bosses
I dont mind doing more honestly its fun to have something to do

@Smug_Mug Excellent Work. I’ll be doing a pass on enemies over the next week or so. You’re free to contribute.

@Jeorge_Reds Now that you mention it, I am noticing a similarity between Wolt and Cecilia’s Colors. Esp in the Hair. I wasn’t a fan of the Neon Green Hair…but his FEH Art reflects it.

As for the names that’s on the translation patch. I think it would be too out of scope to try and fix that.

there are no black people in elibe


Oh well… I’ll just have to bear with it.

arkard erik maggie mart morgan murdock peres randy roartz rose sac%20dru sac%20hor sigune windham zinc
Did the rest of the bosses
Sigune (best peg camus waifu)
I think thats all of them, this was a fun little project

if you want brunya i would reccomend you change the F merc class to a copy of the sage class but with holy sage brunya animations


Is this pre-translated?

yea you need a jap fe6 rom though

@Smug_Mug Excellent! I’ll be sure to start working on adding those this weekend.

I have a couple of questions for the community, and hoping for some feedback.

  1. Should Barte have the Blue Tunic from FE7 or keep with the FE6’s Teal. I guess the FE6 Teal is to match with Fir.

  2. Should FE6 NPCs be replaced with FE8 NPCs when possible? A lot of FE6 NPCs could be refered to as “chunky”. There is also a ton of them. So importing from FE8 would reduce work load. I already plan to replace the Soliders with the more up to date FE8 Soldiers to save time, but they’re basically a 1 to 1 replacement. (I strictly mean NPCs that you find in Villages or Houses. Not bosses or enemies.)

And here’s a preview of Enemy recolors.


I would keep the vanilla generics, replacing them kinda defeats the point of the recolor.

I’m indifferent to Barth’s tunic color. Go with what you think is best.