[FE6] Fire Emblem 6.7

I made this like 6 months ago but i never bothered to publish it. This hack consists in Fire Emblem 6 but using Fire Emblem 7 cast instead. FE7 is not as big as FE6 so i had to add a few “special” units.

The ups patch has to be applied to a CLEAN FE6 J ROM. COMPLETELY CLEAN.

The download link with the UPS patch and the changelog is here.
(Mages animations look glitchy but have no risk of crashing, softlocking, etc. I don’t know how to fix it and its kinda funny so eh)

Update 1.1: Fixed Mani Katti and Wolf Beil
Update 1.2: Fixed Wolf Beil (i promise now its true). Slight nerfs and buffs (very slight).
Update 1.3: Lyn and Hector promotion item changed. Lyn --Hero Crest–> Blade Lord. Hector–Knight Crest–> Great Lord
Update 1.4: Slight nerfs. Ursula is nerfed: -4 speed -13 res (she had absurd res). Fixed Renault’s stats: He had Sophia’s bases, now he has Renault’s bases.
Update 1.5: Fixed Falcoknight sword animations. (For some reason they were all hector). Now Monks can promote with Guiding Rings. (I assumed they were already able to but apparently not)

Im back on this because someone’s gotta finish testing and polishing this thing lmao. I already figured out a lot of stuff like Troubadours not being able to promote and really bad weapon ranks for some people. Will update next soon.


Priscilla cannot promote for some reason. I have her sitting at level 20 with a guiding ring but she can’t use it. Otherwise I have really enjoyed this hack so far :slight_smile:

Once i get to hacking again i will fix it. Thanks so much!

theives can promote right?

no, they can’t. Jaffar, for example is a Swordmaster

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oh…sadness :frowning:

Serra’s description freezes the game😐