TearRingSaga Hard Mode v0.1

When I played TRS for the first time, I thought that it was broken, inconsistent, and a complete slog to play through. This hack is an attempt to remedy that and make the game more difficult overall while not being extremely tedious.

The patch has enemy edits throughout the whole game, but I only really tweaked the stats and weapons of the enemies through chapter 9, since I haven’t tested any further than that. So for now, I’ll say it goes until chapter 9.


  • balanced units
  • balanced weapons
  • stronger and more unique enemies
  • various name fixes
  • and a whole bunch of other things

Screenshots here:
77_10042019_195542_0282 77_20072019_095051_0163 77_23072019_103301_0249 77_23072019_103320_0890
Check it out! Apply it to an unedited Japanese TRS BIN. Huge credits to Aethin for the original translation patch.

Post here if you have any issues with the hack.

Sounds pretty neat,I will try to remember it when I get into the game eventually. However, how does one hack TRS? xD

I use TRSedit and a hex editor to hack it.

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Can you add a changelog?

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Yeah, I suppose, though it would be difficult to find every change I made and note it there. I’ll do the best I can.