[FE6] Fire Emblem 6.7

I made this like 6 months ago but i never bothered to publish it. This hack consists in Fire Emblem 6 but using Fire Emblem 7 cast instead. FE7 is not as big as FE6 so i had to add a few “special” units.

The ups patch has to be applied to a CLEAN FE6 J ROM. COMPLETELY CLEAN.

The download link with the UPS patch and the changelog is here.
(Mages animations look glitchy but have no risk of crashing, softlocking, etc. I don’t know how to fix it and its kinda funny so eh)

Update 1.1: Fixed Mani Katti and Wolf Beil
Update 1.2: Fixed Wolf Beil (i promise now its true). Slight nerfs and buffs (very slight).
Update 1.3: Lyn and Hector promotion item changed. Lyn --Hero Crest–> Blade Lord. Hector–Knight Crest–> Great Lord
Update 1.4: Slight nerfs. Ursula is nerfed: -4 speed -13 res (she had absurd res). Fixed Renault’s stats: He had Sophia’s bases, now he has Renault’s bases.
Update 1.5: Fixed Falcoknight sword animations. (For some reason they were all hector). Now Monks can promote with Guiding Rings. (I assumed they were already able to but apparently not)