[FE8 HACK]FE1and FE2 remake on GBA

Hello,everyone!Today I want to share you a new hack from China. This hack is made by风恋夕林.He made many FE hacks.
This hack is based on FE8.I know the maker of the Elibian Nights,Arch,made a hack like this before.I only know a very alpha version of it, but it is really good.This hack and that hack each has its own merits.It is a little difficult.
Here is the screenshot

1.because the techinology,We must skip 10 chapters to get to the fork.The ten chapters are empty.
like this.
It may take a little time.
2.You do not need to go into the tower.Or…
3.When Marth dead,the game will not over. a BUG?
Here is it.

Any thing wrong,you can tell me.
Happy New Year!


This looks cool!

Two things:

-When you say “You do not need to go into the tower.Or…” is the tower broken? Or just optional.

-The link is broken. EDIT: Working, but the download site says that the download is harmful.

EDIT 2: Nevermind

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You have to do that for the first 10 chapters

After that it’s the actual game stuff.

Also it’s directly linking to a rom instead of a patch, which isn’t allowed.

Oh okay. Thanks. Didn’t understand what he meant.

Could you not just go straight to the route split instead of wasting the players’ time? Surely Chinese hackers have figured out event hacking?

nononono,because the monster in the tower is too strong.you will be killed very fast.

I feel sorry about this,too.

The download work,and It is no harmful.here is the screen shot.

Maybe it’s super old?

I can’t really think of a reason other than that.

Can I share the ROM?In our contury,hackers share their ROM.I think it make players more convience.
Wny I can not share the ROM?Thank you.:sweat_smile:

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Over here in the states it’s illegal to share the ROMs, so to avoid legal trouble we distribute a link to a patch the player has to apply them self with a ROM they found on their own through mysterious means

The stigma sticks once again that Eastern Fire Emblem hacks have terrible graphics but neat technical shit.

Or was it the other way 'round?


Holy shit an FE2 remake? I NEED to play this.

EDIT: Er… I’m not even sure what’s going on with that download. Can somebody hook me up with a patch?
EDIT2: Suddenly it work again… I’ll just make a patch myself, hold on.

This looks sick as fuck. I must thank you for sharing these hacks that I otherwise wouldn’t have found. But as others have said, because this is a US based website, you gotta Share the patch and not the rom. I know it’s a lot more convenient for people looking to play it, but those are just the rules here.
On a side note, does anyone have a save for FE8 where its at chapter 10 for our friend here?

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Here’s a patch of it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7mdo9byf64ldrmm/fe1%2B2%20gba.ups?dl=0


Sharing ROMs (even hacked ROMs) is against our rules. I have edited the post to remove the offending link. This is your second offense - don’t let it happen again.

Thats great but what do I apply it to?

Apply it to US FE8.

You are so funny.:joy:@zhawhjw

Ok sorry but seriously

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