Fire Emblem: Illuminated


Alright, so this is it. Small introduction as well.

I’m Sokaballa. I found Serene’s Forest a couple years back and was fortunate to play some really
good FE hacks along the way. TLP, Requiem, Road to Ruin, Heaven’s Bloom, OCA… There are
some really good, quality projects out there.

Wasn’t until 7743 came out with FeBuilder that I genuinely considered making a hack of my own.
Don’t know a lick about coding, ASM, etc… Nor do I know anything about artwork, pixel art, game
balance… Well, I didn’t know hardly anything about making a game.

But in November of last year I made a good attempt at learning FeBuilder. By no means am I perfect. But it’s been a hobby of mine trying to make a game from the ground up (with some tools, of course.)

So introductions aside, this is my hack:

Hack of Fe8


  • A brand new story (with a serious tone) set in a new continent, Ralspar.

  • Higher difficulty than Sacred Stones.

  • 10 playable chapters with three story chapters (for a total of 13). Planning for a total of 20-25 playable by hack’s end. This demo contains what I would consider to be the first arc.

  • Some custom classes, weapons, etc… Everything I have is from the FeUniverse Ultimate Repository

  • New maps for each chapter (which progress in quality through the hack)

  • Some custom music (Also from the Ultimate Repository)

  • A few quality of life hacks (Showing HP Bar, Show health to be healed).

  • Circles Skill System. I love the inclusion of skills with Circles’ patch. I did my best to give every playable character a skill that is useful for the hack. Skills are learned at level 8 and 15.

  • Differing objectives for chapter completion. Especially as I gained some proficiency with FeBuilder, chapter objectives start to become more diverse.

  • Most every chapter has some form of making you work efficiently. It is fairly guaranteed that if you
    spend too long in a chapter, there will be a very strong unit that will be deployed to gun you down.
    I did this to encourage the player to work efficiently when possible.

  • Though there is only one promotion item in the hack at the moment (and no promotions really set up
    just yet), promotion will only be available after Level 15. I do this to make sure those extra skills are
    gained… But also because:

  • This hack is designed to have a small roster. There are only 11 characters that are recruit-able in the hack (12 if you include the final chapter, though you won’t get to play with him). I wanted to make sure that because of the small roster, every character is valuable to the player and must be taken care of… Including the extra level ups.

  • Portraits from the Ultimate Repository

  • More as I think of them!

emulator emulator1 !
emulator%20Thoron emulator3 emulator4 emulator5 emulator6 emulator7 emulator8 emulator9 emulator10 emulator11


  • The prologue is meant to be played in a very specific way. It is the only time that I’ll ask the player to
    play a chapter on my terms, but I wanted to have an interactive prologue. As a result, and the hack
    will ask you to… Stick to the red carpet, please!
  • Some characters will cause a game over upon death (outside of lord characters). These characters are essential for some story development. HOWEVER, once their plot continues the story, you can lose them just like any other FE game. (Cordelia, Ophelia, Lana are examples)

This is my first attempt at a hack and I have play tested it A LOT. However, there will certainly be bugs.
If you happen to come across any, PLEASE let me know.
Bugs I’m aware of:

  • HP Bars are messed up in Chapter 4. Not sure why. Just for that chapter, if you would Toggle “Subtitle Help” to “Off”, it will fix the problem. After chapter 4, you can toggle it back on.
  • Promotion Screen Prologue Glitch (Really Short but still there)
  • Fliers Movement Sounds (Dragon Knight (Don’t know why changing movement sound doesn’t fix)
  • Funky Bug where enemies don’t attack Sam after (re)recruitment (Chapter 7)
  • Ophelia Battle Crashing Game Randomly (Rare occurance.) Could be my old computer.
  • Ophelia Opportunist Skill doesn’t work(I don’t have the latest skill system in use. The one I have is stable and most skills work, but I did not want to go back and reallocate skills from where I started the project. Either going to update at some point or hopefully someone can help me with just that skill.)
  • Rally Magic Doesn’t Work (Probably Above Reason)

Things that I’d like to get to:

  • Somehow incorporating forced support level gains. Balancing support bonuses with skills has been tricky, so for the moment, there are no supports. There is a chapter in which gaining support levels would be very appropriate (and you’ll know it when you play it), but I’d rather support levels be tied to story events and “Talk” commands. That way I can control the pacing.
  • A battle animation for Jay, the light mage lord. I’m cool using the monk’s at the moment, but something unique would be better.
  • A male pegasus rider animation (with a sword). Yea I’ll probably just bite the bullet on that one and leave the female’s (Sorry Frederick).

Any thoughts about the hack would be awesome. If you play through the hack and have tips, criticism, etc. about anything (maps, character growths, anything), I’d love to hear it.


Please use save slot 1 only. I’ve had some funky stuff happen with characters disappearing when not using save slot 1. So please stick with that one (Thanks 7743).

Thanks for the read. Good luck, have fun!

ALL the work everyone does at this forum. Without it, I never would have had access to FeBuilder, the repository, the assets… etc. You guys rock.
Spell- Dulam (Arch)
Spell- thoron (Arch) (Mikey_Seragon for updated version)
Eldritch (Mugs)
NickT (Mugs)
Melia (Mugs)
Mikey Seragon (Female Mage / Lilina)
OracleofFire /Khrene Kleaver (Vanguard icon/Ike Ranger Animation)
Pushwall (Hero, Lance)
Iscaneus and Nuramon (Knight (Bow/Lance))
Fighter (Fe9) (Mk404)
PrincessKilvas (Mercenary Axe Animation)
Skitty (Cavalier Axe Animation)
BorsDeep (Fe4 Attack - Music)
Sme (Music)
Tamborrino (Music)
Meilu (Music)
Music (Credits from TLP)
Jay Ryan
Ray Zonday
The Grimace
Tequila (Show HP Heal)
Worm (Arch)
Miguel-Rojo (Mugs)
PkMnBro1 (Mugs)
Mercenary F (Beta Eirika Edit)(Hover Anim)
Russel Clark (F Merc)
Myrmercidon (Max FEU)
The Blind Archer (General Bow Anim)
SaXor (Mug)
Sephie (Pegasus Fencer Moving Map Sprite)
Flasuban (Dragon Knight Map Sprite)
Alusq (Music)
Blade (Mugs)
AmBrosiac (Mugs)
Melia (Mugs)
Assassin M (Hoodless, Bow) (SD9k, Keks_Krebs, Peerless)
Circles Skill System
Tequila and Circles QoL Patches
7743 (For FeBuilder and Helping me A LOT in the Discord)
Leonarth (For Helping A LOT in Discord)

Lastly, if you’re interested in talking to me about the project, I would love to hear some feedback. I set up a discord today that I will check periodically as well.


Always nice to see new projects! Will try it out when I get some spare time.
By the way, @Mikey_Seregon recently released a Thoron spell animation that looks much better than the one in the repository you’re using for your Candescent spell, so you might want to replace it. Get it here or check the spell animation thread for a preview.

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That animation is silky, you’re right. Thanks for the heads up (and to @Mikey_Seregon for the great animation).

Updated OP with the new patch.

Thanks @blood!

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Ah, a master class in clearing low bars.

Just teasing. I will have to check this out. Thanks for posting!


Undersell, over-perform!
Appreciate it Arch.

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This game stinks!


The screenshot skills are strong. Big preview energy.

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RIP that botched spell insertion. I think you have an incorrect transparent color @Sokaballa.


Yeah in hindsight that doesn’t look great.
That’s the photo from my OP though, right? @blood let me know there was an updated version of Thoron from @Mikey_Seregon, so I replaced it (and updated the patch in the OP).

If that photo is from a playthrough that you’re doing though (on the new patch)… I guess I didn’t replace the spell animation properly.


The problem isn’t the transparent color itself, I’m guessing FEbuilder or the game engine always takes pure white and pure black as the transparent color.

I had the same problem with the frames I ripped and changed the white for another white variant.


As far as I know it assumes the first color is the transparent one


Small detail, but I took down the photo and replaced it with one where I’m using the updated version of Thoron.

Also, here’s a VERY WIP map for Chp 11: Shipwrecked.
Will update as I fill in the rest of it.


Hrrrrnngghh, my lord, I’m trying to map a boat, but it’s dummy thicc, and the length of its sides keep crashing against the coastline


im at the chapter before the 10th were im supposed to resupply and besides the fact that i can visit the villages infinitely the appreciacion card says that the shop is behind the tree 12 steps and west of the gate 18 steps while the whole map alongside the walls is 11*18 its either a farce and there is no shop or its a mistake unless the card is meant for the next chapter.


chapter 9 stops working as soon as the twins finish their conversation


Hey @Rigas,

Not sure why Chapter 9 is crashing for you during that conversation. I’ve tried to reproduce the error on my end but it seems to be working. I’m still fairly new to this, so maybe someone like @Arch knows, but is it possible to send me a save file so that I can take a look?

As for the houses in “A Brief Respite”, that was actually something I noticed when I was doing a final playthrough before release. I thought I had fixed it but apparently didn’t save the changes. Thanks for bringing it up to me (it’ll be fixed in the next patch).

Lastly, as for the Appreciation Card:


The description is pointing towards Chapter numbers in which the secret shops will be placed.

Thanks for playing Rigas. Hopefully I can get some clarity to you on that Chapter 9 fix as soon as I can.

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Found the error, thanks for sending me the save file. Apparently by having Clinton on that fort tile in Chapter 9 (at the end of the third turn), the game doesn’t know where to put Frederick. For the moment, the quickest fix I can give you is to restart the chapter and make sure not to put Clinton there.

I’m not sure how patching on a patch goes because I’m still new to this, but I’ve updated the OP with a new patch. I think if you patch your GBA file with this patch, it should resolve the issue.

Every playthrough I’ve done, I never put any units there that early which is why I missed it.

Thanks for the bug report!


Work on Chapter 11 continues! Featuring a few new classes and weapons.

1 2 3 4 5


Just a quick update.

Finished work on Chapter 11. Have a few new classes, courtesy of the fine community we have here.

  • Arbalest- Griffon riders who use both lances and bows. (Ayr, SoA),(@BlueDruid)
  • Falcomancer - Falcoknights who use both lances and anima. Currently uses the staff animation from @shadowofchaos for magic.

The chapter now includes a reward for finishing in 10 or less turns. It also includes an enemy dancer to make life a little more difficult (thanks @StanH).

On to the next one!

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Quick update. Working on the map for Chapter 12: Merseyside Merchants. Still a rough draft but I’m starting to polish it up a bit and fill in empty spaces. Any feedback is appreciated!