Land of Heroes Series[HTML5 Game Engine & FE8U Hack]

First 5 chapters are complete outside of minor bugs. :slight_smile:

This hack is going to be a very custom FE8 hack with around 30(possibly 40+?) or more chapters, I don’t really have a specific plot line yet I as I generally work linearly, however, for reference I do have a story I had written pertaining to what this hack will be based upon for the first 8 chapters or so…

I don’t plan on doing much in regards to animations, except a few spells/battle animations from the repo. you can expect lots of custom maps, events, wordmap, characters etc either from the repo and modified or made myself.
The Renais Castle Map in the first chapter will be replaced later with a custom map when I actually make the map for the playable chapter, so for now it’s just a placeholder. some chapters might use slightly modified FE8 vanilla maps either as a place holder, or possibly used if the map is extremely useful for a specific chapter.
As for character portraits almost all of them will be self made splices or occasionally recolors or garbo custom edits.

main site:

Patch Download:

Manuscript Download:

Mikey Seregon - Thani Spell
FEGirls - Female Summoner
Arch - Dulam Spell, Static Thoron Spell
CamusZekeSirius - Apocalypse Spell
Blazer, BwdYeti - Shaver Spell
BwdYeti - ArcThunder Spell
Blademaster - working Athos Arch Sage for FE8
ZoramineFae - “Special Map”? with some minor edits(Chapter 2)
Alusq? - lush woods map(Chapter 3)
zmr - purplefort map


so I ended up noticing that building this game would be much easier as a html5 game and would make good use of the web hosting I have so I made this so far just a simple battle animation and music, everything else below will apply to this

Correction: the html5 game engine is going take more time and effort then I had originally thought* in the mean time I’m still working on the FE8 Hack

Phaser.js/HTML5 game links
github link:

As for my hacking experience, I’m new to the current hacking scene, however, I used to do alot of hacking back when FEAdv was still young, and had started long before that existed. I had learned, how to do ASM hacks, TSA Hacks, and other complex hacks, however, didn’t do much as far as story based hacks that I recall, I then moved from there into computer programming, and then web development and kinda left hacking and FE alone for about the past decade or so…

Patch Downlaod:



You should uh

probably give us literally any description of what this actually does.

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it’s part of the experience. he’s clearly taken lessons from the masterful formatting of “the final swear” series.


A screenshot or two would be pretty cool of you.

background of rom hacking
plot summary
characters preview
animation and portrait and map tile set credits
these u can add

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