Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now

Maiden of Darkness (Named both for its legacy status as a subtitle for FE6 and because it abbreviates to Mod which is what this is) is a remake of FE6 in FE6. Why? Because I hate myself that’s why. Actually, originally the remake was my simple attempts to touch up the game when Super Luigi’s FE6 in FE7 hack was underway, I figured when it was done, there would be no reason to ever play FE6 again, so I’d give it a quick send off.

That didn’t happen.

lets give a short round up of what has been achieved

  • 27/44 chapters have been completed to varying degrees of ‘complete’ Some like Chapter 1 simply need their text to be inserted and sent off. Some are just complete like Chapter 2 or 4. And some, like Chapter 3, were complete and are undergoing revisions.
  • Almost all personal skills have been completed. And all Skill Icons have been completed and can be seen here.

  • All battle animations except Lalum’s Sword Dance have at least a beta in the game.
  • Paired Endings, the Base, Event-based supports, Event placed Ballistae, Str/Mag split, skill icons, fixed CSA’s, expanded weapons, displayed growth rates, Escape and others.
  • Just working on the promo portraits


  • Hey are we going to see this from FE7-

Fire Emblem 7 is a great game, and while ignoring that it happened is impossible when re-imagining FE6 at the same time, this is still a hack about FE6. While having the occasional cameo isn’t unlikely, it will only be to further the world and lore of Fire Emblem 6. This is not a continuation of the tale of Eliwood, Hector and Lyn. This is the tale of Roy, Guinevere and Lilina. It’s a tale of clashing ideology between a young man who’s been forced into a role he was unprepared for, and a man who’s been beaten by the horrors of life to the point of seeing nothing redeeming in the form of man.

The answer to your question is almost always going to be ‘No’ from music to characters to events. Unless it supports and benefits the story don’t expect it. Maybe I’ll have some characters previously from FE7 using Strike as their battle song, and playing “Together We Ride” when recruiting them, but don’t expect me to just use music because FE7 had it.

  • Release when?

While I actually don’t mind being asked on the status of the project, please understand that a lot of the work being done is by people who are not being paid, at all. I do not ask for donations from people, In turn, I can’t pay anyone who works for me. Some people are still in university, others do commissioned work. I cannot demand they work any more than they do depending on their time.

So in short, Release when it’s done

  • Demo?

Considered it, decided that I’d rather not have a tonne of incomplete versions of the game around. In my mind a demo is a slice of completed project to excite the audience, which, by that time, I just want to release MoD. No build up or anything.

  • Is this Fanfiction?
    Yeah, basically. All romhacking to any extent is fanfiction, and I fully accept that MoD is my own fanfiction of FE6. In spite of my best efforts to make things feel professional, there is no getting around that this is essentially playable fanfiction.

  • How can I support you?

You can’t. I don’t accept donations and there’s no Patreon. If you have talent as an artist, you can offer to lend a hand. But other than that there’s no way to support me. I could open up donations and the like, but it’s murky legal-wise and I don’t feel right taking peoples money for fanfiction. I instead ask that you support the people who help me out. Since without them nothing would be possible.

I guess you could subscribe to me on but only if you enjoy the content I produce

– Progress –
Essential Animations:
Larum Sword Animations (Placeholders Added)
Elphin Promoted Animations (Scripting)

Essential ASM:
Support Screen Fix
Elen Skill
Klein Skill
Nimue Skill
Sigune Skill
Yoder Skill
Inheritance Mechanicl and Related Skills

Essential Maps:
Chapter 15x (Nabata Gaiden)

Essential Spell Animations:
Flame Lance
Bolt Axe
Shining Bow - PMD starting arrow flash
Elphin Prf
Guinevere Prf
Lugh Prf - Mistral - Wind Animation

Essential Writing:
Main Plot (Current Progress 26/45)
Chapter 1 - Complete
Chapter 2 -Complete
Chapter 3 - Complete
Chapter 4 - Complete
Chapter 5 - Complete
Chapter 6 - Complete
Chapter 7 - Complete
Chapter 8 - Complete
Chapter 9 - Complete
Chapter 9x - Complete
Chapter 10 - Complete
Chapter 11 - Complete
Chapter 12 - Complete
Chapter 13 - Complete
Chapter 13x - Complete
Chapter 14 - Complete
Chapter 15 - Complete
Chapter 15x - Complete
Chapter 16 - Complete
Chapter 17 - Complete
Chapter 18 - Complete
Chapter 19 - Complete
Chapter 20 - Complete
Chapter 20x - Cut
Chapter 21 - Complete
Chapter 22 - Complete
Chapter 23 - Complete
Chapter 24 - Complete
Chapter 24x - Complete
Chapter 25 - Complete
Chapter 26 - Complete
Chapter 27 - Complete
Chapter 28 - Undergoing Revision
Chapter 28x - 0%
Chapter 29 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 30 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 31 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 32 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 32x - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 33 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 33x - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 34 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 35 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 36 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter FINAL - 0%

Essential Eventing: (Current Progress 15/46)
Chapter 1 - Complete, Undergoing Testing
Chapter 2 - Complete, Undergoing Testing
Chapter 3 - Complete, Undergoing Testing
Chapter 4 - Complete, Undergoing Testing
Chapter 5 - Complete, Undergoing Testing
Chapter 6 - Complete, Undergoing Testing
Chapter 7 - Complete, Undergoing Edits
Chapter 8 - Complete, Undergoing Edits
Chapter 9 - 50%, Undergoing Edits
Chapter 9x - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 10 - Complete, Undergoing Testing
Chapter 11 - Complete, Undergoing Testing
Chapter 12 - Complete, Undergoing Testing
Chapter 13 - 99%, Undergoing Edits
Chapter 13x - Undergoing Revision
Chapter 14 - Complete, Undergoing Testing
Chapter 15 - Complete, Undergoing Testing
Chapter 15x - Complete, Undergoing Testing
Chapter 16 - Complete, Undergoing Testing
Chapter 17 - 50%
Chapter 18 - 0%
Chapter 19 - 50%
Chapter 20 - 50%
Chapter 20x - 0% (Potentially Cut)
Chapter 21 - 50%
Chapter 22 - 50%
Chapter 23 - 50%
Chapter 24 - Undergoing Edits
Chapter 24x - Undergoing Edits
Chapter 25 - Undergoing Edits
Chapter 26 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 27 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 28 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 28x - 0%
Chapter 29 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 30 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 31 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 32 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 32x - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 33 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 33x - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 34 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 35 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter 36 - In Progress, Undergoing Revision
Chapter FINAL - 0%


holy fuck
and I was midway finishing my fe6 run. this will be a nice comparison


Holy crap on a pancake

Edit since I’m home now, and actually have access to a keyboard: A big thank you from me to you Omni, for letting me pick Roy’s mom EliwoodxLyn master race, and I can’t wait for the release. Question tho, are Gaidens automatically accessed now, or do you still have to fill out requirements in the previous chapter, and will you get to pick Lillina’s mom too?

Finally, I never liked Chapter 13 of FE6, I don’t have any ideas to fix my problems with it yet, but I thought I’d point it out anyway.

I swear this is my last edit


So many questions…
Why is Hector a Merc?
Chapter 3… What the hell happened lol. Bors is in a cell and not in my army? Erk is apparently playable??? Did chapter 1 just not even happen?
I would ask why bandits are given a “sinister secret” and what plot happened in chapter 4, but I’ll wait for the demo.
Chapter 8 Lilina not in a cell has me confused. Off having her own adventures??? She was supposed to go back to Ostia after being told to by Eliwood…
No route split sounds nice… one long narrative sounds kind of not. Idk, maybe having two separate armies tackle sacae and ilia? But limitations are probably a thing, so meh
If I remember correctly, someone sent a letter to Etruria like in chapter 5 or 6, so they can be there in two chapters, but whatever.
Return to Lycia arc? Not even going to comment on this outside of “why?”
Question: are you moving the location of the castle from the capital to somewhere else?

tl; dr version
I like the ambition, not a fan of most of the execution. Mainly because it seems to ignore what actually happens in fe6 (basically of of ch3 is the biggest offender. While I like the escape mission, I thought about it for a good hour and realized it doesn’t make sense in that chapter specifically).
Also those maps-- nevermind.

But keep at it! I plan to try this out despite my opinions.


Why is Hector a Merc?

Because I needed to use a portrait to dummy the arena master. Hectors was conveniently there

Chapter 3

Wendy joins in chapter 1.

The rest

I’m not ignoring what happened in FE6. I’m changing it. It’s basically playable fanfiction and I know that can turn people off. But I decided very early that while I’m keeping the overall story and beats, the chapters themselves I have no problem rewriting. There are plenty of hacks out there that just restat FE6 a little or improve the gameplay. I’m not going to say I’m going to ‘improve’ the story because… well that’s arrogant.But I’m going to try my best.

I will explain the chapter 5 terrible secret though, they aren’t Bandits, they’re Bern’s soldiers and they’ve already penetrated that deep into Lycia. Chapter 6 is the same chapter, the escape from Thria since Lord Orun has been assassinated and it’s under the enemies control. I just figured that rather that taking place in the middle of nowhere and fighting some bandits, instead you come to Occupied Thria with the Bern soldiers controlling the place while you’re being ‘told’ they’re bandits from one of ‘Lord Oruns Messangers’ It builds off the theme of Chapter 4, that is that the strength of patriotisim and alliance in Lycia is completely thrown out the window, and Roy has no one he can turn to… to place the mantle of leadership that got dumped on his shoulder since he was the only one left. Fitting the overall theme of the Lycia arc that Roy is someone who has been thrust into the leadership role through the sheer fact that everyone else is dead or in no position to lead, and he is facing down an army of the greatest military might on the continent with some greenhorn knights, a band of mercenaries, his mentor, an Etrurian agent, and a bunch of civilians. You are the ragtag group. That is why you run in Chapter 3, bcause while you can take the throne, you cannot hold it. You run yourself to Ostia taking the small victory here and there but doing nothing to deal a real blow to the wave moving through the nation. And then chapter 9 comes, you’ve taken the castle, probably feeling pretty empowred, you’re going to face down th bern army and kick them out of your country! And you can only barely just hold the line.

Well this one got away from me, But I totally understand your confusion and waryness.


Pretty sure all rom hacks are playable fanfiction, so if that turns someone off from this one in particular, but not say Elibean Nights or Last Promise, they are just hypocrites anyway.


I’d argue that romhacks take a bit more effort than a fafic, since there’s more involved than just writing.


Uh… Not even close. EN is a entirely fan-made concept based on Elibe, while TLP isn’t even related to anything and entirely made up. This would be more or less changing an existing story to fit someone’s own idea of what should have happened, which is entirely understandable for why it would turn them off.

But this isn’t really on topic.

@Onmi makes sense overall, I was expecting something more true to the actual fe6, but this is fine as well.


So, here’s a minor update for folks, we’ve been messing with FE6’s save routine and… turns out that was more complex than we thought. Nothing to worry about, it’s just taking a bit longer to fix than we thought. We’ve inserted almost all of the new items minus their icons, and most of the boring data entry stuff is complete.

So From there it’s ASM and maps. And offering a blood sacrifice to summon our animator from the depths of hell.


Question: on the now defunct Serenes Forest thread, it mentions some FE7 characters such as Lyn and Eliwood will be playable, is this still the case, or are they purely NPCs still?


Yes. That is still the case.


I swear I’ve seen this worked on on /feg/. Would that have been you by any chance? Anyway, this looks amazing. FE6 is my second favorite game in the series and it getting love is great. Good luck! Really looking forward to this now.


Yes, I typically post in-progress updates on /feg/ under the same name. But since we were so close to the Demo’s release date, I decided to post a thread here.


Alright just making sure. Again really excited. Good luck!

Also quick question about the base; what’s the explanation for it in game? Is it a My Castle deal where it’s a little pocket dimension? If it’s like the base in 9/10 wouldn’t it make more sense for it to look like a camp rather than a hall? And why would Merlinus sell items if he’s part of the army? I mean, not to diss on the hard work you put in, but it’s rather odd to me. Still very excited for it though.

Edit: did someone just edit my comment? Kinda new here so I’m not sure if that’s normal

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The explanation is “A conveniently located castle before each chapter” because, frankly, the other option is making a bunch of maps that respond to the different climates of the game and we want the game out already, so we’ll cut back on going super detailed for a credibility stretching premise.

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Well, most maps in FE3 Book 1 start with Marth’s army leaving a nearby fort tile. You could just do the same here.

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I’m happy to announced that paired endings as ASM has been completed for the hack. While the Demo will most likely not contain the endings themselves, they’re ready for implementation. A Nightmare Module is being made and will be included with the final release, and you can create a Paired ending for as many support pairings as there are.

All units endings are displayed in full after the credits, but paired endings are not shown together, instead a unit will be shown in full and their ending text will be altered if they are in a pairing (like Roy’s wives would be, or how it works in Radiant Dawn) This works both ways however.

NOTE: Obviously this was us testing with pre-existing ending texts.

As always, this stuff is freely moddable by you when the hack is released, so if your favorite pairing doesn’t have an ending or I didn’t pander to your particular insanity pairings, feel free to edit it as you see fit. I freely open the hack as a canvas for others to express themselves. Also, the ASM for his ending table will be released separately, in case anyone else wanting to hack FE6 decides they want this. While that number may not be many, perhaps the knowledge that there is asm like this out there will entice them.


Freely editable endings huh, ElphinxGunievere and LilinaxMarcus confirmed

Speaking of ASM tho, will the bit that lets you pick Roy’s mom be in the demo, or is that saved for the final release?

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If we get around to setting it up, the former,if not, then the latter.

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Sounds ballin. I just need muh Fir/Noah and I’ll be happy.

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