Fire Emblem: Crystal of Bonds -WORKING TITLE- (FE8 Romhack Demo, 5 chapters)

This is my first attempt to begin an FE hacking project. This is an FE8 romhack, not FE7, since FE8 gives me more freedom in FE Builder. I’ve done it all on my own so far, there are 5 chapters, and I want to make sure I get as much feedback as I can before I keep rolling. Problems you have with the demo, things you want to change, things that you want to see more of as I continue working on it, or even if you want to help out, as I’ve done this by myself for a little more than a year now. Below are some fun things like known bugs (only one that I’m aware of currently, but I’ll edit if I’m notified of more), credits, and growth rates, check those out if you like, then play my demo and hopefully have fun :smiley: Then tell me what you liked, didn’t like, what you’d change, etc. Your feedback is VITAL. This is my very first time doing this, and it’s very early in development, so all input is valuable, as long as you aren’t a jerk :unamused:

The below Google Doc has answers to possible questions, my notes and comments, known bugs, unit growth rates, and credits. If I missed anyone in the credits, PLEASE PLEASE tell me so I can add them, everyone who indirectly helped me make this hack better deserves credit. I recently lost a notebook where I kept track of all the assets I used that were from the animation repository, so I had to re-gather all of that information to the best of my ability, and if someone is missing, that’s likely why.

Please read the doc before starting, I’d really appreciate it

And below is the UPS patch, which again is for FE8

tl;dr I made a ROM hack demo, at least skim the the google doc for me, patch your FE8, play the 5 chapter demo, then I’d love critique. I’m not an FE expert at all , so be constructive, but be clear.

IMPORTANT EDIT: PLAY THE GAME ON EASY MODE. I did not know the difficulty self-scaled and therefore, the higher difficulties are horrifically unbalanced. It was a stupid mistake, but like I said, I’ve never done anything like this before, so play the game on easy before you decide to kill me. At a later date, when the next demo is released, I will either remove the ability to choose difficulty, or rebalance to default to normal mode.

demo_screenshot_1 demo_screenshot_2 demo_screenshot_4 demo_screenshot_3

Link to the Discord server: <- Updated Discord link

This demo is no longer up to date. I appreciate all the feedback I’ve gotten, whether here, on the Discord server, or on other platforms, but I no longer need critique for this demo. Hopefully a new, rebalanced demo will be released publicly in the future, with added chapters and less bugs. I’ll leave this demo up if anyone wants to try it in its… er… rawest form, but just keep in mind that this version is completely obsolete and commenting your critique likely won’t give me anything new to consider.

Also join the Discord if you want to test the latest released version, just make sure that afterwards you tell me any bugs, balancing issues, gameplay issues, etc., that you encountered while playing it. The link has been updated.


people want screenshots of the game so they get a quick preview.

Looking neat! Custom maps, characters, etc. Man. I remember when a hack like this was the exception, several years ago. Now it’s the rule.

Haha, thanks. It’s sort of a hot mess right now, I’ve started a Discord server so I can get faster critique and such. Hopefully I can work out the many, many kinks and start working on new maps and mugs

I’m a simple man, i see f fighter, i :heart: