[FE6] [COMPLETE] Fire Emblem: Lyn's Bizarre Adventure PME v1.0

“This is the story of Lady Lyndis, a Sacaen swordswoman and the last remaining heir of the Lorca tribe. Growing up to the age of 18 learning the way of the sword, yet as political tensions in her homeland increase, she sets on a journey to find a better calling in her life, arriving on the country of Lycia where the honorable marquess of Pherae gladly takes her services as a mercenary. However, as a premonition of war looms over Elibe, Lyn’s skills in battle will be required for more that she could have ever imagined…”

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I’ve never written a disclaimer before, but basically: besides fantasy violence, it also has mentions of alcohol, as well as some very small, out of the way, dialogues about adult subjects, up to and including debauchery. Almost all of them however are subtle and, if anything else, open to interpretation.

----------------------------------------------------ORIGINAL POST----------------------------------------------------

Hello everyone! So this is it; my second PME, after my last one that I had a lot of fun making.
As the title suggests this will be a FE6 PME featuring Lyn as the protagonist, with no real restrictions on the wildness of the replacements; funny, serious, joke, edgy, go wild to help out Lyn in her journey on Elibe!

There are some important things to know before submitting units; not only does this hack WILL feature new classes, some recurring from my FE7 PME, but it will also feature new weapons, some small rebalances and as much QoL patches to make gameplay the best possible.
Here’s the important lists, class selection, rules and the templates. Do please read, and enjoy!


Here’s a gameplay video back when it was still in development. Enjoy!

#01 = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7zmbatWtC4

Main Differences
  • First things first, I’m planning to use the patch featured in Mekkah’s recent “FE6 HM Iron Man in 12 Hours” (right here). It’s a FE6 patch that uses the most recent translation and has both the HP Bars by Circles as well as the Combat Stats w/Anims Off by Phanfan, made by Vesly with help from Retina. It’s a pretty great hack to play pure FE6, and I would love to know if there’s no problem using it as a base with proper credits, as it already works perfectly with no bugs from what I tested.

  • Besides the above mentioned patches, I’ll also implement Null Move Display by 7743 (enemies that don’t move at all will show no movement squares), the Droppable Items patch, and the recent MakeStolenItemDroppable ASM Patch by Vesly (items stolen by enemy thieves are droppable).

  • Same as my FE7’s PME, Strength and Magic will be merged into a single stat; ‘Power’.

  • All weapons will have their stats updated to their FE7/8 counterparts, with some small changes on top (e.g. all legendary weapons will have their durability buffed from 20 uses to 30 uses).

  • Lyn will be the one to have access to the convoy (like FE8)! Merlinus’s replacement will be a NPC. Playtested and works correctly.

  • Unlike in vanilla, every playable character that can support with Lyn will have a paired ending with her! Playtested and it works 100%.

  • Related to the above, all supports will be gained at twice the rate from vanilla.

  • More conversations between playable characters and bosses will be implemented.

  • I’ll try to get rid of all the ambush spawns in the game.

  • Some other changes as development progresses!

Lyn's Classes and Stats

Lyn Default Lyn Angry
(FE7 Lyn’s Normal and Angry portraits, FE8 recolors by Eldritch Abomination)
Normal portrait will be default one, while Angry portrait will be for special dialogue.

Affinity: Wind
-Blade Lord- (E Swords)
Class Bases: HP: 18 POW: 04 SKL: 06 SPD: 08 DEF: 03 RES: 02 CON: 05
Personal Bases: LCK: 05

Animations (Sword - Unarmed):
FE-Repo/Battle Animations/Lords - Vanilla and Custom/[FE7 Lyn-Base] [F] T1 Repal by Fiuke_Bnuy at main · Klokinator/FE-Repo · GitHub

-Blaze Lord- (Gains E Bows)
Promo Bases: HP: 22 POW: 07 SKL: 07 SPD: 09 DEF: 06 RES: 07 CON: 08
Promo Gains: HP: 04 POW: 03 SKL: 01 SPD: 01 DEF: 03 RES: 05 CON: 03
Promo Caps: HP: 60 POW: 24 SKL: 30 SPD: 30 DEF: 24 RES: 22 CON: 20

Animations (Sword - Sword [Durandal] - Bow - Unarmed):
FE-Repo/Battle Animations/Lords - Vanilla and Custom/[FE7 Lyn-Base] [F] T2 by RedBean at main · Klokinator/FE-Repo · GitHub

Growths (355%):
HP: 75%
POW: 40%
SKL: 60%
SPD: 60%
LCK: 50%
DEF: 40%
RES: 30%

Prf Weapon:
{Ereshkigal} Katana 2
(Icon by Ereshkigal)
Mt: 07 Hit: 95 Crit: 10 Rng: 01 Uses: 40 Wt: 05 (Same as FE7/8’s Rapier).

Still planning on what the new name and icon will be for the Binding Blade’s replacement.


Sword Cavalier: [M] & [F] (Swords) → Paladin: [M] & [F] (Swords, Lances)
Lance Cavalier: [M] & [F] (Lances) → Siegemaster: [U] (Lances, Axes)

Bulwark: [U] (Swords, Lances) → Marshall: [U] (Swords, Lances, Axes, Bows)
Stalwart: [U] (Swords, Lances) → Baron: [U] (Swords, Lances, Anima, Staves)

Mercenary: [M] & [F] (Swords) → Champion: [M] & [F] (Swords, Axes)
Myrmidon: [M] & [F] (Swords) → Trueblade: [M] & [F] (Swords, +30 Crit)
Vandal: [M] & [F] (Swords) → Dreadmonger: [M] & [F] (Swords, Dark)

Soldier: [M] & [F] (Lances) → Halberdier: [M] & [F] (Lances, +30 Crit)
Striker: [M] & [F] (Lances) → Holylance: [U] (Lances, Light)
Deserter: [M] & [F] (Lances) → Gladiator: [U] (Swords, Lances)

Fighter: [M] & [F] (Axes) → Warrior: [M] & [F] (Axes, Bows)
Barbaric: [M] & [F] (Axes) → Chieftain: [M] & [F] (Axes, Anima)
Buccaneer: [M] & [F] (Axes) → Berserker: [M] & [F] (Axes, +30 Crit)

Thief: [U] (Swords) → Rogue: [U] (Swords)

Pegasus Rider: [M] & [F] (Lances) → Falcoknight: [U] (Swords, Lances)
Wyvern Rider: [M] & [F] (Lances) → Dracoknight: [U] (Lances, Axes)

Archer: [M] & [F] (Bows) → Sniper: [M] & [F] (Bows, +30 Crit)
Hunter: [M] & [F] (Bows) → Scouter: [M] & [F] (Axes, Bows)
Nomad: [M] & [F] (Bows) → Wayfarer: [M] & [F] (Swords, Bows)

Wizard: [M] & [F] (Anima) → Sage: [M] & [F] (Anima, Light, Staves)
Truant: [M] & [F] (Anima) → Battlemage: [M] & [F] (Anima, Staves)
Pilgrim: [M] & [F] (Light) → Bishop: [M] & [F] (Light, Dark, Staves)
Shaman: [M] & [F] (Dark) → Druid: [U] (Anima, Dark, Staves)

Priest: [M] & [F] (Staves) → Bishop: [M] & [F] (Light, Dark, Staves)
Neophyte: [M] & [F] (Staves) → Warmonk: [M] & [F] (Axes, Staves)
Theurgist: [M] & [F] (Staves) → Witchdoctor: [U] (Dark, Staves)
Troubadour: [M] & [F] (Staves) → Valkyrie: [M] & [F] (Light, Staves)

Dancer: [U] (Swords)
Bard: [U] (Light)
Fae Manakete: [U] (Divinestone)

That’s the full list!
Now some quick important clarifications; because their classes are very meticulously coded, both the enemy manakete class and Idunn’s dark dragon class MUST stay the same, as a lot of things regarding those two classes (including animations) are hard-coded in FE6 and I can’t change them without breaking the game. However, the Zephiel’s King class will be able to be changed to a custom class of your choosing no problem! And finally, as above, Fae’s divine dragon manakete class I’ll be able to implement full custom animations, tho they’ll still function same as vanilla (more info in TEMPLATES - RULES).

In FE6 only the basic promo items exist. No Ocean Seals/Master Seals/Fell Contracts exist. So here’s how promotions will work: Cavs and Armors will use Knight Crests, all Infantry classes - INCLUDING Thieves - will use Hero Crests, then Fliers use Elysian Whip, Archers use Orion’s Bolt, and finally magic users - Tomes and Healers - use Guiding Ring.

Now about the class bases, I’ll do it the same way as I did in my FE7’s PME; every class will have a total sum of between 40 and 46 stats, including HP and CON while disregarding MOV.
Here’s an example:

This is the vanilla FE6 bases of the female shaman class.
And this is the new female shaman class bases from my FE7 PME that I’ll implement.

As you can see, the new bases will sum to a total of 40, satisfying the conditions of being between 40 and 46. I’ll still do a double check of all classes so they are as balanced as possible, but again you can check out my FE7 PME to have an idea of how the class bases will be.

One last thing, regarding thieves; consider the Rogue class to be basically the Thief Fighter class from FE4/5; a simple promotion to help them fight better in the late game. Not only that, but having those two ‘Class IDs’ will also allow it so that they’ll be able to find treasures in the desert correctly.
Here’s the meaning why:

That is too the reason why their battle animations are as ‘unisex’ as possible.
And that’s it for clarifications, phew!

Weapon/WEXP Ideas

--------------------------CHECK POST 250 FOR FULL INFORMATION--------------------------
So there’s a lot of internal free space for items and icons that I’ll be able to implement!
Here’s some that are guaranteed to be in the hack:

  • A bow that is effective against armors.
  • A bow that is effective against cavaliers.
  • The ‘Radiant Bow’ from modern FEs. Targets resistance instead of defense.
  • The ‘Compact Axe’ from Engage. Serving as a slim weapon for axe users.
  • The ‘Battle Axe’ from Sacred Stones. Serving as the heavy axe counterpart of the Blades.
  • The ‘Great Lance’ from modern FEs. Serving as the heavy lance counterpart of the Blades.
  • Since the Flux tome will now be E rank, I’ll also implement a new D rank dark tome.

Finally, wEXP will be buffed; you’ll gain 2 wEXP when landing weapon hits, with an extra bonus 2 wEXP if the hit was also a killing blow. Staves will grant 3 wEXP while also granting 15 Level EXP, allowing healers to level up faster.

  • 305% total growth rates for all playable characters.

  • Each of the growth rates have a minimum limit of 5% and a maximum limit of 200%.

  • Prepromote growths will be cut by 15% in all stats except HP. Any non-HP stat excess below 5% will go to HP instead. You can just submit them with 305% growths then leave the sum to me!

  • 355% total growths allowed for Sophia, Larum, Elffin and Fae’s.

  • 905% total growths allowed for Karel’s, following their vanilla sky high growths.

  • Larum/Elffin’s MUST be a Dancer/Bard. Only them must be the refresher classes too. Of note however; Larum’s can be a Bard while Elffin’s can be a Dancer instead.

  • Cath’s MUST be a Thief, to preserve her vanilla recruitment challenge.

  • Fae’s MUST be a Manakete. Only she must be the Manakete replacement too.

  • Lastly about their Inventory; only one “special” item is allowed per unit. This “special” item consists of either a statbooster, promotion item, gem, silver/member card, or the Delphi Shield.
    And important; white gems, silver/member cards and the Delphi Shield are ONLY ALLOWED on units (playable and bosses) from ‘Ch.16: Storming the Capital’ and beyond.

HP: 5/5
POW: 2/2
SKL: 4/4
SPD: 3/3
LCK: 5/5
DEF: 2/2
RES: 4/4
CON: 3/3

(Up to 3 items allowed in Inventory)


Death Quote:

Growth Rates:

  • HP:
  • POW:
  • SKL:
  • SPD:
  • LCK:
  • DEF:
  • RES:

(Up to 4 items allowed in Inventory)
(All bosses except Zephiel/Idunn will drop item. Lemme know if you want your boss to be otherwise!)
(Thief/Rogue bosses aren’t allowed as I’ll not be able to have their AI only fight without moving to steal)


Battle Quote:
Death Quote:


(If the NPC is also playable in the Trial Maps, you can give them a class etc!)


Two submissions allowed per user per day. Whenever it is a Playable, Boss or NPC.

Check HERE for a list of all the characters. Check HERE for a list of all the support pairs.

-----------------------------------------------------SLOTS TAKEN------------------------------------------------------


  • Roy: Lyn | Female Blade Lord (Protagonist)
  • Marcus: Zuiho II | Female Witchdoctor (by TritraSerpifeu)
  • Alen: Florina | Female Sword Cavalier (by amema003)
  • Lance: Jonah | Male Nomad (by Jonah_07)
  • Wolt: Kiko | Female Myrmidon (by VelvetKitsune)
  • Bors: Grimulf | Male Pegasus Rider (by amema003)
  • Elen: Castene | Female Hunter (by Taylor)
  • Dieck: Daneese | Female Vandal (by Taylor)
  • Ward: Tharja | Female Theurgist (by MotorcycleFrog)
  • Lot: Denelia | Female Stalwart (by Taylor)
  • Shanna: Hekabe | Female Stalwart (by amema003)
  • Chad: Michael | Male Thief (by Ignis)
  • Lugh: Raiden | Male Pilgrim (by Shamiyama)
  • Clarine: Robin | Male Wizard (by FuriousHaunter)
  • Rutger: Veesha | Female Soldier (by Taylor)
  • Saul: Lucille | Female Mercenary (by AnneEgge)
  • Dorothy: Odin Dark | Male Vandal (by MotorcycleFrog)
  • Sue: Hector | Male Bulwark (by TritraSerpifeu)
  • Zelot: Rolf | Male Bishop (by TheEmeraldKing267)
  • Trec: Amelia II | Female Striker (by TritraSerpifeu)
  • Noah: Anna | Female Archer (by TritraSerpifeu)
  • Astolfo: Orva | Female Troubadour (by TritraSerpifeu)
  • Lilina: Nix | Female Truant (by Dex)
  • Barthe: Anastasia | Female Wyvern Rider (by Taylor)
  • Ogier: Spinner | Male Fighter (by Noko)
  • Gwendolyn: Dante | Male Theurgist (by ColeTheOne)
  • Fir: Daria | Female Sword Cavalier (by Taylor)
  • Sin: Edana | Female Buccaneer (by amema003)
  • Geese: The Winglet | Male Mercenary (by Noko)
  • Gonzales: Kaari | Female Pegasus Rider (by TritraSerpifeu)
  • Klein: Iris | Female Siegemaster (by FuriousHaunter)
  • Thea: Paldea | Male Pilgrim (by ColeTheOne)
  • Larum: Anina | Female Dancer (by TritraSerpifeu)
  • Elffin: Primarina | Male Bard (by AlemOwl)
  • Echidna: Fionn | Male Rogue (by ColeTheOne)
  • Bartre: Shelle | Male Halberdier (by AnneEgge)
  • Raigh: Hnoss | Male Barbaric (by ColeTheOne)
  • Cath: Green | Androgynous Thief (by Totoques22)
  • Melady: Persia | Female Pegasus Rider (by Taylor)
  • Perceval: Siriol | Female Warrior (by Taylor)
  • Cecilia: Mitsuru | Female Dreadmonger (by AlemOwl)
  • Sophia: Fami | Female Neophyte (by ColeTheOne)
  • Igrene: Barcelona | Female Sage (by Taylor)
  • Garret: Uliger | Male Valkyrie (by ColeTheOne)
  • Fae: Irina | Female Manakete (by MakoQueenofAdrestia)
  • Hugh: Della | Female Mercenary (by Taylor)
  • Zeiss: Pereth | Male Shaman (by ColeTheOne)
  • Douglas: Nikodemos | Male Gladiator (by VelvetKitsune)
  • Niime: Aryana | Female Sage (by MakoQueenofAdrestia)
  • Juno: Kaidence | Female Berserker (by Taylor)
  • Dayan: Krakatoa | Male Halberdier (by Totoques22)
  • Yoder: Amos | Male Sniper (by DATonDemand)
  • Karel: Erik | Male Paladin (by Shamiyama)


  • Damas: Bill | Male Buccaneer (by TheEmeraldKing267)
  • Ruud: Dora | Female Soldier (by Shamiyama)
  • Slater: Jaffar | Male Hunter (by Totoques22)
  • Erik: Lorik | Male Sword Cavalier (by Shamiyama)
  • Dory: Denise | Female Barbaric (by Shamiyama)
  • Wagner: Linda | Female Pilgrim (by Shamiyama)
  • Debias: Bugger | Male Stalwart (by Shamiyama)
  • Legance: Juev | Male Holylance (by ColeTheOne)
  • Henning: Troy | Male Chieftain (by Miracle)
  • Scott: Boubim Dak | Male Warmonk (by Totoques22)
  • Nord: Boris | Male Warmonk (by Shamiyama)
  • Zinque: Jessica | Female Trueblade (by Shamiyama)
  • Scollan: Mitan | Female Buccaneer (by Shamiyama)
  • Orlo: Zandel | Male Sage (by Miracle)
  • Roberts: Batta | Male Champion (by Totoques22)
  • Morgan: Ganurn | Male Gladiator (by ColeTheOne)
  • Ein: Uria | Male Manakete (by Shamiyama)
  • Guerrero: Biboum Dak | Male Warmonk (by Totoques22)
  • Flaer: Jura | Male Manakete (by Noko)
  • Randy: Sierra | Female Bishop (by Shamiyama)
  • Maggie: Taunt | Male Paladin (by ColeTheOne)
  • Rose: Heckle | Male Siegemaster (by ColeTheOne)
  • Oates: Karme | Male Battlemage (by ColeTheOne)
  • Raith: Wendy | Female Baron (by Shamiyama)
  • Narcian: Makalov II | Male Paladin (by Shamiyama)
  • Windham: Theophánês | Male Holylance (by Totoques22)
  • Arcardo: Foxtrot | Male Dracoknight (by Noko)
  • Martel: Kris | Male Champion (by Miracle)
  • Monke: Quintuple | Male Scouter (by Totoques22)
  • Sigune: Cole | Male Champion (by ColeTheOne)
  • Kel: Miyashi | Female Dreadmonger (by ColeTheOne)
  • Roartz: Bromley | Male Siegemaster (by Shamiyama)
  • Tick: Pauline | Female Manakete (by Ignis)
  • Thoril: Quadruple | Male Wayfarer (by Totoques22)
  • Brakul: Leyon | Male Witchdoctor (by Shamiyama)
  • Kudoka: Sue | Female Wayfarer (by Shamiyama)
  • Marral: Quadruple | Male Scouter (by Totoques22)
  • Kabul: Quadruple | Male Berserker (by Totoques22)
  • Chan: Quadruple | Male Paladin (by Totoques22)
  • Murdock: Darkrina | Female Dracoknight (by Shamiyama)
  • Galle: Adonis | Male Warrior (by ColeTheOne)
  • Peres: Hita | Female Baron (by ColeTheOne)
  • Zephiel: Gnurr | Female Savage Lord (by DATonDemand)
  • Brunnya: Ephidel | Male Sage (by Shamiyama)
  • Jahn: Nergal | Male Druid (by ATHATH)
  • Idunn: Red | Androgynous Rogue/D.Dragon (by Totoques22)


  • Guinivere: Lilina | Female Baron (by amema003)
  • Eliwood: Roy | Male Champion (by amema003)
  • Hector: Eliwood | Male Trueblade (by Shamiyama)
  • Merlinus: Lundgren | Male NPC (by Shamiyama)
  • Mordred: Lyre | Female NPC (by Shamiyama)

And that’s that! Cheers, and I hope you enjoy! :star:


Slot: Bartre
Name: Shelle
Gender: M
Class: Halberdier
Affinity: Fire
Portrait by myself.

Description: A knight of Pherae. Cares deeply about protecting others.
Death Quote: Gah… I guess that was a little too reckless of me…
Inventory: Brave Lance, Elixir, Dragonshield

Boon: Speed
Bane: Res
Growth Rates:

  • HP: 45 [45]
  • POW: 55 [40]
  • SKL: 60 [45]
  • SPD: 60 [45]
  • LCK: 15 [0]
  • DEF: 55 [40]
  • RES: 15 [0]
Chapter 11b event

[OpenMidRight]They’re imprisoned in
that castle, you say?[A]
[OpenMidLeft]That’s right.[A]
[OpenMidRight]Let’s not waste anymore time. [A]
We shall charge across the fields and
free them at once! [A]

Misc requests
  • Have the event run on Turn 6 instead of Turn 8

  • Change the two generic green units to a Myrmidon and a Deserter


Slot: Zelot
Name: Rolf
Gender: Male
Class: Bishop
Affinity: Ice
(Hasn’t age a day i wonder why?)
Credit to JiroPaiPai

Description: Head of his own church. A very curious bishop around.
Death Quote: Oops… its would have seemed… i has lost… the battle…
Inventory: Sleep. Berserk. Restore. Nosferatu

Boon: LCK
Bane: SKL
Growth Rates:

  • HP: 30
  • POW: 50
  • SKL: 20
  • SPD: 30
  • LCK: 70
  • DEF: 20
  • RES: 80

Slot: Damas
Name: Bill
Gender: Male
Class: Buccaneer
Affinity: Anima
CanDy F2E 10
Credit to CanDy

Description: The most incompetent bandit leader of all time.
Battle Quote: Wait what?! Impossible! How could my men fall to you nobody’s?! Fine then! I’ll take you weaklings all on myself! I don’t need some fancy weapons by my side! All i need is my trusted hand axe right here!
Death Quote: No… this was… absurd…
Inventory: Hand Axe.

Boon: Str
Bane: Lck


Portrait:JiroPaiPai - Smol Boy Clint.png
(Portrait by JiroPaiPai)

Description:A young boy from Bern hiding in Ostia.
Death Quote:Sob * Sob*…
Inventory:Mend, Vulnerary

Growth Rates:

  • HP:60
  • POW:40
  • SKL:40
  • SPD:50
  • LCK:45
  • DEF:30
  • RES:40

Portrait:{LaurentLacroix} OC 40.png
(Portrait by LaurentLacroix)

Description:A general of Bern guarding Apocalypse.
Battle Quote:Lord [Zephiel Replacement] asked me to protect this place. So you shall not pass!
Death Quote:Lord [Zephiel]… I’m sorry…
Inventory:Elfire, Spear, Psychic (Droppable)



Slot: Barthe
Name: Anastasia
Gender: Female
Class: Wyvern Rider (F)
Affinity: Anima

{Obsidian Daddy} OC Lora
Portrait by Obsidian_Daddy

Description: A sworn knight to Ostia with terrifying penchant to decimate her enemies while wearing the calmest expression.

Death Quote: Damn it-! Can’t go on…

Killer Lance
Great Lance

Boon: Pow
Bane: Res
Growth Rates:

HP: 45%
POW: 60%
SKL: 50%
SPD: 55%
LCK: 30%
DEF: 60%
RES: 5%

So you’re saying I could have a 0% Hp growth and NOT be punished for it?

Slot: Igrene
Name: Barcelona
Gender: Female
Class: Sage (F)
Affinity: Thunder

{Nickt} F2U OC Renny

Description: With the confidence of a momarch and the strength of ten lions, she’ll be sure to crush any opponent in her way. Both beauty and beast.

Death Quote: Come at me!!! I’m not through with… you…

Rescue Staff

Boon: Con
Bane: Res
Growth Rates:

HP: 0%
POW: 85%
SKL: 80%
SPD: 80%
LCK: 20%
DEF: 20%
RES: 20%


@Taylor Yeah, all good with Barcelona’s HP Growth!
Everything else is good with a double check so far.

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Slot: Marcus
Name: Zuiho
Gender: Female
Class: Witchdoctor
Affinity: Fire
(By me)

Description: Child of Artist Abiba.
Named after great heroine.
Death Quote: I served you well, didn’t I?
Maybe I will meet my namesake… Now…
-Markov (Killing edge for Dark tome. Being the epic strong weapon for her. It’s a new weapon that others can use, but she is the first one due to being a prepromote and this being her “Silver Lance”)
-Flux (To save markov uses.)

Boon: SPD
Bane: RES
Growth Rates:

HP: 55
POW: 55
SKL: 35
SPD: 55
LCK: 35
DEF: 35
RES: 35

The idea is that this Zuiho is the child of Abiba from the previous PME. Who after Zuiho left through the portal she became a more stable person birthing a child she of course named after her yandere obsession of old Zuiho. Also have her paired ending reference this past, maybe describing how Zuiho and Lyn, now lovers commissioned a wedding drawing from Zuiho’s mom, Abiba.

I will also wait for my other pick, because I am not fully sure what I will do next. I however wanted to be a bit clever with the Zuiho of this PME. Plus I hope she won’t fall off that much with her stats. Like I try my best that Zuiho is a diferent class and slightly diferent every time she appears, to make sure she is unique.


weird that everyone’s basically a prepromote right now.
Obligatory early game Myrmidon? Oh, and obligatory VelvetKitsune foxgirl.

Slot: Wolt
Name: Kiko
Gender: Female
Class: Myrmidon
Affinity: Fire
KikoPME (VelvetKitsune)

Description: An amnesiac who knows not her origin, protected by the spirits. Seemingly unremarkable.
Death Quote: “Ah… n-no… a-am I being abandoned again…?”
Inventory: Iron Sword, Wo Dao, Energy Ring

Boon: RES
Bane: DEF
Growth Rates:

HP: 45%
POW: 45%
SKL: 55%
SPD: 55%
LCK: 45%
DEF: 25%
RES: 35%

An old character I’ve never really done much. She had amnesia and then… I promptly dropped and forgot about the character, good job, me!


Happy to see a fe6 PME since they’re less common

Slot: Lance
Name: Jonah
Gender: Male
Class: Nomad
Affinity: Wind
Portrait (Original from Zoisite, Recolore by me):
Midir {Zoisite}

Description: A Sacaen friend of Lyn that she met during her journey to Lycia. He believes in her and supports her as well.

Death Quote: Forgive me Lyn… I would’ve wanted to stay at your side a little longer…


  • Steel Bow
  • Longbow
  • Body Ring

Boon: Constitution
Bane: Speed
Growth Rates:

HP: 65%
POW: 40%
SKL: 55%
SPD: 55%
LCK: 40%
DEF: 20%
RES: 30%


@Jonah_07 Just one thing Jonah, the Silver Card is only allowed on units from chapter 16 onward.

Ah also! The personal story of Lyn will be that she was born much later than the events of FE7 (she’s 18 as the first FE6 chapter begins). So perhaps she meets more Sacaen friends as she makes her journey to Lycia or AS she is in Lycia already working as a mercenary, close to Bern’s invasion and the beginning of FE6. If you want to update the Description too.

The rest of the submission is all good!


Slot: Saul
Name: Lucille
Gender: F
Class: Mercenary
Affinity: Thunder
Another by me.

Description: A young girl. Learned to fight from her uncle.
Death Quote: It hurts… so much…
Inventory: Lancereaver, Steel Sword, Angelic Robe

Boon: Luck
Bane: Speed
Growth Rates:

  • HP: 75%
  • POW: 55%
  • SKL: 45%
  • SPD: 35%
  • LCK: 45%
  • DEF: 35%
  • RES: 15%

Unpromoted: 124BFF7FDF5F1F4B95258F25327E8C7D28599877F36E0C521F2019181210A514
Promoted: 124BFF7FDF5F1F4B9525327E8C7D28599F779877F36E0C521F2019181210A514


Here you go, since this is FE6 here’s some follow up from Blazing Silver.


The prince of an independent
nation. On a journey of discovery.

Death Quote:
[LoadFace][0x103][OpenFarLeft][ToggleSmile]Mum, Mama
I’m sorry…[A]
I won’t be
coming home…[A]

Final Chapter:
[LoadFace][0x103][OpenFarLeft][NormalPrint]Mum, Mama…
I’ll be home soon![A][ClearFace]

Pure Water

Growth Rates:



A knight from an independent
nation. Robin’s older sister.

Death Quote:
[LoadFace][0x10D][OpenFarLeft][ToggleSmile]I can’t die like this…

Final Chapter:
[LoadFace][0x10D][OpenFarLeft][NormalPrint][ToggleSmile]Mum, Mama…
I’ll make both of you proud.[A][ClearFace]

Silver Axe
Red Gem

Growth Rates:

HP:51  [51]
POW:50 [35]
SKL:26 [11]
SPD:46 [31]
LCK:56 [41]
DEF:20 [5]
RES:56 [41]

Oh right. Here is like some additional stuff.

ENDING (Short):
Retired to help orphans.

Zuiho became a doctor for an orphanage,
having fought enough for her livetime.
She and her mother worked became
a pair of respectable staff makers.

Zuiho and Lyn both spend their days
helping children at an orphanage.
Zuiho’s mother drew a wonderful
wedding portrait destined to grow in value.

“If this is my end. Thank you Lyn,
for letting me live up to my name.”

I think Lyn working at an orphanage after being an orphan is pretty fitting and something I can see be one of her endings.
I am also willing to rewrite the Lyn/Zuiho(2nd Gen) Support to have it lead into this ending more nicely.
But I would only do it if this support would actually be included in such a case, because I am not making a V.2 for this where I could include a support like that on my own. Lol

I still hope this is good ending stuff.


Slot: Shanna
Name: Hekabe
Gender: F
Class: Stalwart
Affinity: Thunder
(by Kanna)

Description: Younger sister to Crown Prince Emrys of Lycia. Became a knight to experience the larger world.
Death Quote: No! I won’t… back down…
Iron Lance

Boon: Res
Bane: HP
Growth Rates:

  • HP: 60
  • POW: 50
  • SKL: 45
  • SPD: 25
  • LCK: 30
  • DEF: 50
  • RES: 45

I find that fascinating since I honestly feel like, despite FE6 being my least favorite of the GBAFE’S, it’s lack of story and many units make it perfect for PME’s. Like an ironman is perfect to ensure that you experience many units and FE6 is a game that despite having a secret good ending, is otherwise super ironman friendly.


Slot: Bors
Name: Grimulf
Gender: M
Class: Pegasus Rider
Affinity: Ice
(by Der)

Description: A talented Ilian mercenary hired by the Marquess of Pherae. Experiences doubts about his worth, despite his skill and record beyond compare.
Death Quote: I’m no different… from the rest of my crew…
Slim Lance

Boon: Skl
Bane: Lck
Growth Rates:

HP: 75
POW: 40
SKL: 50
SPD: 45
LCK: 25
DEF: 30
RES: 40


Oh my bad!
I’ll change his inventory and his description


Slot: Lot
Name: Denelia
Gender: Female
Class: Stalwart
Affinity: Ice

{Lonkfromcalifornia} F2E OC Sarge
Portrait by Lonkfromcalifornia

Description: A recluse mercenary keen on staying alive. Doesn’t much care for banter.

Death Quote: Can’t move… Armor too hot. . .

Great Lance

Boon: Def
Bane: Res

Growth Rates:

HP: 40%
POW: 50%
SKL: 50%
SPD: 60%
LCK: 30%
DEF: 35%
RES: 40%

Slot: Elen
Name: Castene
Gender: Female
Class: Hunter
Affinity: Wind

Portrait by Lenh

Description: A detached hunter who hails from Bern. Loves the smell of Ale in the morning.

Death Quote: Agh-! My arm! I need to… retreat…

Killer Bow
Steel Bow
Radiant Bow
Orion’s Bolt

Boon: Pow
Bane: Res
Growth Rates:

HP: 55%
POW: 65%
SKL: 65%
SPD: 65%
LCK: 30%
DEF: 5%
RES: 5%



Description:A member of the Bern army with seeming remorses.
Death Quote:Darkness… It beckons me again…

Growth Rates:

  • HP:80
  • POW:50
  • SKL:60
  • SPD:35
  • LCK:5
  • DEF:30
  • RES:45

Portrait:{Nickt} [F2U] OC Barret.png
(Portrait by Nickt)

Description:A knight of Bern feeling remorse for his actions 5 years ago.
Battle Quote:Sorry buddy, Mr.[Zephiel Replacement] told me to do this. Nothing personal.
Death Quote:Ah Lighra… please forgive me when we meet again…
Inventory:Bolting, Thunder, Fortify (Droppable)



Slot: Zephiel
Name: Lyndis
Gender: Female
Class: Savage Lord
Affinity: Fire
Savage lyn {DatonDemand, Eldritch Abomination}-export

Description: A lyndis who has lost her way. Carries but one goal, to wipe all “savages” off the face of the planet
Battle Quote:
Generics: “… live… or die…, decide”
Any characters that are of the breserker, fighter, brigand, thief, myrms etc line: “… SAVAGES!,SAVAGES!,SAVAGES!,SAVAGES!.. I’ll cut you!! like the boars you are!!”
Against Lyn:
evilyn: “ha… haha… hahaha, HAHAHA!!!”
Lyn: “w-what’s so funny!”
Evilyn:" Your expression…, haha I can’t believe I was so doey eyed once."
Evilyn:“Does it upset you? to see yourself like this? like me?”
Lyn:“No… I feel… pity”
Evilyn:"pity? PITY!! you think you’re better than me do you!! I’m stronger than you!!, all those bandits that attacked us, our village!!, I killed them all, alone, drunk on the poison they made use drink!
Lyn:“You’re not. where has your heart gone! would mother and father have approved?”
Evilyn: “SHUT UP!! Raise your sword and fight me already!, Weakling!!”
Lyn: “sigh* [closes eyes] fine”

Death Quote:
M-mother earth… F-father sky, it… finally ends, this life…t-this pain. I’m sorry

{2WB, DatonDemand} {Vanilla + Blitz} Gullin Katti-export
Gullin Katii (Copy eckesachs’s stats but lower the might to 12 and buff the hit to 100 and weight to 10. range is 1 (special properties: does effective damage against, brigand, pirate, thieves line of classes)



Boon: Atk
Bane: Res


Credit: redbean for anim, Eldritch Abomination & DatonDemand for portraits & 2wb and datondemand for item icon

If possible I’d like to keep her identity hidden until the final map, if there’s any hooded portraits that can hide her face It’d be golden. If this is possible, then prior text should refer her as “Gnurr” as an alias