RFV DLC Official Release

[RFV DLC v1.1]
So this was suppose to be my RFV submission but I got carried away with my ideas and ended up missing all the deadlines. If I stopped at chapter 1, I would have made it. Same with chapter 2, would have made echoes but chapter 3 sunk all those plans. But man it was worth it.

Too lazy for pictures so here is what to expect:

  • 3 chapters

  • Each one has a theme with mechanics unique to it.

  • A gripping story I never finished. It’s about Raisen leaving Markyjoe1990

  • Puns, tons of puns. Some would say being forced to listen to them could be a trap

  • Custom Animation I actually finished. Only the ( crazy) worthy will see it’s glory.

  • Might be a little hard.

Only releasing this because I am actually really proud of this hack and think it’s my best one yet. There is some weird dialogue stuff in there but I am not changing it because it captures my thoughts at the time. So eh enjoy.

UPDATE: So uh, while taking some photos, I ran into a game breaking bug. The link has been fixed to the correct patch. FE7 game with a nups patch.

Also have some preview photos:
RFV_01 RFV_02 RFV_03 RFV_05 RFV_02 RFV_04 RFV_06 RFV_07


I might try this, I love Markyjoe’s ragefest.

this is a real broh moment

Quick (Potentially Important) Question Regarding a Potential Bug (CONTAINS SPOILERS):

Is the nasty ‘sudden end to your quest’ mentioned in the intro to the prologue of this hack the game-over screen happening if you make it to the stairs in Chapter 1?

If so, then I’d like to talk about an issue with that:
Mainly, it seems like that even if I visited the village, and I did visit a house as well, but it seems like if you skipped the cutscene for doing so, it doesn’t seem to count towards the ‘visit house’ requirement.

Unless only certain houses trigger this event (a mechanic that I’m not fond of, to say the least.).

My emulator was VBA-M.

I’m hoping that this gets fixed soon; this seems really quite interesting and fun.


Mind telling me which house exactly and if you were using save states? And no the village does not count, it must be one of the houses. Will look into it sometime this week.

I visited the house that’s closest to where you start.
I did indeed use savestates. (Because it wouldn’t be Ragefest without the difficulty getting nuts enough to make savestates highly recommended.).

Ok, I tried doing it exactly like you did and the game worked fine for me so mind doing the following for me.

  1. Make sure the savestate you are using has entered a house at some point to rule out savestate mix ups. I know during testing I kept using a sav where I didn’t visit a house thinking it was the one where I did. Any house should work and I even put a last information house along the way as a safety net of sorts for cases like this.

  2. If you are still getting this error, mind sending me your .sav file? I may be able to pinpoint what exactly is going on. Also make sure it is the most current patch v1.1.

Always nice to see more ragefest like projects or ragefest entries that were to late be released, keep up the good work if you have plans in the future!

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Okay, I thought I did what you asked, and I’m still getting the game over screen…
How do you want me to give you my save? (Like do you have a Discord or something I can send it to you with?)

You should be able to post it here or in a private message. Just make sure it’s the file with a “.SAV” file extension and not the rom itself. If the file is too big a dropbox link or google drive link would work too.

Here’s the save.

I also need every .sgm file that should be in the same folder with the .sav file please. Or at least the one that keeps giving you the game over. Didn’t realize I needed those sgms too.

Sorry for the wait!
Here’s my savestates: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1e4xrKNyGdtH0rMD-UVZBKdPOmS7aD1rS

Omg I am SO sorry, I thought you was talking about the prologue because I forgot my own chapter numbers.

Ok so the reason why you are getting a game over has nothing to do with the previous chapter. You have to open up the chest in the maze that contains the rage ring. The game will check if you did it and looking at your inventory, I can tell you haven’t found it yet.

I… I honestly didn’t know that lmao.

EDIT: Yeah, it works now that I have the ring.


Is Lyra not supposed to be available in the Epilogue? Because uhhh… there are drops for stuff I think only she can use, and without her, I don’t have a healer…

She can be there but harder if she “died” in the prologue. Mark can heal in her place but he doesn’t have a high rank in staves like she does. Now if she didn’t die, yes she is suppose to be in the final chapter like the rest of the party members who didn’t die. Also there is an enemy who drops heal items but you have to kill them for it.

The Reveiw is done at last!: Click here for the RFV DLC Review.

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Oh thanks for this, glad you seemed to enjoy it.

About chapter 2 and some insight on just how it works:

I am truly sorry if you there is no text box that makes it clear you need the ring. I figured it would be assumed finding the ring was important but in hindsight, should I have realized I need to make it more clear the ring could be found there in the first place.

Chapter 2 had the most bugs smoothed out but the map changing is actually not tied to stepping on tiles but Marc’s luck stat. It checks I think every 20 turns to see if you are unlucky and changes the maze. This chapter is less intense than the previous one but I didn’t want the player to get bored every time they had to play it or decided to back track once they saw chapter 3, so it’s suppose to be a little different every time you play it. (Also playing with ideas on how to enhance a hack’s replay ability with events checking luck to offer different scenarios to the player.) Don’t know about the soft locks and is probably an event taking a long time…probably…

And yes, the puns are suppose to be cringe levels of bad, they are a PUNishment. hehe

I am also super curious about you’re thoughts about the chapter 3 boss but will ask on discord if not replied here sometime in the future.

Again, thanks for playing and the feedback!