[FE7] [COMPLETE] Carcino's Civil War


Hello everyone. This is the final version of the hack I’ve been working on for almost four years. All the significant information about the hack is in the included README, so I’m gonna keep this short.

I appreciate any feedback and I will answer any questions as well as I can, but I will probably not be changing much unless there is a glaring error or game-breaking glitch.

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Keepin’ it simple. I like it.

Well, the difficulty is ok, some palettes must be adjusted to match each other (some faces use FE7 palette and other FE8 palette) and the maps can be improved.

And one thing that is bugging me, is that Zabba wasn’t executed on FE8 (or rather, before FE8 takes place). According to Gerik and Saleh support conversation, Saleh killed Zabba in battle.
Aside from that, it’s pretty good.

I’m aware that Saleh killed Zabba in battle. Don’t worry, all will be explained in due time.

Gerik gets his scar from a battle with Garcia he had early in his career. Does this take place before that?

No. I put his scar back, because coming up with an explanation for that would be a mess. These screenshots are outdated.

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I would mention that in the OP to avoid confusion.

Or I could just make new ones. BRB.

EDIT: done

The final version is coming soon, everyone. Expect a release sometime in the first half of this year.


Yay for more hacks for me to play :thumbsup:

(9 months later)
Good ol FEU
More stuff to play is A-Okay

UPDATE: At long last, it’s finished. Go back up to the original post for the new patch!


Whoops, wrong patch. Redownload from the OP if you already did.

Heyy, this looks pretty nice. I’ll be sure to give it a try soon!

Is it just me being bad at FE or is this hack intended to be challenging? So far at every chapter I’m practically grasping at straws to win and that’s after several fails.

It’s intentionally difficult.

same here its become very tiresome i d have loved if the shops in chapter 4 worked or(and) having a healer aswell and the fact that someone strong comes after me oftenly its also very bothersome and makes it unenjoyable

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Welp, I found a game-breaking glitch. The arena cutscene after chapter 4 plays infinitely in a loop. (Meor Arena). I skipped the cutscene by pressing enter to escape the loop, but then the game just soft locked. Black screen with the music playing. I think the event forms a loop, and skipping it just got me stuck speeding forward through the loop.

Thanks for reporting. I’ll fix it as soon as I can.

Updated, as some of the text was incorrectly pointed. I haven’t been able to reproduce the glitch that was mentioned, so if anyone else encounters it, please try to reproduce it.

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