Fire Emblem Time Scarred Time lines

Very small not final prologue to Fire Emblem Time Scarred

This Thread holds all projects being worked related to the Fire Emblem: Time Scarred Universe or (Fe 8TS for short) Download links and Updates below:


So the main game now has a working demo, Hope you guys enjoy it

Fire Emblem 8 Time Scarred
New Master File Alpha Build 0.5.1.PATCH.20210421141519

Fe Time Scarred: Rikers Crew
Rikers Crew Beta 0.2.PATCH.2_18_2020

Fe Time Scarred: Rebirth
Creepy Tales.PATCH.20200815153103

Fe Time Scarred: The Unwanted Saga
i try

Fe Time Scarred: Sage Wars is in early development

Units for each faction thus far

I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone in this community. Without you all of the sprites and Animations, I wouldn’t be able to start producing all these great ideas. I’m truly a writer at heart with a huge passion for gaming. So, I want to thank each and everyone here, for creating content. In all my games I will give credit and special thanks to everyone.

Although The Fire Emblem Time Scarred’s main storyline takes place during the events of Fire Emblem 8’s alternative timeline, I do have many other projects in the works to further enhance and grow the universe I want to create. Many of these stories are for the extended cast or even characters that never affect the main storyline.

These games are intended to be short stories, telling events of side characters, or even main characters taking on new journeys.

But what is Fe Time Scarred?

Well, for starters it’s a Rom hack or Patch, thats main objective is to increase the games overall difficulty, while creating a brand new alternative story for our Fe 8 characters and extending.

Fire Emblem Time Scarred

Now, as we all know, the story of Fe8 ends with our valiant heroes defeating the Demon King. However what if I were to tell you that somewhere between time and space, lies multiple universes hence Multi-theory and it is within these parameters that our story unfolds.

Thus leads us to the story of

Fire Emblem Time Scarred or Fe 8TS.

It all starts when Nergal, the main antagonist of Fire Emblem The Blazing Blade, uses an ancient spell during the final fight with our heroes in hopes to remove them from both time and space it self. With his back against the wall he sees no other way than to call upon the dark arts of forbidden sorcery. However, by doing so, he sends himself forward in time. His body and mind becoming strained and contorted. It is here that he is reached out to be whispers he can’t decipher. As he hurls through time, he reappear during the demise of the Demon King. As he watches the evil vanish from this world, a faint whisper calls out to him, imbedding itself within Nergal already distorted state. Yet just as abruptly that he appeared in this timeline, he is ripped from it, sending him back in time. Yet unknowingly to him, this is not his original universe, but an alternate timeline before his unavoidable death. Seizing the opportunity at hand, he descends into the shadows, waiting and plotting his rise to power. As time goes on he manages to witness, his own death at the hands of the three heroes. Enraged that his death was inevitable he calls out to the Demon King and looks for ways to ensure that it will be him who controls The Demon Kings power. This eventually lead to him joining Lyons court, pulling strings and changing the course of the event take place during Fe8 normally.

Nergal, does have many advantages in his flavor. Over the years he has been able to glance into the future and see what events need to be avoided or changed to prevent the Demon Kings failure.

Throughout this project I am reusing many resources as well as creating new assets and will be giving credit to all items used. You may even get credit even if your assets weren’t used. I thank the Fe Community before hand and am deeply grateful for all the support.

For more updates to come…
Check out my YouTube channel

Here are some Pics from the Main Game: Fire Emblem Time Scarred

Here is just a handful of the cast so far, many are missing nothing is final


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44

Here are some of the other game in the works:

Fe Time Scarred: Rose Stones - on hiatus

This 7 chapter story revolves around Princess Rose, a young soon to be Queen of a distant island south of Renais. However, her story takes her further than expected as the Demon King fears that her coming to power will hinder his ever growing strength, while he deals with his Resurrection.

Rose%20Stats Sparks%20Stats Jasper%20Stats

Fe Time Scarred: Lost Souls - In progress

A short 3 chapter story telling of a Young boy cursed to become what he hates most, his true self.

Main Characters of Lost Soul
Alexis Wallace

Fe Time Scarred: Rikers crew - In progress

A ?? chapter storytelling the events of The Pirate King Riker,
as he struggles with the idea of reuniting the seas and protecting his new found crew.

Many of the main cast from Time Scarred show up here from Lucas, Pep, and Bandwith.

Bandwith's%20Stats Cathy's%20Stats Dawson's%20Stats Lucas's%20Stats Pep's%20Stats Raith's%20Stats Riker's%20Stats Ruzzel's%20Stats
New%20Weapons Sarah's%20Stats
Boa%20%26%20Goji%20Stats La'Arch%20Stats Samantha%20Stats Theo%20Stats

Fe Time Scarred: Rebirth - Alpha demo finished for now

Creepy takes place during the same time as our main story line of these games. You follow 172-22, an experimental Valkyrie type unit, as she tries to escape her doomed faith and try to right the wrongs caused by her creation.

This is still an early build consisting of only 5 Chapters. This story does have a few time skips in story due to 172-22 going into trance like states and traversing from place to place. I hope you all enjoy

Here is the link Creepy Tales.PATCH.20200815153103

Here are the units at base.

172 Carly EX1 EX2 Mirier Rail Trinta

Fe Time Scarred: The Unwanted Saga

What started off as project created through treads has turn into yet another tale within this universe

Fe Time Scarred: The Unwanted Saga

Puzzle games
Creepy Pasta Games
Meme Games
Solo Runs
Mages Vs Shamans
Folk Tales
And more!!

Thank you all for all the support and I hope to grow this all with you


I am proud to announce that Rikers Crew is 80% complete. It will only be 8 chapters long but I hope that it will be enough to gain support and start making moves towards growing this games community ideas.

Link to play should be up within the week


All of these look top notch! I am very excited to see where all this goes and I look forward to seeing how all of this unfolds. Cheers!

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Updates are live woah!!

The game softlocks in chapter 2 after talking to either Dawson or Raith.

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Thank you for bringing this my attention. However I am not experiencing that on my end. I will look more into this problem.

Patch Notes
Rikers Crew Beta 0.2

Added weapon varity and options to enemy units

Fixed Theo walking and standing Animations

Ajusted Vexs Stats lowering her Skill and STG from 10 to 9

Add hidden stuff to maps

Ch2 Recuirts have more weapon choices

Corrected Theo and Sams Dialouges

Increases starting enemies on chapter 1 by 2

Added 4-5 Reniforments to Chapter 2

Rework for Dasagger

Inceased Exp gained from Boss kills

Started working on support system

Due to an ever decreasing mindset.
A New Game title has started development.
It will only be around 5 chapters.
It will revolve around a person
Referred to as 172-22
And as she ties to reclaim what is being taken from her.

As of writing the Cast will only be 3 Characters

More news soon.

Heavily thinking about doing a few let’s plays

The day has finally come
Creepy Alpha is here

Is the lost soul finished? If not when??

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How bout the rose stones???

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Lost souls was pushed back for quite sometime now. However we have reopened the project and expect to have it finished off by the end of the week.

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Ok whats the story about anyway i just got teased by the screenshot

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Rose Stones is a tricky question. We have plans to finishes a shorter version of it. Due to a lost of resources.

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When do i expect the release of the main story? (A year?)

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The plot of Lost Soul, follows Wallace and Alexis as they leave there raided town in search for a better life. However as they plan their escape, a mystic of a man (Tate) encounters them. From there he explains they need to come with him, for they have big plans. They decline. This leads them into discovering what those plans truly may be.

This side story also connects to all of the other projects and main storyline.

Over the course of working on all the side stories. With many more to come. We have learned a great deal of improvements that need to be made to the main story. Another demo of the main story could happen by the end of the year. And with support we will strive to push for that goal.

However with this being said we have shifted towards a single path story. Leading us to scrap many of the second route and rework that into one linear plot line.

As of right now, we can confirm and give insight to a few cool things.

Ch.20 will allow the player to control 50+ Units
There are some monster units that the play can gain control of.
You can expect some FE youtuber appearing.
We hope to get Mangs and Marky Joe to play this game.

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Ill be waiting for the lost souls. It will be finished at sunday right??

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welp its safe to say one of those youtubers might play it the other one is mangs

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