Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow Dragon


Curent Version: 0.06.1 (Is it Complete?. Current Chapter. Edit)

This hack is a remake of Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon in the GBA engine. My goal with this hack is to attempt to expand the characters, story, and aspects of the game design to bring the game to modern standards. Some characters were completely altered or cut due to creative liberties or to create a less bloated roster. The first public release covers Marth Embarks through Fire Emblem. The writing is still in it’s first draft, so grammatical mistakes and poor writing will be polished up after the actual game is fully playable from start to finish.

-6 Completed Maps
-Dialogue Changes
-New Map Conversations (which replace supports)
-Altered Maps and Victory Conditions
-New Weapons and Rebalanced Weapons
-New Weapon Icons
-Growth Rate Display
-Select for Enemy Range
-New Classes
-FE3 Music
-New Backgrounds
-Altered Battle Animations
-New Map Sprites
-An Balanced Constitution Stat

Character Changes:
-Castor and Norne were “fused”
-Bord was cut
-Roshea is now female
-Gordin is a mix of FE12, Heroes, and the OVA
-Cain is a mix of Heroes and FE12
-Matthis is a wyvern rider
-Wendell is a monk



Known Issues:
-Marth’s 2 range sword animation freezes the game (Avoid by turning off animations if using any 2 range sword)
-Champions of Aurelis title does not display

-IS for Sacred Stones, Shadow Dragon, Tellius BG’s, and Mystery of the Emblem
-St Jack for master knight animation and helmetless wyvern knight animation
-Sme for FE3 music rip ported to GBA, Under this Flag, Fire Emblem Theme (FE12), Attack (FE11), Defense (FE11), Trouble (FE11), and Gharnef portrait
-Circleseverywhere and team for skill system and all patches included within
-Blaze, GFE1R for Marth animation
-Alusq, Maiser6 for armored mercenary animation
-TBA for FE10 swordmaster animation and axe wyvern lord animation
-Alusq for improved 2.0 soldier animation/sprite
-MK404, Glenwing for FE10 fighter animation/repalette
-TBA, maiser6 for hawkzerker animation
-Iscaneus, Nuramon for FE10 knight animation
-Team SALVAGED for the male cavalier animation/sprite
-flasuban, TEAM SALVAGED for the female cavalier animation
-flasuban, eCut for the helmetless wyvern rider animation
-Gabrielknight for hatless mage animation
-Lisandra_Brave for ponytail mage and sage animations
-Vikalilzer for bald priest animation
-flasuban for alternate mercenary sprite, pegasus knight sprite, male/female wyvern rider sprites, FE10 fighter class card, and FE10 knight class card
-L95 for FE10 swordmaster sprite and FE10 fighter sprite
-NYZgamer3 for Hawkzerker sprite
-Unknown for FE10 knight sprite
-Rasdel, Team SALVAGED for female cavalier sprite
-ArcaneEli for wyvern knight sprite
-Zelix for FE13/14 weapon icons
-LordGlenn for FE11 regalia icons
-Peerless for Falchion and Aum icons
-SaXor for stat screen, Onset (FE11), and Leaps and Bounds (FE11)
-BatimaTheBat for Marth portrait and Tiki portrait
-Blade for Lena portrait
-Blueguy for Caeda portrait, Gordin portrait, Lorenz portrait, and Wrys portrait
-Vilk for Midia portrait
-Melia for Sety portrait (Recolored to be used as Merric)
-DerTheVaporeon for Sedgar portrait
-Anyone whose work I may have used and forgotten to mention (If so, PM me, and I’ll add your name)


Criticism and Suggestions:
Please by all means throw these my way! This is my first hack, and I’m looking to get better, so all constructive criticism is well appreciated. I’m also looking for suggestions for map conversations. If there’s any characters you want to see converse, feel free to make a suggestion.

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AdvanceMAME Scale2x intensifies.


It’s actually xBRZ 6x. But hey, I think it makes GBA games look better.


You think wrong, buddy


Yeah, filters generally look terrible. Ruins the spritework.


From the ashes, a new hero rises

Well, now we’ve got two Shadow Dragon remakes going. Not that there’s a problem with that.

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Why does everything looks like its made out of clay?

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Wow, those are… certainly some screenshots. Next time just post at 1x zoom without the weird pastel-ing.

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You can see the big amount of work into this
only to be ruined by filters.

Pics please @_@


This looks good! I’m personally not a fan of the use of vanilla portraits, but I assume they’re placeholders for now. Otherwise, the maps look solid(I see a sand tile error in chapter 1, though!) Albeit a bit tilespammy, but again I assume this isn’t a priority for now. Solid work overall!

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Thanks for the criticism! I’m not an artist, so I’m basically limited to free to use mugs and official mugs for now unless I want awful MSpaint amalgamations or FE3 portraits where the talking frames do not work properly even if they were adjusted, so portraits are the least of my worries currently. And yes, tilespam isn’t on my priority list currently as I would rather focus on creating a fun, playable product first and foremost.


There is a free to use respiratory on the GFE1R server of half body mugs of Archanea characters btw. Although I can’t guarantee all will fit in the hackbox.

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I tried using halfbodies, the patch broke my rom, crashing the game if units tried to trade. But I just don’t know whether I want to use their portraits. I feel like that would be stepping too much on their project, and I want my hack to stand on it’s own rather than be GFE1R minus most of the cool new mechanics.


Looking good so far! I’m really excited about these Shadow Dragon remakes.
I liked Shadow Dragon but felt it lacked that colorful charm the GBA games did.

I will have to agree with the others, next time for screenshots turn off the filters. :slight_smile:


Good Evening Everyone! I’ve got a preview of Lefcandith Gauntlet ready! The map still isn’t finalized, as I still have to playtest it multiple times, but I’m very excited about it’s current progress! If all goes well, the next version, which will contain this map along some balancing changes and more, should be released within the next week or so. Please look forward to it!


Hello everyone, I’m sorry to report, but the next version is not going to be available for another week, due in part to the exuberant amount of work that I have had in AP Calculus. However, my AP exam is this Tuesday, so development time should start to increase from then on. All I have to do now is write the new conclusion, write the new battle conversations, and continue playtesting Lefcandith Gauntlet. I do have an update on the actual progress though.
This image is of the dialogue from the new opening cutscene, which will start to stir the pot titled Mystery of the Emblem, while also displaying the intelligence of Nyna. I’ve also made adjustments to playable units and the enemies of prior chapters to create a more balanced experience. One big change is that all slim weapons are now bronze weapons! These bronze weapons are weak, however they possess low weight and double earned weapon exp. Now that’s enough from me, I need to get back to studying! :sweat_smile::books:


Sorry about the long wait for information folks. But I’m happy to announce that the project now has it’s own Discord server! Come, Join Us here: I may even have prepared a small sneak peek of the next version on the releases page too! (EDIT 7/10/19) I forgot to clarify a major detail, the project has switched to SRPG Studio for reasons yet to be revealed.

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It’s been a long time since I posted here, so here’s a quick development update about something new not present in my GBA version. A prologue chapter! The prologue in this game is a one chapter map rather than four like in the original game, but all of the important story beats from the original will be present here. It’d also like to give a major shout out to flasuban who made the map sprites for this project. Without him, none of this would have ever been possible. Prologue