Fire Emblem The Binding Blade Extreme

Hi! I’ve created something worth playing in my opinion.

Fire Emblem The Binding Blade is one of my favorite GBA era games that I enjoy playing.

When it comes to the newer FE games I like FE Awakening, FE Heroes, and FE Shadows of Valentia the most.

Anyway without further ado here’s the link to my patch/hack:

To watch the Let’s Play series on this patch/hack follow this YouTube link:

Dark Roy
Dark Roy 2

If you’d like to watch some footage of the game here’s my YouTube link to the video:

Must patch to a clean (unedited) Japanese FE6 rom.



Hi everyone!

I’ve updated my patch/hack.

Roy’s Lord and Great Lord animations are both Ike’s ranger animation with Roy’s pallet.
Not only that, but thanks to Khardros (I give him credit) Ike’s animation also has a Sword of Seals animation. That means that Roy will be able to fight with a fully working Sword of Seals animation when he is equipped with that sword.


i tried patching it and it says it doesnt match


we live in a society


Yes we do lol. Are you finding my hack to your liking? Is it too hard?

Please comment on it and provide me with feedback.
that’s the only way that I can improve.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Have fun!

Patch it to a clean Japanese rom.

To watch Bors VS Legance via Pay-Per-View in HBO skip to 20:45 in the second part.

They have an exchange.

Chapter 21 has a second boss. His name is William and I changed his portrait.
I did that because Gale will be in your team in that chapter.


Hope to add merlinus animation

Why the the FalcoKnight don’t use Lances and Sword and he uses Magic why the name no is Falco Sage ir something

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Not OP, but Falcoknights have always been rather magically inclined even in games where they don’t use magic. There is them being FE’s most classic mage killers, but they also tend to have relatively high magic in games with magic/strength splits. And we also have the occasional tome-toting flier in some games.

a̶r̶e̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶d̶e̶l̶h̶o̶n̶n̶e̶


Thanks i understood the changes

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It’s come to my attention that this patch uses multiple uncredited and unpermitted assets. I have removed the download link and thread links and will be unlisting this thread. I will restore this thread once the offending material is removed.