FE6 but it has FE7's Difficulty

I know this is a rather demanding task to some people considering that FE7 isn’t as well liked as FE6 from what I can gather but it’s more or less an accessibility hack than anything.

I like FE6.

I like it’s story, it’s excellent music, the extremely diverse cast of characters. I like it all a lot?

What I don’t like is it’s gameplay.

The hit rates are so shaky to the point where I just get turned off massively.
The level design is absolutely horrendous to me. Long distant maps where barely anything happens is a chore for me. Reinforcements are overwhelming at times because how the hell was I supposed to know about it?
Bosses are a terrible thing as well. Why in the world must I use Deke, Rutger, and Marcus so I can beat them? What if I want to train Shanna? Should I give up then if I don’t wanna use those three?

Overall, I dislike FE6’s gameplay. Which is really bad since I really want to experience the story.

So I want to make a request, is there a RomHack out there that actually modifies all aspects of the gameplay to match FE7’s or am I barking up the wrong tree here?

I could do it myself but, I am stuck on mobile so I’m practically screwed if I can’t find the hack I need.

Thanks in advance!

Already exists, tenfold actually. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but there is definitely more than one patch out there that does exactly what you want. Just look up “FE6 rebalancing patch” and I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for

Give her some kills on generics?
I don’t see the point in making Shanna even better.

If you are talking about hard mode, yes.
You have Marcus, you are supposed to use him for the first chapters, it’s obvious and it’s like that in almost every FE.

If you are talking about normal mode… no?
Roy can deal good damage, Lugh literally can solo the game in Normal Mode, almost any unit can take on bosses if they grow decently.
The remaining units are fighters and cavaliers… allowing the cavaliers to easily take boss kills would make them even better and, like Shanna, I don’t see the point of buffing some of the strongest units in the game.
There are units like Wade that usually are really bad and there is no point in using them, but they are not so many if you consider how many units FE6 has.

You should say if you want to play it in hard mode or normal mode.
Ambush spawns are always bad, it’s easy to make them happen in the player turn, it would not take much time.
The maps are long and will remain long, remember that you are not supposed to reset for deaths in FE6.

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There are three reasons why I think you’re having this experience:

  • FE6 weapons often have lower hit than FE7 weapons (especially axes).
  • Enemies in FE6, even on normal, are better than FE7 enemies. FE7 enemies don’t have much luck so they are often easier to hit.
  • I think thrones/gates in FE6 also are stupidly buff.

My advice to you is to open up FEBuilder. From there, I would buff the hit of the weapons and reduce the autolevels or growth rates of generic enemies (especially luck scores). Then go into terrain data and adjust the avoid/def/res of thrones and gates.


Fe6 has an easy mode, no? Just play on that. Not every hard mode fire emblem is necessarily worth playing. People have various opinions on modes like Maddening or H5 or Lunatic+. If you don’t enjoy a difficulty mode, then you don’t have to play it.

FE6 is only normal and hard mode.

Ah. Well, since they indicated that they are stuck on mobile and therefore febuilder isn’t an option, perhaps it’s worth having a look in the hack directory for completed reskins of fe6.

I made this: https://mega.nz/file/uBYhVI5Y#cbZt8sTqo_Q1JaRroIyhhEVcdZAS3PjAfezy14aAlME

I think that changing hit rates of weapons would change too much the general balance of the game, I just made some changes to make some units viable and removed almost every ambush spawns.

In general: ambush spawns are removed from almost every chapter with the exception of some bandits in chapter 14 that must be ambush spawns or you would just farm them and also they come from the borders of the map, so they should not be a problem and enemies in chapter 21 because I don’t know how to edit them.

Also thrones now only give 20 avo and not 30.



Armor Knights get more base HP and less HP grow, more base skill and more skill grow, more base str for Bors and Wendy.

Lot and Wade more base skill, and def, Wade more skill and spd grow.

Sophia comes with A rank and a Fenrir tome.

Divine dragonstone now has 50 uses and the Binding Blade 30.

I made this since I also had some friends that struggled while playing FE6 and dropped it.
FE6 is my favorite FE, so I tried to make it remain as “pure” as possible while making it more accessible to newcomers.

If you play it, please let me know if you find bugs.

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