[SRPG Studio][Steam]Clarent Saga: Tactics


Here is a presentation of my new game.

1 - Name :

My game is named Clarent Saga: Tactics.
Gameplay/Scenario is inspired by classic 16 bits TRPGs. It is released now on Steam at 2.99$ here:

2 - Synopsis :

The storyline follows the armies of Prince Abel of Meyr as they battle the Ranasseh Empire and the monsters they unwittingly awaken, framed as a battle between the forces of good and the cult of Brax that threatens to overrun the world. It begins with an assault on the Nation of Meyr by the forces of the Ranasseh Empire. King Adam sees the castle will not be able to stand and urges his son Prince Abel to flee to the town of Belsar, both for his own safety and to gather reinforcements from King Arthur. He assigns the mage Pascal to go with Abel and protect him on the journey.

3 - Characters, world, etc… :

Abel: Hero of the game and prince of Meyr. He must flee from his country Meyr after the invasion of the Ranasseh Empire. Following the murder of his father, he develops a great hatred toward Cyrus and the Empire.

Cyrus: Main antagonist. General of Ranasseh and close friend of Emperor David. He shares the Emperor ideals and seeks to impose peace by force.

Pascal: Mage and close friend of Abel. He has sworn fidelity to him and accompanies him from a young age.

Ami: A priestess met on the road to Belsar.

And many more…

Pelora: Continent where the game unfold. It is composed of Ranasseh to the east, Meyr in the center, Belsar and Ephraitia to the west.

4- Screens :

on the steam page here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/709670/Clarent_Saga_Tactics/

or screenshots here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/709670/screenshots/

5- Trailer :

6- Other remarks :

Most of the game is in english.

Here is the steam guide:

The game has good length and there are around 27 maps with 7 difficulties.

In short, I hope you will give your chance to this little game close to my heart.:>_<:

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Will it go on sale in the Steam Holiday Sale?


I have increased the price of my game so I must wait 1 month before another sale. I will make discount later in january. I have some spare Steam keys as well. I can give 10 free keys to people interested here in exchange of writing a steam review. Just reply in this topic if you are interested!


Too bad I’m only good at making shitpost reviews.


You don’t need a grandiloquent review! Just your honest opinion about what you like and dislike is fine too!


I’m interested (kinda made an account just to reply to this and some other crap lol)


Im interested in this so far. Seeing as this is the first english game that uses SRPG Studio that i’ve seen


I would be interested if you still have a key. This looks pretty fun.


The game is now completed! See the update here:


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A small update:



v2.00 available!


v2.1 avaliable!


v0.96F available!

To be honest I’m starting to get a little tired of this project.
I need a long break and I will take my time to finish it.
I’m going to play some TRPGs to find a new motivation! ^^


v0.98F available!
I will take a break to play 428 Shibuya Scramble^^

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Game (nearly-completed). I have started a Kickstarter here:

I hope for success but if I fail that’s not a big deal really (and I will finally move on!)

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Sadly I don’t have the money to fund much but I will share this with others to try and get you some support.