[FE5] [Completed] Thracia 776: Reverse Boss Recruitment Hack

It‘s Thracia, but you play the bosses and fight against the original cast!

Follow lord Veld, his trusted knight Raydrik and his merry men, the deadlords, on a magical journey after the malicious prince Leaf and his pawn, baron Finn, kidnapped Velds love interest Bharat and find out that the real treasure are the ~40 generic-looking friends they make along the way!

This hack replaces every playable character with a boss or NPC and vice versa. Since there aren‘t enough bosses to replace every unit, August, Dorias, Julius and Ishtar are included as playables. On top of that, Lara is unchanged since she funtions as both your thief in Manster and your dancer. This hack also gives most bosses who appear as a general or baron in the base game a new class, as there wouldn‘t be any variety between units otherwise.

Update: Version 1.1 of the hack is out! On top of some fixes, this version is updated to version 1.08 of Lil’ Manster, allowing you to access all the new and amazing QoL features of that version. Many thanks to Miacis for helping me with the switch!

Note: This hack does not alter any dialogue, it‘s gameplay only (apart from some memes).

The SF Thread can be found here.

Download Link

The complete changelog can be found here.

The Folder also includes a 0% growths version and an Everyone Is Largo version. The creeping realization that everyone is Largo is something I just wanted to share (his portrait gets reused like 5 times in the game).

The Optional QoL/unit reordering patches from LM are also included.

Known Issues:

  • Stoning bosses before they can participate in certain events (like Leaf in chapter 5) can cause soflocks. Just don‘t do that. Stoning bosses in general is fine though – and hilariously broken!

  • If a unit gets stoned, then recruited (like Trewds or Mishas replacement, at the end of the chapter), they‘ll stay stoned as the status doesn‘t get cleared between chapters.

Note that I might have missed some bugs and glitches. If you encounter anything that looks like one, please contact me immediately on SF or on Discord (user Blade of Light#6050). Thanks!


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I can’t wait to finally be able to play as Kempf.

No, Heroes doesn’t count.


Version 1.1 is out, you can now play Reverse Boss Recruitment with all the LM 1.08 QoL improvements!


ahhhhhh yes. Kempf. Kempf in America. I can’t wait to use him to draw ememies to near him while not equiping any weapons.

I’m pretty far into this and I have to say it is pretty fun! It’s a nice twist on thracia and is exciting to see what new clones you will get and their new classes.