(FE14) Fire Emblem Fates - Skill Issues (All Weapons Have 0 Hit)

Hello! I am HeroicVileplume, and around 8 months ago, I had a terrible thought. Was Conquest Lunatic beatable if all weapons were set to 0 hit? The curiosity got the better of me, and I went into paragon and cooked up the ultimate bad idea. The crazy part was, it was possible. With some grinding, and a lot of luck, I had made it to chapter 18, while ironmanning no less. And then I lost, and had to start over. Eventually, I made it back to Fuga’s Wild Ride (albeit after dropping the ironman rules), where I lost once, and forgot about the hack for 6 months

Until yesterday…when I figured that there was no other day in the year to release the monster to the public, except today

Features (for now):
-All weapons and staves that the player has access to have 0 hit (the only exception is Corrin’s ch5 weapon, which is kept the same to avoid a softlock)
-Enemy only weapons, such as the final boss weapons and the 1-2 variants of iron/steel/silver weapons, have normal hit (the only exception being the shackled fist, because it is encountered too early)
-Certain blow is cheating, and has been replaced by a funnier skill (for player units)
-Certain bosses in the earlygame that would softlock the game are now unable to dodge (Omozu, Ch7 Faceless boss, Kilma, Haitaka)
-All 3 routes (should) be playable!

If you do decide to play this hack, have fun. Within a week, I will likely release a much easier version that still captures the original spirit of the hack.

As for the reason to play the hack, novelty is probably the main one. Although I will say, you might also be surprised by how balanced and playable the game is with no real changes outside of this ridiculous arbitrary rule. It’s almost like Conquest is good enough to withstand my bs and still be a fun game.

Anyways, feel free to let me know if there is anything I overlooked, or if you have any feedback. Otherwise, happy April Fools, and happy gaming.


How to Play

If you happen to like fruit, simply right click on your Fire Emblem Fates file (which I do not and cannot provide, for obvious reasons) in the main menu, click go to mods folder, and then paste the provided folder in the location it sends you to.

Feel free to share methods for other systems in the comments, and I will add them here