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Huh. Neat.

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Thanks my man

i cant seem to be able to patch it

did u patch it to a clean japanese rom?

i did and the language was still japanese

Yea the language is still japanese because I had glitches with the translation patch. If I could do it, I’d love to add a translation patch but my version of febuilder doesn’t have one.

Here’s a simple question to see if the patch works or not, Can Roy use anima magic?

yeah he can although he he only shows to be able to use swords but its there

Yea, that’s an unfortunate consequence of applying the meelee magic glitch to prevents glitches in the animation. It either shows weapon rank or magic rank depending upon when you equip weapons or magic. The default weapon ranks displayed are the normal weapons regardless of class if magic can’t be equipped

Still I hope that you are having fun with the hack.

Ok I have added a list of glitches that you are likely to encounter in the hack, I’d recommend you to view it.

i dont know japanese so i cant really play it

I have no clue abt japanese tbh, still I played it to make sure that it was balanced, you need to memorize some stuff like the stat screen, symbols of weapons and so on but you will be fine.

You will miss the supports and the story which is a shame but you probably know the story and for the supports you can view the videos. I’d like to make it a translation but my version of FEbuilder doesn’t have a translation patch and my laptop has connectivity issues, and also I get a somewhat gamebreaking glitch if I apply the patch externally.

Anyway it’s really upto you, but for me hacking(a lot of it was english) and playing a game in a different language I had no clue abt was a unique experience for sure.