[FE15] Route Swap patch

This patch swaps the units between Celica’s and Alm’s route. Meaning in act 1 you will use Celica, Boey, Mae and Genny, and in act 2 you will use Alm, Kliff, Gray and Tobin!

Big thanks to KrashBoomBang for calculating the units stats and balance changes, and 3DSFE ROM Hacking discord for helping with a bunch of stuff!

How to install the patch and download it:

Spreadsheet with the units stats:

Hope you like your desert maps but with warp now!


At least you’ll have Tatiana and her fortify in time for the Duma Gate and the Upheaval hell.


can we also make celicas side optional?(being able to just walk through with alm with celicas army not joining final map if she is not there?) xD
anyways, it feels so weird to see that many mages at the beginning of almroute

New release version 1.0.1!


  • Celica can now use the Beloved Zofia and the Royal Sword, while can Alm can use the Falchion.
  • Delthea’s spell list tweaked as if she got autoleveled to level 14.

Spreadsheet with the units stats:

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Got a little problem. I made it to Act 3, but there are missing battles on the map, some of which disallow me from recruiting the corresponding units. The battle where Valbar, Kamui, and Leon help as NPCs is completely gone, but I was able to recruit their replacements after where the battle should have appeared.

In Act 3, the battle where Palla and Catria help as NPCs is also missing, and because that battle was missing, their replacements can’t be recruited. The same goes for the Sonya and Deen battles. Since neither battle was available on the map, their replacements weren’t in the citadel.

Edit: Initiating a skirmish in those spots from the spawning enemies activates the battles, but all this does it glitch the game out.

Are using luma3DS or did you repack the ROM?
If using luma 3ds, does your Data/Dispos folder look like this? Or if you repacked the ROM does this files exist in the Data/Dispos folder?
On my end using the lastest update with the patcher, it is working fine.

Try updating it, if it still didn’t work, try removing the Dispos files for the maps:
ソフィアの海岸 -> Zofia Coast (Palla’s Map)
水門 -> Sluice Gate (Tartarrah/Delthea’s map)
海賊の砦 -> The Pirate Throne (Valbar’s Map)
砂漠の北 -> Northern Desert Battle (Deen’s Map)
砂漠の南 -> Southern Desert Battle (Sonya’s Map)

Also, is the Sluice Gate map working? It shows Tartarrah on the map normally?

Yeah, I extracted and repacked the ROM, and all those files are there. I also updated, with the latest being 1.1, right?

Also, I didn’t get to the Sluice Gate yet. I stopped right after Grieth’s Citadel to work out the problem before going further.

Yeah, the lastest version is 1.0.1.

I’m working on a new version with a 0%/100% growths version, but I doubt it would resolve the problem.

Maybe it is a problem with the Dispos? Sluice Gate is the last map of act 3 Alm’s Route (the vanilla alm), check if Tartarrah is not on the map, if he is not there it is probably affecting all patched files in the Dispos folder.

If you want a band-aid fix, you can just use the vanilla Dispos files for now. The recrutable characters stats wouldn’t change, but some enemies will be different and weird. Like this monster will exist in place of enemy Delthea.

Actually, that’s right. He’s not on the map, but a bow knight skirmish is still where he should be.

Also, there are two other issues and I wanted to know if these were design quirks or even meant to happen at all:

  1. Celica starts with the Golden Dagger, and when Alm starts in Act 2, he has the Golden Dagger and Celica loses it. What sucks about this is that if it’s upgraded to Beloved Zofia, no one in his army can use it and the merchants won’t send it back to her. This isn’t in the Google Doc, so I assume this wasn’t supposed to happen.

  2. When Celica’s promotion happens, her level doesn’t reset to 1. So now that she’s at level 20, she’s stuck where she is in stats…assuming I don’t use the overclass DLC.

  1. Oh I did leave the forced Golden Dagger on Lukas since it wouldn’t change much and if you wanted to use it for whatever meme purposes, it was there. I didn’t know that Celica would lose it, I will look into that. Thank you!
  2. Hmm, seems like something is wrong with your files again, on my end it’s working fine.
    Also I don’t think it is even possible to a forced promotion to not go to level 1?
    (don’t mind the capped stats, I just save-edited it to rush through the game to test stuff)

Maybe the patcher is having trouble patching files with JP unicode on it? I’m going to try looking into it. Sorry for all these problems.

I’m using your prepatched files, and they work fine. I guess the Japanese unicode is doing something unusual to it because the patcher gave me bad(?) files.

Also my Celica was at level 13 when the forced promotion happened. The promotion event itself worked fine, but when it did, she was still at level 13. This is the only time I’ve seen a promotion in this game not reset someone’s level, too.

Can you port it for GBA?

Okay, so I just got to Act 6, and Alm can’t use the Royal Sword while Celica can. So, Celica is pretty much getting the best of all the worlds.

Yeah, Royal Sword can be locked only to Celica or Alm, or available to everyone. I made only for Celica since she gets instead of Alm, and Alm prefers to use bows anyway.