FE 7 The Path of a Hero CH: 60 True Ending+Side Story, Complete Version+ DLC(Working in progress)

Hi everyone I made this mod for Fire Emblem 7.
My intent is to create a new story by staying in the game world of FE 7, while remaining faithful to some important events of the main story.
The mod is complete 100%
To play you will need to use this ROM FE 7 USA
Not being English and using an online translator for the dialogues, there may be some errors, if you find any please notify me.

New Story
The story begins very lightly with protagonists Lyn, Hector and Eliwood sent on a training trip by their family to train and rule their respective nations in the future.

In the first story arc, the story focuses on a mysterious boy who was found by our heroes, passed out on the plains of Sacae, and after they survive the bandit attack and save the boy, they set out in search of information about about him and about his past.

The second narrative arc takes place a month after the previous events and sees Ninian how protagonist, a girl saved in the previous journey who, afflicted by a curse, remains anchored to her past and sees in the protagonist a friend to trust, but a evening something will happen that will forever upset the life of our heroes.

In the third story arc, the story becomes very dark.
After avenging his grandfather, Lyn along with Mark and the rest of the group, they reach Laus to put an end to all the atrocities that are happening within the alliance, but disembark at Laus will be the their ‘‘First Step to Doom’’.

Fourth story arc: Is it right to fight for what you love or for what is right?.
These are the thoughts of a girl who lost her loved one in battle.

Final: ‘‘I will save you, Sister!.
Should I be forced to kill our father!.
I will save you!, I swear on my life!.’’

Side Story:
This story is set between the end of the first story arc and the beginning of the second.
You will face an adventure together with Eliwood and Hector to investigate the mysterious disappearance of some people.

Balanced\Graphic Changes

Weapons\Spells and Items
All items and spells\weapons have been rebalanced and modified to give you a better gaming experience and new weapons have been added, 1 for each protagonist and others that can be unlocked through special events.
Added shields as equippable weapons.

All classes have undergone heavy balance changes and are much more differentiated from each other.
Some classes will use different weapons and animations than the original ones.
Some new classes have been added to make the game more different.

Poison\Class\Level bonus change

To improve the mod balance, the standard level up of the characters and enemies has also been completely changed, with the characters that will start with statistics much more differentiated from the original based on their class and that then through the level up will go to differentiate themselves more and more, the bonus level up being random, I changed the maximum stat limits of each class to prevent them from becoming too unbalanced by the others.

Poison will now be much more dangerous for your characters and enemies will be able to use Poison weapons before you in the story.

The rogue will now have a minor visibility bonus in fog.

You will need to reach level 12+ to get a class upgrade, and since the EXP bonus each enemy gives you is less it will be more difficult to get promoted.

Some special enemies like the undead or the bosses will get extra bonuses to their stats during their level progress to be much more dangerous

Map\Graphic Changes
All bosses have been recolored and their animation has been changed, their behavior is also different from the original.
All maps have been strategically modified and recolored, with enemies positioned differently and with a different inventory to push you to choose a good strategy to win.
From a graphical point of view, the character statistics menu has been slightly modified and the combat screen has been recolored.
All shops now sell different weapons, and the cost of weapons and items has also been adjusted to match their new balance.

Weapons Triangle\Terrain Bonus
Normal Weapons Triangle:
Spears\Swords Axes\Spears Swords\Axes:±2 Damage\10% Evade

Triangle of Force:
ALL:±15 Evade
Anima\Swords Swords\Dark
Light\Spears Spears\Anima
Dark\Axes Axes\Light

Thief’s Triangle:
Daggers\Spears Axes\Daggers:±2 Damage\10% Evade
Dark\Daggers:±15 Evade

Distance Triangle:
Bows\Fly: Triple Damage
Fly\Bows: Double Damage
ALL: +10 Evade
Anima\Bows Dark\Bows Light\Bows

Forest: EVADE 10% DEF+ 1
Fort: EVADE 15% HEAL 20% DEF+ 2
Sand: EVADE 10% RES+ 2
Pillar: EVADE 20% DEF+ 2
Mountain: EVADE 20% DEF+ 3
Cliff: EVADE 30% DEF+ 3
Gate (Boss): EVADE 20% HEAL 30% DEF+ 3
Village: EVADE 5%

Eliwood: Son of the Marquis of Pherae since childhood he has always hated fighting, but is pushed by his father to start this journey to make him grow and make him understand that he must fight to protect the people of his nation and to keep peace in the alliance.

Lyn: Granddaughter of the Marquis de Caelin, from an early age she had to fight against the people who denigrated the nomadic blood in her veins. This has made her develop a strong character, she hate those who mistreat people just for fun.

Hector: Younger brother of the Marquis of Ostia, he loves to fight and test himself by challenging people stronger than him, he never gives up in difficult situations and has a tender heart.

Raven: A boy who trained with the bow from an early age, his village is attacked by bandits and reduced to ruins, he travels with the aim of rebuilding it.

Lucius: A very honest and kind traveling monk who pilgrims across the continent helping people in need.

Louise: Princess of a kingdom fallen in the disgrace years ago, survivor of the fire that killed her family and ruined her life, now travels with her guardian in search of answers.

Heath: Guardian of the princess, he was trained from an early age only for the purpose of protecting her, when his father dies in battle trying to protect the princess, Heath decides to continue his father’s role as guardian of the royal family.

Nino: Very sweet and innocent child who has been orphaned since birth, she is easily attached to people.

Wallace: A war veteran who one day during a guard patrol finds a newborn girl in swaddling clothes, decides to leave the world of war to raise the girl as if she were his own daughter.

Wil: very shrewd thief who loves to travel in search of adventure he is the leader of the group of adventurers formed by him, Fiora and Rebecca.

Fiora: Very strong girl capable of riding a mighty wyvern, for her the people in the group she travels in are like family.

Rebecca: Very kind and sweet girl who takes care of the injured during her travels with Wil and Fiora.

Ninian: Mysterious girl of whom not much is known, one day she was found by Wil and now she travels with them.

Eagler: Commander of Caelin’s army, he has been protecting Lyn’s life since she was a child.
His devotion and loyalty to the nation of Caelin are absolute. She has known Lord Hausen since he was a squire.

Mark: The protagonist of our story, his actions will change the fate of the world.

Game Difficult
The mod is designed for veterans of the game and therefore battles will be difficult if you don’t think before you act and make the most of the game environment and the triangle of weapons.
But normal difficulty is accessible to everyone with a tutorial in the first story arc that will explain how to play (for less experienced players) and give you some advice in battle.


Fire Emblem 6 The Royal Army:
FE 6 The Royal Army- Sequel CH: 27 Complete


To create the mod I used Fire Emblem Builder and for the new animations of the characters and enemies I used the link within the editing tool.

Fire Emblem Builder: FE_Builder_GBA -- If you have any questions, attach report7z
New animations: Emblem Anims (emblem-anims.herokuapp.com)

Great Knight: IS, Primefusion
Tactician: Marlon0024, Asael
Wyvern(Axe): Mikey Seregon, Alfred Kamon
Eliwood(Lance): Spud
Cavalier(Female): Flasuban, Team SALVAGED
Sophia Dragon FE 6 Fixes: Circleseverywhere
Leila Assassin: Greentea, DerTheVaporeon
Summoner: Eldritch Abomination, Shin19
Death Angel: cybaster, Luerock, SHYUTERz
Exocirst: Red Bean, Shin19

Characters Event

These special events are meant to delve into the characters to help you understand their history and why they fight.
These events will activate in each chapter, equal to the original supports,
you will get special weapons that you will never find for sale in the shops.

Game contain

The plot at the beginning is very simple with a small story that serves to introduce you to the heroes of the game with levels designed to be quick and fun.
The story becomes much darker at the end of the first story arc and then becomes more and more mysterious as you progress through the game.
The overall story is very mysterious and allows the player to always have new twists or to intrigue him (obviously each player is different and will have different emotions), although the story becomes more and more bleak as it progresses I have tried to reduce to minimal violence and foul language trying to get a mature but not too disturbing mod.

The main topics covered will be: Abuse, friendship, fidelity, suffering, growth of the variuos characters, revenge, jealousy, obsession and the fact of never giving up in the darkest moments and continuing to fight for the right thing.

Choose your Route

This mod allows you to play two different stories each with its own ending.
**When you finish playing Lyn Route, I recommend that you choose another save **
to continue playing Eliwood Route or Hector route.

Lyn route:
Choose this path to have a balanced difficulty and to have fun,
you will play the entire main story from Prologue 1 to the ending and you
can get different bonuses and weapons in the first story arc.

Eliwood route:
Choose this path if you’ve already completed the main story at least once
or want a bigger challenge.
The story will start from the second story arc and you will not
get the bonuses of the previous chapters,
your allies will start with a very low level and the enemies will be more dangerous.

Hector Route: Normal
Choose this path if you want to play the Side Story.
This special story will be very different from the main story,
it will be set between the end of the first story arc and the beginning
of the second and will allow you to get to know different characters and classes.

Differences between normal and hard mode:

Lyn Normal (Standard difficulty):
The difficulty is standard for a normal fire emblem and you will have a fun game
even without using good strategies or using the final weapons.

Lyn Hard (Hard Difficulty): At the beginning it will be identical to the normal mode,
but when you reach the second story arc,
the difficulty level will increase significantly with enemies with an improved AI,
differently equipped and with events that will modify the strategy that you will have to have use to win.

Eliwood Normal (Maniac Difficulty): Difficulty is high but not merciless,
characters will be a low level and enemies will be more dangerous

Eliwood Hard (Lunatic Difficulty): Play this mode only if you are a hardcore gamer,
you will die many times and the enemies and new events have been created to make you suffer.

Hector Normal(Side Story Difficulty): This difficulty level is very special because it will depend on your choices. If you choose to play it in the main story after doing the Lyn Route the difficulty level will be standard, but if you choose to play it as a Side Story the difficulty level will be higher.

Hector Hard(Hard Side Story Difficulty):There will be extra events that will increase the number of enemies to face, these enemies will have different equipment and AI.


Talk to Mark with Final Boss in the final chapter to get an extra cutscene
After completing the final chapter, click continue to watch True Ending.
There is a message that does not belong to my story and remained vanilla ‘‘One year leater’’, unfortunately I could not find a way to remove it, so ignore that written, the events at the end of the first story arc are set one month later.

Preview Path of a Hero Main Story.
Watch it only if you’re curious, as it may contain story spoilers.

Preview DLC Lloyd’s Story
Watch it only if you’re curious, as it may contain story spoilers.


Fire Emblem 7 Path of a Hero Complete 46 Chapter

DLC- Path of a Hero Trial demo 14 Chapter
The DLC is set before the events of Path of a Hero
Beware the story of the DLC might be disturbing to some, so think about it before downloading the file.

Now the mod has a discord server, please join to give your opinions and advice on how to improve the mod or help me during development.

Nups: (You will need it to install the mod)


As much as I hate to be a bother, I think it would be better to properly credit the creators of the new animations featured in your hack instead of just linking the repo like that, proper credit is important in letting creator’s be seen and it’s a bad idea to make people have to search through the repo like that…but I’ll definitely check it out, seems like an interesting premise


Ok, I’ll specify the credits better. Thanks.

No problem, it’s just good to make sure you give people proper recognition for their work, because stuff like making Animations is hard, even the things that’d seem simple like giving Wyvern’s Axes.

Rebalanced enemies.
Tactician class balanced.
Balanced the ballistae and the healing sticks.
Modified Mark’s special weapons.
Added credits for the characters for the first story arc in history.
Fixed the game start message.
Fixed some minor errors.
Added Chapter 12 ‘Nightmares from the Past’.
Changed the AI of some enemies.
Adjusted the experience gained when defeating an enemy.

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Changed the Tactician class: he will now be able to use only Tomes and Magic Swords.
Added chapter 13 ‘‘En route to Phreae’’
Added Chapter 14 “Spear of Justice”
Fixed some minor errors.
Boss Zoldam and Wire(Wyvern Knight) recolored
Added Eagler character to party supports
Changed Light Brand weapons that will now no longer be classified as a sword and its stats and weapon rank have changed and can only be used by Mark.
Fixed Mark’s sword animation now only activating when using a magic sword.
Magic swords will have the sword icon but will be classified as spells and can only be used by Mark.

Warning: Since the animation and use of the Tactician class weapon has been corrected and changed, if you have the previous version and Mark is already on your team, it may still give you an animation error if he use a normal sword. Therefore it is recommended to start over from the beginning of chapter 11

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Recolored the bosses Boies(Brigand) and Groznyi(Fighter)
Fixed some minor errors
Added chapter 15 ‘‘Santaruz’s city guard’’
Added chapter 16 ‘‘Rescue Mission’’

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Adjusted the stats of some enemies.
Adjusted the stats of Boss Zoldam and Kaim
Changed the positioning of enemies in CH: 1, so their assault will be slower.
Fixed the character Lyn, now in the second story arc she will no longer start at level 5 and will instead keep the previous stats.
Improved some in-game dialogue
Recolored and modified the following bosses
Linus (Nomad Trooper), Georg (Warrior), Keslen-New (Hero)
Eubans (Mercenary), Denning (Druid)
Added Chapter 17 ‘‘Wrong Choices’’

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Added chapter 18: ‘‘Horrors in the Fog’’
Added chapter 19: ‘‘Life or Death’’
Recolored and Modified the following bosses:
Brendan(Great Knight) Leila(Assassin) Limstella(Wyvern Knight)
Karla and Nergal
Fixed some minor errors
Modified the following weapons:
‘‘Emblem Sword’’ ‘‘Emblem Lance’’ ‘‘Emblem Bow’’ ‘‘Emblem Ax’’ will now have additional effects and give a bonus of HP+5 and LCK+10 and their offensive stats have also been balanced
Added the ‘‘Horror Claw’’ weapon that will be used by the undead
Added a new class ‘‘Lost Soul’’ which will have an animation taken from FE8
Adjusted some enemies’ AI to prioritize max damage over accuracy
Mercenary class balanced, they will have fewer SPD

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The link in the first post already update?

Yes, I also tested it. So I think it should work.

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thank :3 i shall play :3 chap 1-19 :>

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Chap 5, the scene screen frozen after the princess and her knight Health go ahead (after their dialog) ~

How to skip this enrror?

ps: will you recolor or retouch llyod portrait? :3

ps2: can I recuit llyod in this path?

I reached chapter 5 and tested it.
It doesn’t give me any problem, maybe you should change the emulator you are using.
To play I am using VBA 1.8.0
For Lloyd it will be possible to use it but it is a secret when you can use it, the story I created does not allow you to use it in the main story but in a secondary story that I will create as soon as the main story is created (always if I continue the mod).
Let me know if using VBA 1.8.0 works for you, in the future I will try to make the mod work on other emulators for Gameboy as well.

All enemies and allies will undergo changes to their animations and recoloring (as I don’t want to create monsters using the portrait editor and I suck with drawings).
You will understand what I am talking about in the message above (on the secondary story) reached ch: 19.

Also tested on no$gba 3.00 and it works,

I use vba 1.8.0 too ~ will check again ~

Ps: TvT do not want to kill him for clear the chapter >_<

If the error keeps appear, you might want to try skipping that piece of history. In the end, the beginning of chapter 5 is just a few dialogue.

I skip scene >>>i can play again ^v^ thank u

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Added chapter 20 ‘‘Restless’’
Added chapter 21 ‘‘A Blade in the Night’’
Changed the 50% cost of weapons in various shops
Adjusted the stats of the following bosses
Linus, Kaim, Georg, Kaslen
Recolored and modified the following bosses
Yogi (Paladin) Geitz (Berserker)
Changed the power of long-range tomes
Ranged balanced physical weapons that will now be heavier
Completed the second story arc
Fixed some in-game dialogue
Fixed some errors
Adjusted the promotion bonus of all classes and their maximum stats

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I forgot to mention that in CH 21 if Lyn enters the inn there will be a special event.

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Added chapter 22 ‘‘Revenge’’
Added chapter 23 ‘‘First Step to Doom’’
Adjusted the stats of some enemies in chapter 12 and 20
Strengthened the undead that will now have all stats increased by 1 and + 3 strength points
Changed Eliwood’s promotion that he will now be able to use Swords, Spears and Axes and will be able to promote using ‘‘Heaven Seal’’
Recolored and modified the boss Cameron and Darin
Slightly changed the positioning of some enemies
Changed the Killer Ballista which will now have an attack range of 15
Beginning of the third narrative arc of the story
Fixed some minor bugs with some game events
Changed and balanced Merlinus warehouse statistics (not tested yet)
Added attack animation for Eliwood promote when using axes (not tested yet, may change in the future)

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