Fire Emblem: Heroes of PaBP

From the creator of Super Imperial Odyssey comes a new ROM hack

Starring the characters from the well known FE8 reskin, Rart Emblem, is a new ROM hack using the battle style and summoning mechanic of Fire Emblem Heroes and porting them into Fire Emblem 8. Use some of your favorite characters from Rart Emblem and other ROM hacks to help you discover the secrets of PaBP. (Not Like you’ll ever find them anyway.) With 60+ characters and over 20 chapters of content, you’ll be able to play this game for hours.


Special Thanks to
@cardcafe: For the base mechanic to work off of and some weapon icons
@FireEmblemier: For the Summoner portrait
@Sonu: For assistance with palettes
@anon30371999: For permission to use characters from his game and for the idea of this FEU post format.
And everyone who volunteered to be a character in this game.

Please note that there will be a few bugs in the game as it was made by one developer. Do not harass me for being forgetful or being unable to fix them. Checking a unit’s status in the link arena may result in the game crashing.

Download Here




oh hey, my first website ping


How do I buy more orbs? Also, how do I check for IVs? And how do I inherit skills?


Ooh neat. After seeing the FeU gacha, i was hoping somebody would involve summoning in one of their hacks.

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rart emblem mobile? you’re about to be a rich man MVP

legit though, congrats on the release. i’m excited to see what you’ve done with my monstrosity


holy shit i didn’t know rart gacha was a thing :eyes:

now if only I could shamelessly shill myself in

now if only i could shamelessly shill myself in

I’ve found you, faker!


bold of you to assume I’m the faker


Update 2.0 production soon.


This is pure genius, i love it

I think I’m in love with Frankie… hands down favorite unit. Hit lvl 20 before I even finished the first part.

Welp, I finished it

Cleared the story, Void, and skirmishes. In all it took me just under 6 hours game time. (so a little under 10 hrs real time)

In short, I love the hack. It’s brimming with characters and personality. I enjoyed seeing each new portrait and finding what crazy skill combos and flavor text each new unit had.

I found a few bugs, namely that the troubadour’s rally magic ability wouldn’t work and Windsweep axes didn’t work either, aside from those things the hack was remarkably clean.

I found that while each hero fits a different niche and provides a different role to the team, some heroes definitely had better growths and/or utility than other heroes.
(I got 50 of the just over 60 characters)

Here are my favorites:

She annihilates everything in 1 round of combat and rises to level 20 very easily. Best offensive stats in the game. I relied on luck a few times when facing units with bolting, but otherwise her fragility was not an issue. Extremely strong when paired with Ferand.

-Tambo (sword):
Best offensive stats for a sword user. Doubled/Astra’d/Critcal’d everything. Became my primary offensive force once I had to bait out mages and Frankie no longer fit the offense niche. Used all through the end game and became my mage masher at the very end.

Weaker stats & less reliable than the others, he fit the unique role of being my bright lance user and rally defense unit. A sort of more supportive offense unit. Took him in the void till the very end, but he was the weakest link in the final floors.

The man, the myth, the legend. This guy held the team together. Always in the center, always healing or blocking a corridor or using his super effective light magic. The most tanky healer I’ve ever seen (Basically a chansey who also has crazy defense.)

-Aalware (Paladin)
3 mov, effectiveness to dragons, good base defenses, rally skill, spur defense, killer bow, I was surprised how much she pulled through. Very solid unit who 1 rounded a surprising number of opponents, did well against mages and monsters, and took down dragons like a boss. She ended the game with a higher stat total than every other unit; 9 res and 17 defense being her lowest stats. That’s right, she wound up being more physically tanky than everyone except boulder. (and that was her second lowest stat to boot!)

Units which looked promising but didn't pan out:

Very well rounded, and good growths. I dropped him because as a sword user he wasn’t having the same damage output as Frankie or Imperial and he kept dying over and over and over. His skills are good, but he just wasn’t keeping pace in offense/defense.

-Tambo (Warrior)
Tambo Warrior has attractive bulk and defenses which my other physical units didn’t have. but his low skill combined with axes made him unreliable, and his skills are less team oriented than the other units I did use.

-Sapphire (Penguin)
Excellent bases, Excellent growths, and A with anima, in normal fire emblem this would have been a really really good unit, but here he lacked the utility in skills and team orientedness to keep using him. Where each of my other units had effectiveness against monsters or fliers or dragons or mages to keep using them, sapphire fell flat and just couldn’t get the same dmg output. I also preferred to fill his party slot with Boulder, Aalware, or Ferand (R.I.P died on void level 8 to save mankind), because each of them fit the range utility role much more consistantly.

Incredible hack, very fun, very addicting. I just wish there were more of it.


smh not using the Pastry-sapiens in your quest of orbs and glory