[FE8] ErikFE

Alternatively known as Different Dimensions Lausian Marquess. Yes I know what I just typed, no this isn’t a meme hack I swear


This hack aims to explain just what Erik was doing after you wrecked his castle, and how he became the Erik you know in FE6.

Yep, that’s Erik. You’re probably wondering how he ended up in that situation.

It all started when Eliwood and friends came to Laus looking for his dad. One thing led to another, and now Erik’s homeless with nothing better to do than to look for his dad, too.

  • 7+ playable characters, including but not limited to Erik of Laus!
  • Play as Laus’ knights and mercenary commanders from FE7!
  • More than 4 chapters, with many more on the way!
  • Knights have 5 move!


  • Sea Shanty 2 lovingly ripped from Runescape
  • Pizza Time from Spiderman 2, arrangement from here
  • Various tracks from FEs 4 through 8
  • Sword Troubadour animations by The Blind Archer

Download (for most recent build):


instant 10/10


You had me at “Pizza Time from Spiderman 2”.


Seems I’ll have to play without turbo and sound on for once.


Oh god this sounds awesome
Now i’m hyped-
Also if you need help with portraits I wouldn’t mind helping you


As somebody named Eric, I feel personally attacked I can’t wait for this. So happy it’s totally not a meme hack, we don’t need any more of those, thanks for swearing.

Happy hacking buddy, best of luck!


Still not ready for a demo so here’s an update: Chapter 4 is just about wrapped up, my plan for next week and onward is to work on Chapter 5 and go through a bit more polishing.

And here’s the first ““original”” character of this hack:

hmm yes, very original.


Wow whaddya know, the first six chapters are done-ish!

Known issues:

  • UI issues with full weapon rank display
  • Supports WIP

Have fun, and happy holidays.

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So, this chest stays closed when you open it, and so do the rest of the chests in the chapter.

Darn. Thanks for checking, fix should be up soon.

Easy fix though, just gotta apply the tile change and it’ll happen automatically after opening.

So, these deploy slots seem a bit odd, and also there’s also both a blue and Green Bernard in the right cell, and we also have a Pirate named Pete and Bauker as blue units with a Rapier and a Vulnerary

Image for reference

Should be fixed now. I don’t know what happened there. Thanks again!

I feel that the 30 Avoid Throne makes this guy a bit too dodgy

Also the villages don’t actually close after you visit them on CQ chapter 10

Forgot the tile changes again lol, I’ll work on that + the throne avoid and put it out when the next chapter or two are good to go.

EDIT: Might as well leave this here to avoid bumping the topic. I’m back in school now and don’t see myself working on this for quite a while - until May, at least. Rest easy, Erik fans, I’ll be back eventually.

Had a chance to check this project out; I’ve played the prologue and started up Ch 1. Couple things I’d like to point out:


  • The pathing of the green units in the first scene is weird, a bunch of them walk right through Hector.
  • There’s a myrmidon that has a horseslayer (heh)

When I started Ch1, the inserted player phase music was all janky, making a lot of cracking sounds. This is an issue that can be fixed by running your MIDI through midfix4agb (all you need to do is drag and drop the midi on to the .exe file). I went ahead and did it for you so you can see (or in this case, hear) the difference:

There’s still some cracking sounds, but it’s a lot easier on the ears now.

Also, the GBA doesn’t have every instrument, so when you add a song that uses instruments the GBA doesn’t have, you get a dummy instrument that just sounds awful.


The good news though, is that said dummy instrument tends to be mapped close to a similar enough sounding instrument. If I had to guess, that’s supposed to be a piccolo, so I went ahead and changed it to a clarinet (close enough).

Best of luck with the project, looking forward to seeing more when you have the time!


Finally, a game for Erik fans like me!