Fire emblem: sword of heaven and earth menu translation

Patch for FE7J Clean:
Patch for FE7J with SOHAE already patched:
Patch for FE7U:

I made this in a day, so it’s probably full of text issues. the game should still be perfectly playable though. Thanks to @7743 For his single byte font display hack that allowed me to make this.


What is this/why does it have no category (Give it one)

I’ll just guess then


I needed something to distract me from effort

This is a menu translation for a japanese hack(translates Menu command/part of the stat screen/names of items character and classes)

In the new version of FEBuilder, it is now possible to modify words such as attribute “wind(風)” from other text.
Also, since the topography name screen was buggy, we also fixed this.
I think that you can also translate the place name.

As a movie, I think Javelin’s “J” is a heart mark.
I wonder if you can not get J’s font correctly …?
With FE6, FE7J, FE8J, the font that does not exist is changed the heart mark “:heart:”.
(FE7U, FE8U, if there are fonts that do not exist, the screen display will be incorrect.)

When importing fonts again, I think that the heart mark of “J” is likely to fix.

Yeah, I’ve actually found out that you need to reimport the font each time you add new text. why’s that?

It imports only fonts to use.

Since the number of alphabets is small, you can import all fonts,
However, because there are a huge number of kanji, importing them all makes up quite a lot of capacity.

This routine is single byte and multibyte common logic.
For that reason, we import only those fonts that we do not yet exist in ROM.

I see. So of i replaced an unused text id with a string containing all the new characters(aka the entire englush alphabet) and imported the font, i wouldn’t need to reimport it each time?

If all alphabets and symbols [a-zA-Z0-9.,/?#%Other …] fonts are inserted,
You do not need to import fonts from the next time.

In the font importer, since item fonts and serif fonts are created in pairs,
There is no font that exists only in one side,
I think that you can use all the characters without doing anything

Alright, I will do that. Thanks for your amazing work.

I made a translation.

Translation of only menus and names
(I think that accuracy is high because I am referring to the text of fe7u)

In addition, converted all serif etc. with google translate
(Machine translation, so accuracy has not come out.)

About mistranslation
Please change the attached. txt and take it with FEBuilederGBA and you will fix it.
Please let us know the modified text and we will include it.

Some strings are still untranslated.

I’m gonna assume the machine translation is at fault for this.

Stat descriptions softlock the game, but it only happened once to me, otherwise it worked perfectly.

that? Something is strange. I will investigate. Please wait.

It is really weird, as the softlock only happened once. I wasn’t able to reproduce it.


Let me know when you get the bugs fixed; I am working on a non-machine translation for the names, dialogue, etc.

sorry,I withdraw the machine-translated version once…

because The translation of Google translation was still strange.

I remove translation of the sword of heaven and earth once.
Laughing at mistranslation of Kaitou patch is no problem.
However, laughing the misunderstanding of the sword of the heavens and the earth is annoying to the author.
Because it is what I do without permission to the author.
So once I will remove the translation of the sword of heaven and earth…

I would like to release it in a slightly different way in the future.

The cause of softlock turned out.
The function for finding the next line of FE8J FE7J was fixed 2 bytes.

FE8J 08003f10
FE7J 080055c8

It seems to solve by modifying this function.
Patch is attached Update FEBuilderGBA.

Thank you very much! I will keep translation efforts hush-hush until I contact the game’s creator about permission to post it publicly.

In the translation data that I had previously issued,
The translation data of the broken wall is wrong.
Therefore, if you hover the cursor to the broken wall, it freezes.

If it is used, please correct it and use it.
The correcting method is FEBuilderGBA, please change the text of the terrain with broken wall text to “Wall”.