[FE8][Complete] Bells of Byelen (24 Chapters)


Download Bells of Byelen v1 (24 chapters)

Hello everyone, I’m here to share a complete FE8 hack with fully written supports, Bells of Byelen. This release includes 24 chapters and 3 character selection interludes, similar to TRS. There are a total of 73 player units, with 60 in any given playthrough.

This is a telephone hack, similar to Call of the Armor by Team Distant Roads. After the completion of CotA, Team Adversity was formed primarily from this same group, along with a few new additions bringing us to 15 chapter creators. The premise was to create a telephone hack using FE5 mechanics and make an attempt at a more in-depth story, while also using a buildfile instead of FEBuilder.

These added complications increased the development time necessary, as it took us nearly a year to make the hack functionally complete. We then took 2.5~ months to polish the hack and create something more [complete], with a focus on writing a complete set of supports and updating aesthetics. Our development method followed the structure of CotA (more information in the CotA post), with some minor deviations, mentioned under “Operational Changes from CotA” if you’re interested. Detailed credits are in the same folder as the patch.

Hack Features
  • Multiple gameplay mechanics developed and expanded upon for this project, such as: Dismount, PCC, Movement Stars, Thracia Escape, Mov/Build Growths, Equippable Accessories
  • Uses other FE5 mechanics with some modifications, such as: Capture, Thracia Steal, Fatigue, Leadership Stars, and 1RN
  • Modified Hit/Avo formulas, modified Exp formula similar to FE14 to facilitate Fatigue
  • Completely written supports that increase based on deployment similar to FE9, with reworked support bonuses similar to a 3H-like system, where they apply on initiation if a support partner is in range of the enemy; Bonuses are unique, no affinities
  • Class and item lists reworked from scratch using FE5 as inspiration, along with new custom classes and items
  • Custom personal skills for some units
  • Equippable accessories that grant skills or stats; FE5 Crusader Scrolls reworked into accessories; Some equips decrement durability when attacking or defending, such as shields and arrows
  • 3 chapter interludes where you can recruit 2 units out of 6
Plot Summary

Bells of Byelen’s story follows two officers of the Decian Liberators, a group of rebels fighting to free their home country of Decia from the occupation inflicted on them by the Cythean Empire. Loewe, a Decian who lost everything to Cythes, and Cleo, a Cythean who defected from her post, find themselves leading a weakened rebellion together, following a painful betrayal.

In their quest to free Decia from Cythes, they meet an experienced strategist, Kwame, and they learn that the stakes of their resistance may be much bigger than they know, putting all of Orodreth at risk if they fail…

Team Adversity

Project Lead

Spreadsheet Officer

Wizardry Lead

Chapter Contributors
Ch1: LegendOfLoog, edits by RW
Ch2: knabepicer
Ch3: Kyrads
Ch4: devisio
Ch5: pandan
Ch5x: LegendOfLoog, cutscene event map by RW
Ch6: MintX, edits by pandan
Ch7: Rivian
Ch8: DrGreen3339
Ch9: TDAWS, edits by RW
Ch10: bpat, edits by knabepicer
Ch11: Turtle, edits by pandan
Ch12: Leche
Ch12x: LegendOfLoog
Ch13: DrGreen3339
Ch14: RandomWizard (RW)
Ch15: LegendOfLoog
Ch16: pandan
Ch17: Xilirite
Ch18: bpat
Ch18x: LegendOfLoog
Ch19: ArcherBias
Ch20: devisio
Ch21: RW, edits by knabepicer
Ch22: Kyrads, writing by Xilirite
Ch23: LegendOfLoog, map by RW
Endgame: Xilirite, knabepicer


Assets/Playtesting/Interlude Unit Submission

Project Discord

Bells of Byelen

Bells of Byelen Buildfile

GitHub - legendofloog/Teleshack-II: Bells of Byelen buildfile
Note: The unique assets within this buildfile are NOT F2U by default. If you’re interested in using one of these assets, then I would recommend reaching out to the person who is credited for it in the credits list included with the patch and asking them directly. Some hacks may be packaged and released standalone at a later date.

Known Issues
  • In general, BoB was tested using mGBA and VBA-M. However, the only emulator that is fully supported is mGBA, so other emulators may have unknown problems. Use them at your own risk, lol.
  • Occasionally, when units level up and animations are off, stat increases for Con and Mov may appear to be negative. They are still positive, and it is just a visual glitch.
  • Later on in the game, the List command may stop functioning as intended.
  • Screens displaying all of your units, like those in the Preps menu, will cause map sprites to overflow when a large number of units are there, meaning that the map sprite that displays for each unit may not be the one that is actually of that class. This also applies to the Support Viewer.
  • Pressing Select in the Soundroom to activate Random Mode will softlock the game.
  • Leina’s skill, Radiance, may not always apply as intended.
  • In the final chapter, status effects may not function correctly on enemies.
  • Be careful Escaping last with a Lord unit that is rescuing someone: this may result in a bug where the map won’t end.
Operational Changes from CotA

The most significant difference from how we approached CotA was that we used a buildfile. This increased the amount of work we could do simultaneously, allowing me (as project lead) to make more fixes as we went along while people worked on their chapters. However, due to buildfiles being less familiar for most of our team, it also increased the amount of time needed per chapter for most. There was also a greater willingness to go back and revise things, whether that be story or gameplay, since there wasn’t any need to wait for the patch to be passed around. This approach definitely did sacrifice some of the simplicity of telephone displayed in other projects, but hopefully, it also led to a more polished end product for people to play.

Tier List Maker

Link, made by pandan

Download Bells of Byelen v1 (24 chapters)


It’s been such a pleasure to be part of this project for the past year.

Big thanks to Loog for putting in major overtime to get this done and to the rest of the dedicated team to make this happen.

We hope you enjoy this labor of love.


I had a lot of fun playing and working on this hack! I definitely recommend you check it out!


Beat us to the telephone release…
Anyways great job! Looks really sick Loog and team adversity!


If you like FE5, then I will tell you this plays like FE5.
If you hate FE5, then I will tell you this plays nothing like FE5.


Nais, congratulations


3 cheers for BoB!


neither would be a lie

anyways yeah big thanks to loog for running this, it was super fun to work on and I’m really happy with how it turned out


ayy i made a bunch of sprites for this one (and mish i guess)

highly recommend if you like thracia, and even if you dont, this definitely keeps player and enemy stats more on level throughout than thracia could ever hope to do


Been a part of this team since just a couple months into development, really fantastic team with a lot of passion and drive towards making the game the best it could be. It was a blast to work for, and a blast to play. Big thanks to Loog for keeping the gears turning, and to the rest of the team for helping make such a cool project!


It feels incredible to see this actually come out–after having watched development since, practically inception. Congratulations to everybody in Team Adversity for working so hard on this and I’m glad I got to submit a unit and thoroughly playtest!
Hope everybody enjoys!


cool hack


Loog did an awesome job with leading this project, play it just bc he’s epic tbh. Ig the hack is cool too, but that’s beside the point.


Pegasus knight with axe ?

That’s a unit I’ll see to recruit.


Seeing the way this hack has grown and progressed over the year has been such a roller coaster;
none of us expected the hack to take the twists and turns that it did, and I love it for that!
Thank you for letting me be a part of this project, it’s been so wonderful to work with all of you. :smiling_face:


This was really fun to work on, and I’m very happy with how it turned out. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have!


Congrats on the release. This hack look very fun and given my inclination to Thracia hijinks I’m likely to enjoy this hack a lot. That said I am left wondering about the state of asset usability. Since the buildfile is public it could be assumed that everything is f2u BUT assuming about these kinds of things is very risky so I am just going to ask. I’m not expecting a blanket answer obviously but I would like to know what original assets are open to use and which aren’t or which plan to be released in the future officially. Given the nature of this hack creation there’s likely much overlap when creating assets . This is also a good way to pool all inquiries on this topic as its bound to come up eventually.


Obligatory had a ton of fun working on this and it feels amazing to have it see the light of day, thanks to Loog for carrying this project like a champion and I hope everyone enjoys


Assuming you’re referring to graphics and the like such as portraits, beyond already f2u assets we have used from elsewhere, I imagine any assets made by users explicitly for the project that they intend to make f2u will be done by the creators individually, be it posted to the repo or otherwise, could be wrong though.


I added a disclaimer about the usage status under the buildfile tab, but as Kyrads said, by default nothing unique to the project is F2U. It’s primarily posted as reference material, since I found referencing other people’s buildfiles to be very helpful while learning how to use them myself.

Also, I uploaded a hotfix patch for a couple issues that slipped through testing, mostly minor graphical problems.