[FE8] Fire Emblem: 7 Siblings [COMPLETE] [LET THE FEAST BEGIN]

After 4 long years of work, I am very happy to present to the community:


The continent has been at an uneasy peace following the fierce Magus war. However, 25 years after the fact, strife bubbles once again. Unanswered questions from the previous conflict abound, with dark forces on the move. One family finds itself at the center of the intrigue. An ailing mother and her seven children must navigate the trials that await them, while clinging to each other as they never have before…

Download Link (Apply .ups file to clean FE8U Rom)

7 Siblings COMPLETE Download

Current Version: 1.8

Note that saves from version 1.1 and earlier will not be compatible with version 1.2 of the game and beyond

Discord Server Link

Seven Siblings Discord


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Core Features/General Notes

7 Siblings is a complete FE8U romhack with a fully custom campaign and story made by WarPath with support from the FEU community. Some of its key features:

  • The game features 29 chapters: a prologue, 20 numbered chapters, an endgame, and 7 Gaiden chapters sprinkled in between. All Gaidens are unlocked automatically and are labeled as such due to being side stories from the main action in some form.

  • The large majority of game graphics have been overhauled, from the title menu to all in-game menus to character portraits and class animations. Additionally, nearly all music has been overhauled from vanilla FE8. Shoutout to the community for helping make this possible.

  • The game features an easy mode, a normal mode, and a hard mode, with the only substantial changes between modes being enemy strength. Hard mode is what the hack was primarily designed around and would be recommended for most romhack veterans. Normal and easy are just somewhat nerfed versions of this mode and have received less testing.

  • The hack also features Classic (defeated units are gone permanently) and Casual (defeated units return in the next chapter) modes which are selected after selecting difficulty. The game is balanced with Classic and permadeath in mind, but Casual is there for anyone who doesn’t want the stress of permadeath. You should be fine letting a fair number of units die on Classic, although this game is definitely not designed for a true Ironman run from a blind player, especially on the highest difficulty.

  • Arianna, Scott, and Nancy are global GameOver units. Other units may be GameOver units in their joining chapters or a subsequent chapter in which they are force deployed. Arianna has access to the Supply starting in Ch. 2.

  • Support Viewer and Sound Room are 100% unlocked from the start. The Link Arena is disabled because it was pretty broken and I didn’t care to put the time in to fix it.

  • Supports are functional in terms of gameplay, but there are no conversations. I may write them eventually, and I may not. Depends on how I feel.

  • It’s recommended that if you are playing this hack on emulator, that you use the mGBA emulator if it is available to you on your platform. This hack was primarily tested using mGBA. A bit of testing was done using real hardware as well, and in that limited sample size, the game seemed to have no problems running on real hardware.

Further Information

Mechanical Tweaks of Note

This list is not exhaustive, but may help answer common questions players have while/before playing.

  • The difficulty (Easy/Normal/Hard) and mode (Casual/Classic) of the save file can be viewed in the upper-right of the in-chapter status screen.

  • The game does not feature the community-made FE8 skill system, and distribution of vanilla “skills” is as follows:

*Thieves can steal, have enhanced fog vision, and can use lockpicks.
*Assassins have all the same abilities as thieves, but do not require lockpicks to open locks. Assassins do not have Lethality.
*All mounted units should have Canto.
*Player berserkers, swordmasters, halberdiers, and snipers have +15 critical boost, while enemies of these classes do not.
*Bishops do have Slayer, but Slayer is only 2x effectiveness unlike vanilla (all other effectiveness is still 3x, don’t worry).
*Summoners can… wait for it… summon.
*All other vanilla “skills” (Great Shield, Pierce, etc.) are wiped from the game.

  • There are no split promotions in this hack, each tier 1 class only has a single set promotion.

  • Most units promote with Master Seals, and traditional FE GBA class-specific promotion items are not present. Arianna and Scott promote with Officer Seals.

  • Supports build in the FE9 style, as in support points are granted for units being deployed on the same map together, and supports are triggerable after a certain number of shared maps. Putting units next to each other on the map does nothing to help build supports. Limits on number of supports (5 conversations/levels total) and support bonuses by affinity are unchanged from vanilla FE8.

  • The Swordslayer should no longer have any effectiveness, it’s simply a more powerful Swordreaver.

  • S-Rank weapon level bonuses have been removed. This was mainly due to the fact that some later enemies have S-ranks, and having them run around with 5 crit wasn’t the best.

  • Gargoyles/Deathgoyles are treated as dragons/wyverns in terms of effectiveness, in addition to being monsters and flyers.

  • Vulneraries now heal for 15 HP.

  • Certain items exist that give passive boosts for being within a unit’s inventory. These effects do stack if buffing the same stat. Most (but not all) can either be found in Gaiden chapters or are given as rewards for satisfying certain conditions in Gaiden chapters. The boosts from these items are stackable.

  • Global enemy range can be viewed on maps by pressing select, and turned off once again by pressing select.

  • Growths can be viewed on the stat screen by pressing select. Press select again to switch back to the stat view.

  • Talks can be viewed on the status screen as well, and talk bubbles appear above units a selected unit can talk to when on the map.

  • Talk/Support does not end a unit’s turn, similar to modern FE.

  • Enemies with droppable items will flash an icon indicating as such.

  • Player HP cap is now 80 for promoted classes as opposed to 60.

  • The supply capacity is now 200 as opposed to the vanilla 100.

  • Certain items that would normally be stealable have been hard-coded to be unstealable. These items will be marked as “Unstealable” in their description to signify this.

  • Thieves and Assassins can now steal with a full inventory, and upon doing so, you will be asked to select an item to send to the convoy/discard if the convoy is full.

  • A couple units will occassionally be absent from the deployment menu for a single chapter for story reasons. When this happens, their gear will be transferred to the convoy for you to use.

  • The preps armory features the same price for basic items as you would have in a regular armory - no upcharge for the basics in a pinch. The glitch where viewing in-map shop inventories shows incorrect inflated prices has also been fixed.

  • If animations are on, they can be skipped by holding L before the beginning of combat, and can be sped up while they are playing by holding the R button similar to how modern FE allows combat animations to be sped up.

  • Units can make an unlimited number of trades per turn, as this hack uses what is commonly referred to as “Thracia trade.”

  • When enemies auto-level to gain stats, their stats will be fixed at each level and there will be no random variation between the stats of enemies of the same level and class in the same map.

Recruitment Guide (Spoiler Warning)

Most recruitments are pretty straightforward and few are even missable at all, but the following guide may be of interest to some. Joining class listed in parentheses.

Arianna (Huntress) - Joins automatically at start of Prologue
Scott (Privateer) - Joins automatically at start of Prologue
Weston (Sword Knight) - Joins automatically Turn 1 of Ch. 1
Sarah (Pegasus Knight) - Joins automatically Turn 1 of Ch. 1
Kayla (Cleric) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 2
Will (Mage) - Talk with Kayla or Scott in Ch. 2, or complete the chapter with Will alive
Sammy (Lance Armor) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 3
Keegan (Sword Thief) - Talk with Will in Ch. 3, or complete the chapter with Keegan alive
Andrew (Monk) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 4
Katie (Blademaiden) - Talk with Arianna in Ch. 4, or complete the chapter with Katie alive
Nancy (Hero) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 5x
Luke (Axe Knight) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 5x
Serah (Medic) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 5x
Kristia (Shaman) - Talk with Nancy in Ch. 5x, or complete the chapter with Kristia alive
Michelle (Myrmidon) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 6
Jeremiah (Wyvern Knight) - Joins automatically at the start of Ch. 7
Jordan (Dark Mage) - Joins automatically at the start of Ch. 7
Ariel (Bow Thief) - Joins automatically at the start of Ch. 7
Emily (Mage Knight) - Joins automatically at the start of Ch. 8
Joe (Warrior) - Joins automatically at the start of Ch. 8 (post-preparations)
Brandon (Captain) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 9x
Nikko (Axe Armor) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 9x
Reilly (Soldier) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 9x
Wade (Bishop) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 9x
Cale (Berserker) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 13
Ryan (Great Knight) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 13x
Nike (Swordmaster) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 13x
Shelton (Bow Knight) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 13x
Alex (Lance Knight) - Talk with any player unit in Ch. 16
Johann (Fighter) - Talk with any player unit in Ch. 16
Kjetil (Mercenary) - Talk with any player unit in Ch. 16
Lydia (Warrior) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 17x
Christine (Valkyrie) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 17x
Alyssa (Assassin) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 17x
Reid (Bard) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 17x
Moses (Griffon Knight) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 19
Meredith (Night Wing) - Joins automatically at start of Ch. 20

??? - There is one more secret unit, but I’m going to leave their recruitment conditions up to the player to find out…

Known Issues
  • Skipping events with B/Start may lead to some incorrect music playing during cutscenes.

  • Scrolling through units with R/L in the support viewer causes the transparency of certain UI elements to change in odd ways. This is purely visual.

  • When using VBA-rr on PC or the MyBoy android emulator, it has been reported that visiting the houses in Ch. 4 can cause crashes or other glitches. I would recommend using emulators other than these to play the game, but if you are set on using one of these, I would recommend not visiting these houses (the village in this chapter seems to function just fine). Potentially fixed as of version 1.3, at least for VBA-rr.


Assets used or adapted from the following users:

Mugs- Nickt, Eldritch Abomination, Memai, Blueyguy, Capibarainspace, FEier, GabrielKnight, LaurentLacroix, Marlon0024, Vilk, AmBrosiac, DerTheVaporeon, BuskHusker,
MiguelRojo, Serif, DrGreen3339, Nobody, WAve,Zorua, MrKarkino, Tobiki, Zarg, Zmr, Auto, RandomWizard, Levin, Melia,CobyTheGoober, caringcarrot, Atey, Mewiyev, Ecut, BoneManSeth, JiroPaiPai, Dutch Introvert, Garytop

Map Sprites- FEGirls, RobertFPY, StreetHero, FE7if, Ash3wl, L95, Agro, team SALVAGED, Nuramon, Blademaster, BlueDruid, Pikmin1211, Teraspark, flasuban, team SALVAGED, N426, Smug_Mug, ArcherBias,

Animations- St jack, beccarte, Keks_Krebs, SD9K, Glenwing, DerTheVaporeon, Andy, Jj09, GabrielKnight, Maiser6, Greentea, Raspberry, BwdYeti, Pikmin1211, MK404, Temp, Orihara_Saki, TBA, flasuban, team
SALVAGED, shadowofchaos, Jeorge_Reds, Sme, Shtick, Ayr, Teraspark, Eldritch Abomination, Red Bean, Zelix, Wan, Tristan_Hollow, L95

Spells- Arch, BwdYeti, MikeySeregon, Blazer, HyperGammaSpaces, Seal

Music- A_Reliable_Chair, SaXor_the_Nobody, Pikmin1211, Sme, Tristan_Hollow, MrGreen3339, Pandan, Scraiza, MeatOfJustice, Dolkar, Alusq, CivilYoshi, DerTheVaporeon, Devisio

Item Icons- LordGlenn, Zelix, Lisandra_Brave, Ereshkigal, GabrielKnight, Zarg, Seal

Tilesets/Palettes- Sme, Flasuban, Zoramine, Pandan, WAve, Nickt, GFE1R team, Venno, Peerless, knabepicer

Class Cards- Seal, Blademaster, MeatOfJustice, L95, RobertFPY, DerTheVaporeon, Flasuban, Melia, Ghast, Shtick, EldritchAbomination, team SALVAGED

Backgrounds- WAve, Seal, HeartHero, Norma2D

Fonts- Btsamm, Scraiza

Tools/Patches/ASM- 7743, Zane, Venno, HyperGammaSpaces, Tequila, Huichelaar, Vesly, Scraiza, Snakey1

Special Thanks/Project-Specific Help

Map Support- A_Reliable_Chair, Scraiza, Snakey1, Pandan

Playtesting- Pandan, A_Reliable_Chair, knabepicer, Rivian, LegendOfLoog, Dainn, Kyrads, Pushwall, sdaht

Palettes- Pushwall, Pikmin1211

Tech Support- Pikmin1211, HyperGammaSpaces

If I’m missing anyone, let me know! Thanks to everybody at FEU for supporting the project.

Hope you all enjoy! Please report bugs and give feedback either here on FEU or on the Discord.


Nothing wrong with a self insert. yet.

You’re already better than me at it. So good job. Even if that’s not saying much.

Don’t let any negative posts get you down. Everyone starts somewhere. Now to finally get back to work on mine, maybe.


Ch.1 should be a defeat boss map, but for whatever reason, I cannot get the conditional to work immediately after the defeat boss flag comes into effect. So the chapter ends after you “End” your turn after killing the boss. Have tried fixing this on many occasions, but can’t. Isn’t game breaking, so am leaving it for now

Please call End Event directly with Always Cond of ch1.
Since this event is set to 0, it does not work.

You implemented it correctly in the prologue, but it is 0 for ch1.

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Thank you, I don’t know how I missed that! I will fix it now

Your maps look pretty all right based on the screenshots. If you’d like, feel free to DM me for map advice (design or aesthetic) or to clean up a map.

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Thanks dude. I might take you up on that, indoor maps in particular are something I struggle with. And I’m glad to hear the water tiles don’t look horrendous. Took me a LONG time to get the coast line of that map to look even semi-presentable ha ha

Hey all,
Thanks for taking interest in the hack! I’ve updated the OP with a new version, featuring some improvements, bug fixes, and a new chapter! Hope you guys enjoy, thanks to those of you who have played it so far!


Sup Homies! I’m here with another update, which includes a new chapter along with several other added features!

A custom title screen! I tried to be fancy ok

Changed chapter titles from vanilla!(Until Waterside Renvall lol)

Implemented supports! (No convos yet, but bonuses work)

Completely revamped prologue!(Hopefully this one is warm garbage as opposed to the old
hot garbage prologue)

A new class, Scout, has been added! Definitely not a Nomad rip-off class

Various player and enemy rebalances! (Including a nerf to the self-insert, sadly)


This patch is playable through Ch. 6 (The Riders of Renais) before vanilla kicks back in, I hope you enjoy! OP will be updated to include this patch also


Hey everybody, here with a new update!


  • Modular minimugs, courtesy of Zane’s patch!

  • New classes and animations, including female thieves, updated druids, and dark knights!

  • An actual scripted battle! It only took me an hour to event it

  • 2 new chapters, including the reunion of the two parties! (This chapter is more of an interactive cutscene to be honest)

  • Several graphical fixes and improvements

The next update will likely include no new chapters, but will rather be a graphical/eventing overhaul of the first few chapters, as I now know more what I’m doing right now. The latest patch is at the top of the OP, hope you guys enjoy!


Quick Update
Patch has been changed to include some graphical fixes to earlier chapters, as well as some aesthetic touch-ups to maps and a couple rebalance tweaks, no new chapters or otherwise differences though. Enjoy!

Hey Everybody! Update V0.5 is out! This build includes even more features, and a total of 11 playable chapters!
Here is a quick rundown of where the hack stands overall

  • 11 chapters are playable and (reasonably) well-balanced
  • 20 characters are playable
  • Supports are implemented (with placeholder convos)
  • Several new classes, such as Scout, Dark Knight, Trickster, FemHero, and Axe Cav., have been added
  • Includes 2 Gaiden chapters with a different party leader
  • Mugs and palettes are still a WIP, but are getting there(definitely open to feedback here, it is one of the hack’s weakest points)

Hope you guys enjoy this patch, when I started I couldn’t imagine being at this point! Most updated version can be found at the top of the OP.

Hype Spoiler for this patch This update features this fella's mug, one of the best to ever grace Elibe. I couldn't not include him.


Looked neat when I saw it before, but new classes makes me want to play now! Downloading as I type this :smiley:

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Quick Update
The patch in the OP has been updated, as @anon98251803 has made some very much needed edits to the Ch. 0 map! It is now aesthetically much better and does not have a river spontaneously start flowing out of an open field.
Some Other Big News
This hack now has an official discord server for discussion and feedback, to better facilitate talking about the hack! The link is both below and in the OP, feel free to pop in and chat!

Link to Discord Server!


Quick Update
Another minor update to the patch, with some aesthetic map edits, more early chapter graphical fixes, and some larger changes to the Ch. 8 map (it was just quite big and empty and boring, still probably is, but hopefully the changes make it less so). Enjoy!

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Quick Update
Hey all, thought I’d post a quick update here. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive a great deal of feedback on the already existing chapters, and have been hard at work to rehaul the design of them to make them more enjoyable. While doing this, I’ve taken the opportunity to add in some additional features and patches to the hack, including:

  • Enemy range viewable with select
  • Modern Talk and support commands
  • And, the one I’m most excited about, the passive boosts patch that is normally in conflict with the skills system!


The Great Overhaul patch will likely be ready within the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!


Major Update
Hello all! I’m back with a major overhaul of the existing game, in addition to the promised updates from the last post! Here is a rundown:

  • Thank you specifically to @Pandan for doing a Let’s Play on his Youtube channel and providing some amazing feedback. You can find that LP, and Dan’s others, here.
  • Nearly every map has been cut down in size and enemy density has been lowered. Additionally, individual enemies are more threatening.
  • Anti-turtle incentives have been added in some cases, and streamlined in others
  • A few units have been rebalanced
  • Bosses now have custom portraits and names, instead of just vanilla ones! Say hello to some of the bad guys:
  • A custom stat screen has now been implemented, as seen in the above scrrenshots!
  • Some custom music has been added, courtesy of @anon98251803’s music repo! (Check it out, guys. It’s neat)
  • More classes and promotions have been added!
  • A number of palettes/mugs have been cleaned up or upgraded altogether
  • Many story scenes have been rewritten to have tighter flow and less extraneous dialogue
  • Ch. 9 (The twelth including Gaidens and Prologue) is now fully playable!

More chapters are currently in the works, and I expect to be back with several chapters for the next update as the midgame arc progresses. Thanks for playing, and hope you enjoy! Patch is, as always, at the top of the OP.


Happy to help out, looking forward to trying it out with the changes.

Hey all! It’s been a hot second since the last update, but very soon I’ll have another one with lots of new content! Thank you for your patience!
Here’s a little teaser of things to come, including an ominous objective:

Stay tuned!


Geometric objectives? In my Fire Emblem!?

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