[FE9] High Resolution Texture Pack For Dolphin


Hello. ヾ(•ω•`)o

Over the past few months I’ve been working on and off on a texture pack for FE9.
I was replaying the game on my 4k TV and thought it looked less than “radiant” (‾◡◝).
I have few years of experience with photoshop and recently have been incorporating esrgan into my setup. The goal of this project was to produce textures that look almost exactly like the oringinals, just sharper. :slight_smile:
ESRGAN lets you train models for image scaling, and finetune image results. After some work I was able to get 2 models that work well both for sprites, and for the textures for 3d models.
Consider this an alpha release with bugs.

If you find any texture does not work or looks glitchy, please post it in the thread so I can fix it. Thank you very much (✿◡‿◡)

Main post:

Version 0.0.1 Alpha
This texture pack is for the dolphin emulator.
It contains almost every single texture in game (except for movies) in 4x original resolution.
Textures have been upscaled using a variety of tools to maintain accuracy to the original.
When needed textures have been edited by hand to remove error and glitching.
This version has issues with character faces.
They are listed in “optional” folder and can be deleted if desired.


  1. A legal copy of FE:PoR
  2. Dolphin Emu installed on your PC
  3. A GPU that supports DX10+

How to use

  1. Download texture pack from one of these links:
    https://megaup.net/5vJsg/FE_POR_Upscaled_Texture_Pack.rar <- dead :frowning:
  2. Unrar file to -> C:\Users\User Name\Documents\Dolphin Emulator\Load\Textures
  3. Open Dolphin emulator.
  4. Enter Graphics > Advanced tab > Check Load Custom Textures.
    Prefetching textures is helpful as it can eliminate menu studder.

please click on image to see full size

Thanks Section
Nintendo for making a fun game.
My computer for doing the heavy lifting.
Several cups of coffee.


Damn, I never noticed how weirdly titania’s armor was shaded


I was just thinking about replaying PoR, so I guess I’ll give these a go


Awesome job! Any plans to do the same for Radiant Dawn?


I have a copy of RD coming in the mail, so maybe. I’d like to play through it first o(°▽°)o

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Hey, this is cool! Path of Radiance was my first FE and is still my second favorite overall, but I do feel the models and other graphics were aging very poorly compared to the rest of the game. So it’s nice to see it get a bit of an overhaul! This will definitely make the big screen experience nicer on the eyes, lol.

As an aside, I hope you enjoy Radiant Dawn!

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Anyone have a mirror for the download? The first link has expired and the second has hit a datacap.


Retry the 2nd one, they usually reup my limit every day or so.
I’ll try and find a new link.
Big packs like this always are a pain for hosting providers.
Edit: Added in a torrent and google drive link also.

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Question. Its just “unzip and done”?
And are the files supposed to be .dds and not .png?


Unzip then just follow the dolphin setup instructions.
The dds files are there to save space, its a common compression format.
It saves almost 5gb when its compressed from png to dds.