[COMPLETE] [FE10] Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Randomizer

UPDATE 12/29/2020: I have been regularly updating this project on my discord for the past six months, but I have yet to post an update here. This randomizer has grown to include more options than I was expecting when I first started, and I believe that, other than bug fixes, this newest version will be one of the last major updates. New things my randomizer can do that are not listed in the original post are:

  • Change recruitment order, including playing as a handful of enemy characters
  • Shuffle growths instead of randomization
  • Class/Personal base stat randomization and shuffling
  • Complete enemy randomization, including difficulty increases and giving skills to enemies
  • Randomizing weapons, shops, bargains, forges, and movement
  • New QoL and difficulty settings, including Ironman mode, Choose my Tower, 0% Growths, No FoW, Horse Parkour, and so much more!

If you want to check it out, the discord link is below in my original post!

This here is my nearly-completed Radiant Dawn Randomizer. I posted this to reddit a month ago, but since then I have made many changes, fixes, and additions (shout out to all of the wonderful guinea pigs on the discord server!), so I figured it would be good to here as well. So can this randomizer do? As of right now, my program can do the following:

  • Randomize classes of all playable characters sans BK, herons optional. Choose from a myriad of randomizing options, from simple (Beorc->Beorc, Laguz->Laguz), to full (complete race-mixing), as well as multiple challenge runs, like magic-only.
  • Growth rate randomization, including minimum growths
  • Randomize skills, shop and event items, base stats, affinities, biorhythms, transformation gauges, and recruitment order
  • Set stat caps for each tier of classes
  • Increase enemy growth rates
    And that’s it. What, you want more? Well let me know on the discord server here! That’s also where you’ll find the most recent download links, submit bug reports, and talk to other people trying out some insane randomizations.

    Screenshots of it in action:

Welcome to the community! I saw ‘1m’ and thought you posted this one whole month ago. Pleasantly surprised!

It’s too bad I don’t like FE10, but as the guy who helped pioneer randomizers :smirk: I’m always happy to see more!

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This is a gift


Ooh that’s interesting. This might make me actually enjoy Radiant Dawn!

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New update! Many changes have occurred since I first posted this six months ago, so I wanted to update my original post here.


can someone help me run radiant dawn on my pc? ive had zero luck with Dolphin