FE6xna First Public Release

First post under construction :construction::warning:
Done :ballot_box_with_check:

I thought I had the discord linked, but… Most likely it was the old one, which has since been deleted.
So here’s the current.

Release Date: 3/29/2022



FE6 is my third favorite FE, so it will be nice to see both this and Onmi’s Maiden of Darkness mod bring new life to it.

Excellent topic.

My favorite character so far is Gina.

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Wait… Who is Gina?

Is this planned to be a full remake?

I mean it’s on XNA so it would sort of have to, yeah.

have some more
look I’m almost consistent!


Minor thing - Without the full halfbody sprites (I’m not sure if you’re planning to implement those?), the speech bubble looks a little weird. Its position on the screen is one thing, but the “tail” of the bubble doesn’t actually appear to point to the speaker. Maybe angle it downwards a bit more if you’re gonna keep the mugs as-is?

Is that a World Map I see with replayable chapters, hype

I am; it would be stupid to have only a few people with them lol

i hate myself for promising weekly updates

Just wondering, did you get any inspiration for the way debuffs are displayed from our forum hack?

This is why I hardly ever update. Screw obligations

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who’s that blonde chick in the purple armor though???

also cute new Dorothy portrait

Consider me curious too, more so in regards to who sprited it.
It looks both good and yet also bad, somehow…

nope; fexna has had this look for like 3 years iirc

I know I’m about to break my promise anyway, thought to try and make this last

Time will tell

@L95 is who you’re looking for

I refuse to keep up with this any more

So idk when the next post will be


My friend you are awesome for doing this. I’ve played the localization of this hack by Gringe. The story is good. It just needs a bit more upgrades. Example, boss conversations, weapon sprites and more character development. I see your doing that. Thank you.

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Thanks for the encouragement! Hopefully I don’t let you down haha

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These battle palettes be dope!

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