Fire Emblem: Dark Lord and The Maiden of Light


Hey, babus, I made a hack.

So one day I got really bored and decided to mess with numbers in FE7 and thought it was fun and kept pushing the limits of what I could do and started wanting to see how far I could go. So I ended up having ideas about a story and then this just happened over the course of five years. I can say my friend Tacthack also gave me inspiration to take the step forward and he kept me motivated throughout the process.

Anyway, the core of the game is done. All the chapters and story dialogue are complete. I’m sure there are plenty of grammatical errors and unbalanced things still, but I’ll make corrections as they are pointed out to me by people who play it. Support dialogue is not in yet, but finishing those is my main goal right now.

So what’s this about?

The continent of Brauma, named after the dragon goddess, is met with instability. The empire of Deimos, lead by its regent Raum, has launched a campaign of unification. Having defeated its neighbors to the east, Raum turns his eyes southward towards Enterre. Our story begins here, as a young lord from the dukedom Vanheim pays visit to the Duke of Enterre.

Features that are different from the original game
-An original setting, story, and characters
-27 chapters
-inserted music from FE2, 4, 6, and 8
-Knights use lances and axes or swords and bows, generals use all weapons
-playable soldier class, promotes to Halberdiers
-playable brigands
-playable manakete
-monsters from FE8 have been added, as well as an original monster
-class stats, caps, etc have been altered
-some weapon stats have been altered
-a few new weapons
-all lords can seize, not just the main one
-effective weapon bonus has been changed to x3 instead of x2
-other background things you may or may not notice

A few character introductions
The duke of Ernterre, Lord of the Eagles. His strong sense of pride drives an undying obligation for the duchy. He is seen as an eccentric to some people due to his hands-on approach to things as well as his outlandish fighting style of dual-wielding two large swords
02tactM 03tactF
The tactician
A noble from Vanheim and the child of the famous tactician, Volund. Has a habit of making bold risks to win battles and utilize the unique talent of using both anima and dark magic. They set out on a quest of self-improvement, their first major stop being Ernterre.
The Knight Commander of Ernterre. As a foreigner to the duchy, Francine has churned up bad blood amongst some nobles. However, her skill and hard-working persona are undeniable.
A noble of Ernterre with a shady background. Disliked by nearly everyone, Ronaldo is rude, sarcastic, lazy, and has poor hygiene. He is surprisingly on very good terms with Orion, with them having a deep history with each other.
Known as the Dragon Priestess, Fressia is the half breed child of the Brauma. She isolates herself in a shrine in the mountains, ever vigilant of the continent’s well being from above.
A knight of Ernterre. A proud nationalist and has trained many of the younger knights of Ernterre. He is in charge of the Ernterre’s defenses on the border to the empire.
The regent of Deimos. A man who has been in service to the empire since birth. He dreams of witnessing a united continent.
General of Deimos and son of Raum. Like father like son, as the saying goes; they share the same ambitions of a unified world. He is known for the vicious hounds he breeds for war.
Another general of Deimos. A bizarre man who holds beauty as the highest virtue. He is of noble blood and his family has ownership of the Patastra, a powerful lance of legend.

here are some screenshots
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and here is the ups patch

(updated, 11/7/2019, fixed an error with the ballista having 0 hit)

please enjoy, and I could use the feedback.

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Jasmine is definitely a J O J O character


Congrats on the release - looking forward to checking it out.

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An unexpected hack but a welcome one nonetheless, congratulations on getting all the chapters done!

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I like your style already.


Congrats on the finished project! I’ll be playing this very soon.

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congrats on your release!
just downloaded so gonna take a spin at it. any spoilers? :slight_smile:

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Hmm, yeah, I’ve got one. Hand axes and Javelins are never for sale in shops.


I’ve prepared feedback for the Prologue through Chapter 3. I’ll try to keep playing further and prepare more.

-I named the Tactician Mark because I’m not very original and I’m not sure what his/her canon name is supposed to be. He was able to do good chip damage to set up kills for the two Sword users. Being able to wield both Anima and Dark magic should hopefully give him some good flexibility in combat.
-Orion does not leave a good first impression. His hit rates are shakier than would be preferred due to him starting with an Iron Blade on top of having a low Skl stat. The Iron Sword dropped by the enemy Mercenary could help him out, but Shermie might need it more so that she can have better damage output. His use of Hector-like sprites and even a similar appearance implies a physically tanky stat spread, but he’s barely more durable than Shermie for worse Skl and Spd. Hopefully he gets better, but I have no idea what to expect since this game, being a Blazing Blade hack, doesn’t let you view characters’ growth rates in-game.
-Francine played a similar role to Mark of setting up kills for the Sword users, primarily for the enemy Archer and the boss. She’s certainly reminiscent of Marcus in stats and I hope she’s not too game-breaking. I’ll try not to overuse her. Axes as her main weapon type are cool, though. Can’t ever have too many Axe girls, even if they’re Cavalry.
-Shermie, as mentioned earlier, is shaping up to be the better of the two initial Sword users. Here’s hoping she can maintain her good performance.
-The map design is decent for an introductory chapter, though getting the Sword users in position to attack was a little awkward at first.
-The bandits actually mostly running away from the village was an unexpected twist that I liked. I can’t wait to see what kind of threat we’re dealing with.

Chapter 1:
-Emma feels very average in combat, as a mounted unit should be. I can’t really say a lot about her other than that I hope she’ll be able to put that Mov to good use.
-Eli is yet another good source of reliable chip damage. Right now he’s statistically better than the Tactician in most areas, but can’t counterattack at 1-Range, which is fine.
-Arthur seems to be a fairly typical Staff-bot. He does his job of healing which is all one can really ask for right now. Judging from his stat spread, I’m hoping he can make a good mixed tank once he promotes.
-Good difficulty curve so far. Francine was useful a couple of times for preventing my weaker units from getting overwhelmed.
-The level design is mostly fine here, too, with plenty of trees to take advantage of for extra Avoid. I wish the boss was a faster-moving class, though, because he drags things out a bit slowly lumbering into town.
-Oh, my. Does Eli have some kind of split personality disorder? It’s too bad Supports aren’t in yet, I’m curious as to how well you’ll be able to explore it.

Chapter 2:
-Blair has very good physical tank stats and is an ideal choice to protect the castle from enemies trying to attack it from the path created by destroying the Snag. I’d consider having the enemies destroy the Snag and go for the castle a little earlier.
-Hyle is less impressive by comparison, having a base Lv of 4 when most of your other units are Lv 2-3 and yet having stats roughly on par with them or worse. If you’re going to give him the typical GBA Fighter stat spread of high HP and Str and mediocre everything else, at least give him noticeably higher Str too, maybe 2-3 more points of it.
-The allied Soldier who starts north of the castle has a Javelin he can’t use (his Lance Rank is still at E).
-Capricornus’s description might be wrong. When Orion gets it, he’s told that it’s good against cavalry and armored knights, but its description says it’s “Effective vs infantry/cavalry” when it should probably say “Effective vs armored/cavalry”.
-Ooh, love this sharpening and swinging sound effect for when Orion gets Capricornus. This isn’t in vanilla Blazing Blade, is it?
-The mini Village here is cute.
-I did not expect the boss to move and Emma died as a result.

Chapter 3:
-I’m beginning to notice an inconsistency in how other characters interact with the Tactician. During major story scenes, he/she is visible onscreen like any other character, but when other characters talk to him, like once you start a map, he/she isn’t; the other characters seem to talk directly to the player. For these map start scenes I’d recommend having the Tactician visible on-screen even if he/she doesn’t say anything.
-I was not expecting to see that conversation between Eli and the boss. At that point I knew I had to give him the boss kill.
-I love Archer bosses in hacks and always enjoy seeing the creative ways people make them into threats. This chapter did not disappoint there.
-Is it just me or is Poison even weaker than usual for GBA Fire Emblem?
-Some nice worldbuilding at the end to help visualize the world of the game despite the lack of a map.

Overall (so far):
-I’ve noticed a distinct lack of 1-2-Range weapons available to the player at the moment. For now at least it gives Sword-locked characters a more equal playing field with non-Sword users, which is good. How many magical Swords can I expect to come across?
-I haven’t seen any issues with the story that haven’t already been described above.
-The characters are alright, too, considering there are no Support conversations yet. Again, my main gripe is that Orion looks too similar to Hector, enough that it becomes very distracting. Maybe you could change his color sceme?

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Hey, thanks for the commentary, I’m digging it. You being curious about Eli’s personality just motivates me to finish the supports more. For the record I’ve made a small chunk in the dialogue right now, so I’m getting there.

It actually is. It’s the sound that plays in the intro when the durandal pops up combined with generic battle swing noises.

Haven’t touched poison damage. Actually don’t know how I’d go about doing that.

I don’t want to give you an exact number but I’ve got 1-2 weapons pretty limited in general.

Mmm, this one in particular, I won’t be budging on. He’s gotta be how he’s gotta be.


The hack is fun so far… but do you have like a stat sheet for character growth’s for the cast?


I’m not a fan of letting the player see growth rates.


Than how would know if an unit is bad, or just getting RNG screwed?


It’s part of the game.

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I guess you just have to go with whoever looks the strongest at the moment. So far I’m not far enough into the game where I have to start benching people. But for now I’m planning to bench Hyle in favor of the female Brigand you seem to get later. Mmmmm…


Hey TyTheBub,

Had a chance to play the first few chapters of the hack the other day and I enjoyed it for the most part. The characters are charming, and the art that I’ve seen so far (portraits, palettes) is fairly clean and
enjoyable. The maps have also been fairly decent, aesthetically, and flow-wise not bad either.

However, I’ve found the hack to be a bit lacking in difficulty, in two main ways: low enemy quality and lack of anti-turtle incentives.

Enemies in general have poor stats and aren’t very threatening. For example, here is a Ch. 4 merc:

With the iron sword he’s wielding, this merc has 10 attack.

For reference, here are 2 of my more middling units, Orion and Hyle:

Orion takes 4 damage from the merc, for a 7-round KO. Hyle, even at WTD, also takes 4 damage is killed in 8 rounds. Again, these are two of my weaker units; Francine/Blair are likely tinked by this guy
and deal heavy damage in return, while Shermie likely one-rounds him. Enemies that aren’t threatening like this tend to promote enemy-phase oriented play, devaluing decisions that the player has to make on player phase. I’d suggest at least slightly buffing enemy strength, to make decisions more meaningful. (Note: The mages in particular have very very bad stats. Res is generally bad for player units, but making them doubled by nearly everybody likely isn’t necessary).

Another issue I’ve found is the lack of anti-turtle incentives, i.e. a lack of reason for the player to push forward at a reasonable pace. I’ll take Ch. 3 as an example. This is an escape chapter of sorts, story-wise. It has an inventive layout with a lonbgbow boss in room in the middle of the map that one has to be played around accordingly. However, the problem with the map is there is no reason to push forward. While there are chests, no thief comes to grab them; they can easily be picked up once enemies have been dealt with one by one. There is also no pressure/punishment coming from behind, despite the party trying to escape the invaders.

What this results in is there being no drawback to the player moving slowly, baiting out enemies one-by-one to be killed. The map can be trivialized by doing so, without losing out on any reward. Adding either a thief who takes the goodies if you take too long OR strong reinforcements from the back would serve to address this.

This issue is present in the other chapters as well. Besides the defend map, where one must kill the boss for his goodies before time runs out, there is no real reason for the player to move quickly.

Again, I have enjoyed what I’ve played so far, and I think you’ve done some great work! The foundation is there for this game. And undoubtedly, I’m sure the difficulty ramps up down the line. These were just a couple things I’d noticed so far, and wanted to say a few words of critique/advice.

Good luck on the project! Will be back as I hopefully play more of the hack, time-permitting.


spoiler alert, brigand is a bald long hair dude (it’ll make sense once you see him).


For that and f-merc, i’m in.


How come the names on artificial beings on the last chapter are greek numbers, what happened run out of imagination?

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I don’t have any massive blob of a review to drop here at the moment, but I have noticed a glaring flaw in the gameplay that I would like to point out: ordinary ballistae have zero hit assigned to them. This renders any and all threat they could pose to the player moot, because pretty much every playable unit is going to have enough avoid to completely nullify enemy ballista hit rates. I mean, I’m on chapter 13, and this archer on a ballista has 22 base hit…

That will never hit anyone, especially not a flier. I’m going to assume the ballistae were placed to actually be a threat, and not a waste of my time, so this should probably be addressed.

Other than that, the hack has been really fun so far! I’ll be sure to share any feedback I have in the future.