[COMPLETE] [FE10] Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Randomizer

UPDATE 5/24/2022: Remember when I said that was one of the last major updates? I lied, apparently. V3.0.0 is now out, and here’s what it has to offer:

  • randomizer now edits the GameID so Dolphin treats a randomized ISO as a different game
  • a new “Don’t Save” option creates an outputlog without saving, allowing you to see what your settings and seed will output before you edit your ISO
  • speaking of which, the first time you run a clean ISO through this new version, it will backup any files it edits; this allows you to re-randomize an ISO any number of times without having to copy clean files each time!
  • random enemies/allies now randomizes each enemy individually, instead of by class! (there is still an option to do it by class if you wish, though)
  • FE9 transfer bonuses work!
  • the Crimean Softlock Prevention Initiative, or CSPI, adds multiple settings that should minimize the chances of getting softlocked in Part 2
  • a new option allows all skills to be universally equipped - say hello to Imbue mages!
  • new options give both enemies and player characters more items
  • you can now randomize recruitment but keep classes vanilla
  • you can now choose Elincia’s replacement for random recruitment
  • many more small changes, which can be read in detail in the CHANGELOG.txt

Now on to the bad news: unfortunately random event items is currently disabled until further notice. It sucks that I have to (temporarily) remove a feature, but hopefully all of the new features make up for it and more!

Finally, the entire program has been rewritten nearly from scratch. This hopefully has solved many of the persistent bugs that have popped up over the months. If you’re a nerd like me and care at all about the code, you can check it out on github here: GitHub - LordMewtwo73/fe10-randomizer

Happy randomizing!
discord server here

UPDATE 12/29/2020: I have been regularly updating this project on my discord for the past six months, but I have yet to post an update here. This randomizer has grown to include more options than I was expecting when I first started, and I believe that, other than bug fixes, this newest version will be one of the last major updates. New things my randomizer can do that are not listed in the original post are:

  • Change recruitment order, including playing as a handful of enemy characters
  • Shuffle growths instead of randomization
  • Class/Personal base stat randomization and shuffling
  • Complete enemy randomization, including difficulty increases and giving skills to enemies
  • Randomizing weapons, shops, bargains, forges, and movement
  • New QoL and difficulty settings, including Ironman mode, Choose my Tower, 0% Growths, No FoW, Horse Parkour, and so much more!

If you want to check it out, the discord link is below in my original post!

This here is my nearly-completed Radiant Dawn Randomizer. I posted this to reddit a month ago, but since then I have made many changes, fixes, and additions (shout out to all of the wonderful guinea pigs on the discord server!), so I figured it would be good to here as well. So can this randomizer do? As of right now, my program can do the following:


Welcome to the community! I saw ‘1m’ and thought you posted this one whole month ago. Pleasantly surprised!

It’s too bad I don’t like FE10, but as the guy who helped pioneer randomizers :smirk: I’m always happy to see more!


This is a gift


Ooh that’s interesting. This might make me actually enjoy Radiant Dawn!

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New update! Many changes have occurred since I first posted this six months ago, so I wanted to update my original post here.


can someone help me run radiant dawn on my pc? ive had zero luck with Dolphin

New update! Check original post for details!

Hi, it says I have to report this so… there is an item in the store named P. tropa :sweat_smile:

btw I’m enjoying the randomizer so far!! :smiley: