[FE8U] Thor Studios Presents: Fire Emblem: Endless Nights!

Hello everyone! Fire Emblem: Endless Nights is a rom hack that is being written by @GuyLowen and coded by @Clendo. We are super proud to show off this hack in time for FEE3 this year! Currently we are still very much in the demo phase of development on this hack, and there are many things that are still a work-in-progress. However, we hope you can still enjoy the 3.5 chapters we have finished so far, and can keep this hack on your radar as time goes on!

  • Download here (v0.1.1)

  • Included in the folder is a page crediting all of the wonderful creators who have allowed us to use their work for our hack. If you feel like you’re missing from this page please please please let us know. We do not intend to steal other people’s amazing work.

  • Here is a link to the Thor Studios discord channel if you want to discuss the hack, join the development team, or talk about FE in general. We’re always looking for artists, musicians, and playtesters, but as long as you’ve got a positive attitude, anyone can join in on the fun!

  • Here is the project page on GitHub for whomever may need or want to look at it.

  • Laguz Units! Thanks to this hack by @Sme, we have the laguz bar mechanic in this hack! This is planned on being the prominent gameplay aspect of this hack, and we hope you enjoy it!

  • Skillsystems, and all of it’s QOL goodness that it brings to the table.

  • Plenty of custom animations, portraits, music, and other art to keep you interested.

  • And more!


Known issues
  • There is probably a lot of weird text in places, we haven’t gone over text and dialogue very thoroughly yet, so just stay tuned for future updates!

We hope you enjoy!


Accidentally uploaded the debug version lol. The link has now been updated with the correct .ups file.

Looks promising, Its nice to see a hack use Laguz mechanics

I think I’ll give it a try tomorrow.


Tommorow became right now because I had some down time on my way back home from work. I had a lot of fun but my progress was stopped by a gamebreaking glitch in Chapter 2.
Endless Nights_1600234069034
The game gets stuck here, I think I can point the culprit to this being the thief, since he has 0 movement. Not sure otherwise, it doesn’t seem to be the boss or the enemies around him.

I have other criticism I’ll leave on your discord later. Overall I had a lot of fun of the chapters I got to play, but there’s some things that are still a bit rough around the edges.


Thanks for letting me know! I have updated the download to include a fix for this, as well as a few other updates:

  • Game over conditions are now if Naiah or Idi dies.
  • Lycanthrope fangs have info on them
  • Various text inserted.
  • Battle background should be correct now.
  • Slight balance changes to ch1 and 2.

Looks like a pretty interesting concept, I’ll have to give it a try. I haven’t seen Laguz in FEGBA before.



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What is the status of this hack?

I think it’s cancelled it’s been a year since the last post.

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Locked due to unnecessary bumping.