Fire Emblem Time Scarred Time lines


Although The Fire Emblem Time Scarred’s main story line takes place during the events of Fire Emblem 8’s alternative time line. I do have many other projects in the works to further enhance and grow the universe I want to create. Many of these stories are for the extended cast or even characters that never effect the main story line.

These games are intended to be short stories telling events of side characters or even main characters taking on new journeys.

But what is Fe Time Scarred?

Well for starters it’s a Rom hack or Patch, that’s main objective is to increase the games overall difficulty. While creating a brand new alternative story for our Fe 8 characters.

So here is the story so far.
Nergal the main antagonist of Fire Emblem The Blazing blade, uses his dark magic during the final fight with our hero’s. However by doing so he sends himself ahead in time during the ending events of FE8. As he watch the demon king be destroyed a faint whisper calls out and sends him back time into an alternate time line before his unavoidable death. Here he waits and lives until he watches this time lines version of himself perished starts to plot his revenge. However as time goes on and events go somewhat as they do he has been playing apart in the shadows trying to get closer to the demon king. Fortunately for him due to time paradox’s he is aging slower and slower. Allowing him the time to wait for his chance to gain the demon Kings power.

Now due to him being alive in this time line may things have changed during the Scared Stones War.
I am reusing many resources and will be giving credit to all items used.

More updates soon.
So come check out my YouTube channel for more updates and other stuff.

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Here are a few of those game in works are as follows:

Rose Stones - on hiatus
This 7 chapter story revolves around Princess Rose, a young soon to be Queen of a distant island south of Renais. However her story takes her further than expected as the Demon King fears of her coming to power will hinder his ever growing power while he deals with his Resurrection.

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Lost Soul - on Hiatus
A short 3 chapter story telling of a Young boy cursed to become what he hates most. His true self.

Main Characters of Lost Soul
Alexis Wallace
Tate Tate's%20Weapons

Rikers crew - In progress
A ?? chapter story telling the events of The Pirate King Riker. Many of the main cast Show up here. From Lucas, Pep, and Bandwith.

Riker Crew Update

Recent Patch at bottom of pics

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Riker Beta Patch 0.3


Rikers Crew PLayTest 1

Rikers Crew PlayTest 2