Conquest Reverse Recruitment

It’s been 3000 years… So yeah it’s Conquest Reverse Recruitment, you get people in the opposite order.

  • Corrin is not changed because their absence at Chapter 6 will crash the game. The swaps start at Felicia and Jakob.
  • A character’s permanent join-time is considered their join-time. Gunter’s Chapter 15 join is what his swap is based on, rather than his Chapter 2 join.
  • Royals’ replacements gain Dragon Blood, royals that replace non-royals lose Dragon Blood.
  • Prfs are given to the replacement unit rather than the original unit.
  • Flora and Izana are Felicia and Jakob respectively rather than the other way around is because /u/Excadrill1201, who I worked with on this, wanted it that way.
  • Promotions are meant to “line up.” Dark Knight is the “secondary” promotion of Dark Mage, so Leo’s replacement is in their class line’s “secondary” promotion, also suggested by Exca.
  • Cutscene dialogue is changed for funnies.
  • Characters’ descriptions are based on the original unit. Can be used to identify units without using the changelog.
  • Characters that leave upon choosing Conquest aren’t swapped.
  • Children aren’t changed but they’re technically recruited in reverse order because of their father’s join-times shifting.
  • Characters with variable join-time (Mozu, Flora, Izana) are swapped based on the earliest they can join. So Mozu is between Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 units.

Don’t do Branch of Fate.

Download link is here.

Here is the changelog. Also includes stats for Birthright RR and Revelation RR.

I did the stat calculations. Credit to Exca for implementing most of the character changes and swaps before I took over and polished stuff. Let me know if you face any issues.


… split the full experience between two separate posts

still a cool project, fates has a very solid engine and we haven’t seen many hacks for fates so any addition is cool

Yeah for some reason I’m just really god damn stupid and didn’t edit this original post with the other route RRs when I got them done.

hey at least I can make a dumb joke about it, I’m more surprised that one of the mods didn’t merge these two themselves, they’re usually really on top of this kind of thing.

Hey I’m having an issue where the game crashes when I play early on
I’ve checked and all files are in their right place

Which chapter did it crash in? Was it on any specific turn or after any specific enemy movement?