[COMPLETED] [FE7] Fire Emblem Poop Ver 1.7 | Where there's smoke, they pinch back


Fire Emblem Poop | Where there’s smoke, they pinch back

~Credit to Aalware for the art

Fire Emblem Poop (aka FEP) is a medium sized hack that centers around Link and his adventure through Hyrule.
If you haven’t figured it out yet, this hack’s main focus is more quantity instead of quality. There are a lot- and I mean a lot- of jpeg’d portraits, animations, and other graphical stuff.

FEP is a hack centered mostly around humor and gameplay. That being said, that doesn’t mean that there’s no story involved, it just isn’t going to be a TLP or SoA level of detail.

Here are some previews:

~Credit to Markyjoe1990 for the Link portrait
~Credit to Xenith for Tambo’s portrait


  • 1.1 Side Chapter balance
  • 1.2 Fixed debugging glitch
  • 1.3 Buffed Link’s Atk growth
  • 1.4 Fixed a bug that prevents the player from advancing
  • 1.5 Nerfed Link just slightly split the difference between the buff, nerfed the Chapter 1 boss and an enemy on chapter 2 as requested by MJ1990 I did not cut the map size by three though.
  • 1.6 Fixed a bug in the late game shop that caused more items to appear after purchasing an item or weapon Which led to other glitches
  • 1.7 Removed the door in Chapter X, proved to be too much of a hassle





Download the soundtrack here

Keeping the previous versions so I can count how many people downloaded

This is it Luigi


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Lonk talking

Y u do dis evil thing


Yeah that’s right, you filthy whore. I gave you heart. What are you going to do about it, huh? Huh?!

…Was that a tomato with a shotgun?


“You know what they say, Luigi - all hackers, hack hacks!”


Glad to see my post style rubbed off on you since its quite literally the exact same


Good god have mercy


Alright, I’mma say it. This thing needs to get purged.

Congrats on finishing it!


Congrats on finishing the hack Tambo, this was a long time coming.


Made a small update:
Basically made one of the side chapters more playable





Ch2 is being unbeatable pls halp


I recommend playing harder, but that might just be me :man_shrugging:


Is this an HD remaster of Supra Mayro 64 ?


Updated :ok_hand:


Be sure to read all the dialogue, since it gives you hints


Released another update :ok_hand:


It’s come to my attention that there are a few glitches that appear to be emulator specific. With this in mind, I HIGHLY encourage anyone playing to use VisualBoy Advance, since this emulator has not been known to have any of these glitches


New version released, fixed a bug in the shop of a late game chapter, there are now two shops instead of only one


For those of you still on 1.6 or lower and are on chapter X, please update to 1.7, as this will fix the door issue