Wow a hack

Recently I started making a hack, and I decided to post it somewhere to get some feedback!
So here’s the link:!paIgEShL!jBSxefrqRXFpN_qapNzUv0_QLZy-w4z8jVv_yLd-QiY

As for now the hack has 5 playable chapters and 5 new playable characters, it’s still kinda buggy but I hope you can have fun with it!

random screenshots because idk what to screenshots:

i don’t own anything, the only thing i did was the portraits and coding.

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i don’t remember roms bring allowed on this website

might wanna get yourself a ups patch insteads so the legality ain’t as fuzzy


Oof thanks just hafta figure out how to do that. Thanks anyways

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Where the screenshots


alright i think now it’s ok, thank you again for telling me-

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oh yeah, good idea. I thout that this was going to pass unnoticed so i didn’t take them-

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That sure is some status background.

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Yeah, i’m just playing around rn, but i’ll definetly change it. Words and numbers are kinda unreadable

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Heeeeeeeeeeere’s the link!MHICXIwZ!_8J2dUZHLy4xP5I-ooCdKoyh0AYExZlsBT0AQd6TtRs

The hack reached a total of 8 chapters! yay

  • What’s new?
    The shade tome got a reaver effect + 10 crit;
    Blank starts with E rank dark magic;
    Blank has a new class, it’s actually just a shaman with different name and skills;
    Change the unit stat’s background;
    Piikae’s personal skill has been changed to reposition since it seems like solidarity didn’t work.

That’s it for changes. Warning there are some placeholder portraits and one playable character (Wynter) is not completed.
There are a lot of typos, and death quotes don’t show up.

Think about a name for the hack;
Finish the portraits + charcters;
Fix the death quotes problem;
Fix world map and world map events;
Add more custom items;
Add custom music;
Change the bgs;
Figure out how to change the chapter’s titles in-game.

Alright, that’s it for now guys, I’m also planning to make promoted units’ level cap at 30 instead of 20. I hope you’ll have fun!
I’m also thinking of opening portrait requests, but I think I’ll wait until chapter 10 is done.


What’s up with the download? Instead of the usual .rar file containing a patch (or a patch by itself) this is an extensionless file, kinda weird. People no longer use other formats but .ups is not the only format a patch can be in, it would be better if you don’t remove the file extension. It’s just inconvenient.

Also, what do you mean when you say Solidarity doesn’t work? What version of the Skill System are you using? What have you tried? What did you observe?
I just tried the skill and it works perfectly fine on my end.

And for the chapter names you will want a patch that makes it use text instead of graphics:

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Hi there, glad to hear your hack is coming along.

However, you should probably just update your original post about your hack. You can edit the original post; also there’s no rules against necroposting older topics (your last one was active 10 days ago).

Happy hacking, friend!

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  1. I tried to make a .ups patch and i didn’t notice taht the file actually didn’t have any extension, i’m going to fix that quickly.

  2. Some friends i sent the rom to on discord said it didn’t work and i kinda just believed them since i don’t really notice if skills work or not, thing that i should do more.

  3. Oof thanks, I’m gonna patch it right away

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Oof, alright thanks. Sorry I’m still kinda new so i don’t know how things work here, but yeah i’ll try to do that next time! And thanks uwu

No worries, buddy.

When you get the chance: you should have received a private message from a bot called ‘Greetings!’ when you joined up; there’s some helpful links in said PM that go over the rules/guidelines/etc.

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alright, I think that now it should be fixed! Thanks for warning me

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Merged with your previous topic (they are the same project right?).

I can revert this if I misunderstood the situation.

I didn’t know you could do that-
But yeah they’re the same, i am just dumb and don’r know how things work, but now i kinda know so I to not make any more errors-


Oh is something up with the link? Or was I just too late again haha

Edit. Nvm, timer just updated to show my 2 years ago